Steps to Book Air Ticket


7 Steps to book air ticket with Airport (AOT).


  Flight Search United started - Destination Preferred Time
  A city that wants to travel
  Identify airlines that want to travel.
  When it Review the information and the date, time and location.
  Complete information on passengers Preferred Travel
  Process payment online by filling in your credit card detail (Visa or Master card).
  Reservation Success!

** Show the reservation transaction to get the car according to pick-up date and location you have selected. **


Instructions step-by-step and photo description ...

  Flight Search

  • Select the flight you want to go back (Return) / One Way (One Way) / multiple journey (Multi Shop).
  • Select your destination Day trips to - back Followed by seat type And the number of passengers, then click "Search"

  Search city

  • Each person who wants to travel the city From the beginning The destination, then click "Continue"

  Identify airlines that want to travel.

• The page will display the price and details of the airline as it seeks above.
• The airline has already decided on the "Book this flight"
• If you want to choose other destinations You can fill in the left side bar "Quick Search"

  Flight Confirmation

• Check flight times and prices (plus taxes and surcharges, the price will go), when properly completed, confirming press "Book Now"

  Fill Passenger Name
• Fill out the passenger's name, nationality, passport correctly.
• Fill in your email address or phone number of a contact person to completely correct, then press the "Continue"

  Process payment online

  • Go to payment Should ensure that the information is correct or not.
  • Select the payment and complete the form, then press the "Complete Booking" Booking is completed.

  Reservation Success!

  • You will be taken to confirm the booking. (Confirmation) successfully treats you


Tips. Do not forget to print or save a document received confirmation from the evidence here.


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