Start Date : 20 February 2018 End Date : 20 March 2018


9 Amazing Places in ASEAN
"ASEAN, wonderland which is the dream destination of travelers."


In ASEAN, there are many beautiful places to visit such as mountains, streams, cultures and lifestyles of each countries. It is a unique charm like no other place. This is what attracts travelers from all over the world, depending on what are the interesting attractions of each countries? If so, let’s follow us to find the answers together… Then you will know that ASEAN is a land of wonders more than you might think!


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   Thailand, Sam Phan Bok




'Sam Phan Bok'  is known as the Grand Canyon of Thailand. The miracle that is created by nature designated as basins and rock islets spread over 3,000 basins. Each basins have different appearance. Some looks like Mickey Mouse, some looks like heart according to the imagination of each persons. If you be here, guarantee to have great fun!!   


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Laithong Hotel
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Rapeepan Ville Hotel
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Tips : To complete Sam Phan Bok trip, don’t forget to cruise the Mekong River at Hat Salueng. Then you will explore the rock islet and desert at the same time!




    Vietnam, Dalat




'Dalat'  The Switzerland of South Vietnam. The landscape here is surrounded by mountains, pine forests and streams. So it makes Da Lat cold weather all year long and has a plenty of nature attractions. Anyway it is named as one of the best unseen place. Even though Da Lat is located in Asia, but the houses were built in European style. So that most travelers claim it as the Little Paris.   


   Recommended Hotels in Dalat

Ana Mandara Villas
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Dalat Edensee Lake Resort
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   Indonesia, Bromo Volcano




'Bromo Volcano'  ‘Gem of East Java’ Bromo Volcano is the popular attraction of Indonesia which is still not extinguished and erupting constantly. The beauty that persuades travelers from all over the world whom want for adventure in the land of this volcano. Nearby this volcano, there is Savannah field waiting for the travelers to take impressive pictures before going back as well.   


   Recommended Hotels in Bromo

Bromo Terrace Hotel
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Jiwa Jawa Resort
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Tips : There are the beliefs about buying flowers from the villagers brought up for sale over here. To pray for what you want and then thrown into the crater. Mostly pray for success in their love.




   Philippines, Palawan Island




'Palawan Island'  ‘Little Heaven for sea lover’ Palawan Island is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. Due to the abundance of sandy beach, jungle and impressive emerald green colored sea. The sea is crystal clear so that you can see coral and algae under the sea with your naked eyes!   


   Recommended Hotels in Palawan

Bluewave Hotel
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Acacia Tree Garden
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Tips : Activities not to be missed ie. snorkeling, scuba diving and visit Puerto Princesa subterranean river which is the longest subterranean river in the world




   Myanmar, Pukam


บอลลูน พุกาม


'Pukam'  ‘Ballooning over and watching the sea of four thousand pagodas’ This is one of the most important archeological sites in the world which is full of arts and several archeological sites. Thing not to miss is ballooning over to watch the beauty of pagodas down below. Moreover to level down the balloon for travelers to watch the pagodas’ art closely as well.   


   Recommended Hotels in Pukam

Popa Mountain Resort
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Heritage Bagan Hotel
Start 2,403 THB/Night


Tips : The best period for ballooning is during October – March.




   Laos, Vang Vieng




'Vang Vieng'  The popular destination of backpackers. This little town is surrounded with mountains and beauty nature. The air is so pure that can inhale full of ozone. In addition there are several fun activities, known as the land of fun which stimulates your colorful trip! 


   Recommended Hotels in Vang Vieng

Riverside Boutique
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Vieng Tara Villa
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Tips : Don’t forget for river tubing activity and float till the end of the river. This is so great chill.




   Malaysia, Kinabalu Peak




'Kinabalu Peak'  This is the first world heritage peak of Malaysia and highest peak in Southeast Asia, known as the challenging place for bravery persons. Because you have to fight with cold weather and oxygen gradually diminish. But the picture you will see whenever reaching over there, it's really worth it!   


   Recommended Hotels in Kinabalu

Borneo Beach Villas
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Hotel Sixty3
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Tips : It is recommended to bring bread, chocolate or high energy foods to carry with. So you will not have to suffer when the body needs food. In addition is ‘the higher you climb, the more price for food’




   Singapore, Fort Canning Park

อุโมงค์ต้นไม้ สิงคโปร์


'Fort Canning Park'  Singapore is not just only attracted by Merlion Statues! ‘Tree Tunnel’ or Fort Canning Park is another attraction to hip around the city center as well. The tunnel resembles a spiral staircase to the top which looks like green tree vines covered in the crater end. It's a corner where travelers often take hipster style photos back home.   


   Recommended Hotels in Singapore

V Hotel Bencoolen
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Hotel Grand Central
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Tips : Traveling there is so simple by taking MRT to Dhoby Ghaut station Exit B. Then walk across to The Park Mall side, turn left and continue walking to reach there.




   Cambodia, Siem Rad




'Siem Rad'  The local name is Siem Reap which is the city's long history of Cambodia. It is home to 'Angkor Wat', the largest religious building in the world which is the symbol appearing on the flag of Cambodia. It also has registered as a World Heritage site under the name of ‘Angkor’ as well.  


   Recommended Hotels in Siem Rad

eOCambo Village
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Royal Crown Hotel
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Tips : Siem Rad is not just only attracted by Angkor Wat. There are also historical attractions like Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm castle and the ruins of many interesting places nearby.




       A long history in ASEAN has created several wonders. It is fortunate for the next generations who have the opportunity to experience and intimate with things built in the past including natural, historical places and civilizations varied with each locality. Therefore do not forget to experience them for yourself whenever you still have the opportunities…