Guide Book Issue16 - 7 Days 7 Routes @Kanchanaburi

Guide Book Issue16 - 7 Days 7 Routes @Kanchanaburi


7 Days 7 Routes @Kanchanaburi

Let’s take a trip & visit the city with fully getting experiences.


    Traveling the world wide is something that many people dream of.  Release the fatigue and burden behind.  Discover the nature and the beauty of the atmosphere that we desire.  Of course, this is truly of the joy of travel.  And if we talk about tourism, it is certainly that ‘Kanchanaburi’ must be one of the top in the list of destinations for travellers.  Because it is not only they face the big wide world to fulfill their aspiration, Kanchanaburi is also attractive city unlike anywhere else. In addition, all of the tourist attractions are a variety of different styles.   The only one trip can explore the overall range of experiences.   



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 'KANCHANABURIis a city of historical attractions and a wealth of nature.  There are a variety of ethnic cultures; Thai, Burmese, Mon, and Karen.  This is the Thailand’s third largest province.    

 Tourist Season:  Visit throughout the year.


Rainy:  This is suitable for natural excursions, lush forests, several waterfalls (Particularly from September to October).
Winter:  Cold Weather.  The popular destinations are Sangklaburi, and Thong Pha Phoom.
Summer:  This is the hottest temperature place.  But if you are able to be tolerable, let’s go all out.

 Get started!

By Car: Away from Bangkok 129 km.  It takes about two hours to drive.
By Mini Van: The fare is 120 baht/person*.
By Bus:
 From Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Taling Chan), the trip will take for 2-3 hours.  The fare is 77-99 baht*.
 From Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit), the trip will take for 4 hours.  The fare is 122 baht*.
By Train: This is suitable for people who are not in a hurry.  Just stay back and enjoy the atmosphere gradually.

*For the fare, please further ask the officers.


 Getting around Kanchanaburi City

By Car:  Each place is far away, therefore, rent a car is much more comfortable.  (Car rental, click)
By motorcycle: The rental fee is 200 Baht.  (Please check the rate again.)
Songtaews (passenger-carrying truck), Tuk-Tuks,  Motorbike taxis.


    As saying that, 'Kanchanaburi' has several Tourist Attractions and the city is also quite large.  Therefore, one day trip is not enough.  Since you visit this province, let’s explore all of the attractions in the surrounding countryside.  "7 days 7 routes, Visit the city of Kanchanaburi with fully getting experiences.”  How strange and different from the traditional trip, let’s find out for more details as hereunder.



10 Things of being a necessity

 GoPro Camera
Hat & Sunglasses
 Sunscreen SPF 50+
 Comfortable clothes (Long-sleeved shirts are better.)
 Raincoat (A Sweater for travel in winter.)
 Waterproof baggage to put luggage
 Walking Shoes (Don’t forget to bring a pair of sandals.)
 Antipyretic (Fever reducer medicine), Analgesics (Pain killer medicine), Insect Repellants (Mosquito Repellents)
 Power Bank.


"The Kanchanaburi's latest floating paradise
where located among the mountain scenery along the Kwai river. "

 Kwai Tara Riverside Villa is away 60 kilometres from Kanchanaburi city before reaching Sai Yok Noi Waterfall. Moreover, it’s easy to find out here at the address 214 Moo 6, Wangkrajae, Sai Yok, Kanchanaburi. In addition, there are several ways to get here.

By car: Driving along 323 route to Sangkhlaburi by follow the sign Sai Yok Noi, Soi 3
By train: Catching the train at Thonburi station and dropping at Nam Tok station. Then Catching the public minibus to Kwai Tara Riverside Villa
By Bus: Catching the bus at Taa Sao Sub District then go to Kwai Tara Riverside Villa by minibus

 Atmosphere: Kwai Tara Riverside Villa was located at the middle of forest along the Kwai River, surrounded by mountains. As a result, travelers can absorb luxurious, silent and private scenery as everyone dream to be there. Furthermore, the tourists are comforted by perfect facilities here.

 Room type: Kwai Tara Riverside Villa comprises 20 modern loft-style villas along the River Kwai. There are 10 Floating Villas which come with stylish hammocks, river terrace and upper deck. Meanwhile, the others are the Canal Access Villas give you beautiful views of the mountains with the imitate canal. In consequence, the customers are able to touch the authentic nature at “Kwai Tara Riverside Villa”

 Room rate: 3,500 Baht - 5,500 Baht (Additional, 800 Baht for Extra bed)

 Activities: Many activities are arranged for travelers for example jungle rafting, elephant riding and kayaking are all on offer. Besides, for the people who desire to relax, Thai Massage is a good idea to join with.

 Special for customers: Free rafts jumping from accommodation to Kwai Noi River leave the resort at 4:30pm every day. 

Contact: &

7 Days 7 Routes @Kanchanaburi


 Day1  "Amphoe Tha Muang"

 Tham Suea Temple (Tiger Cave Temple).
The beauty is impressed everyone who visited.  There is the largest Buddha Image of Prathanporn (Blessing Buddha Image) being situated at the hill top and the Thai architectural style chapel was decorated magnificently.  Ketkaew Maha Prasat Chedi (Ketkaew Maha Prasat Pagoda) with 9 storey height is nearby.  Visitors are able to move up by using the elevator to see panoramic view at the hill top and Mae Klong Dam adequately. Read More>>

 Kantana Movie Café
The cafe and the theater of Kantana Group.  The highlights are seeing movies for free with a delicious menu and the waterfront scenic views of the Mae Klong River.  For the cinema, it has more than 50 seats with showing 3-4 times a day. Read More>>

 Tha Lor Beach
The small freshwater beach is situated on the Mae Klong River and is ideal for relaxation. Although it does not occur naturally, the atmosphere of a freshwater lake is surrounding with very gorgeous mountains. Read More>>

 Phai Rim Kwai Restaurant
Recommended Menu: Boiled Kang Catfish, Fried Kang Catfish with Red Curry Paste (Chu Chee Pla Kang).
Anyone who wants to eat fresh fish caught from floating baskets has to come here!  It is very well known of the Kanchanaburi city’s people with the deliciousness, freshness and reasonable price as well. Read More>>

 Sut Thang Rak Restaurant.
Recommended Menu: River Fish Menu, Grilled River Prawns, Sour and Spicy Soup with Kang Catfish (Tom Yum Pla Kang), Fried River Fish Deep Fried with Garlic.
The good atmosphere restaurant is situated on the Mae Klong River.  The most popular dish of Sut Thang Rak Restaurant should be the variety of fresh River Fish.  The taste of the bite fish meat would be impressive deliciousness. Read More>>

 The Vista Pool Villa
8/8 Moo3, Thalor, Thamuang, Kanchanaburi
Rate: 1,000 – 4,000฿

 Golden Lake View Boutique Resort
Moo5, Thalor, Thamuang, Kanchanaburi
Rate: 1,000 – 6,000฿

 Monsane River Kwai Resort & Spa
Moo2 Sangchuto Rd., Thamuang, Riverside, Kanchanaburi
Rate: 900 – 10,000 ฿



 Day2 "Amphoe Mueang Kanchanaburi"

 Bridge over the River Kwai (Bridge over the River Kwae).
The historical bridge was built during World War 2 (the Second World War) by Japanese Imperialism Army.  This bridge becomes another main attractive landmark.  If you miss to visit this tourist attraction, it could be said that you have not arrived at Kanchanaburi yet.  Every year for about a week of the end of November to the beginning of December, there will be the festival being held to commemorate and pay tribute to those who lost their lives, historical exhibitions, a fair, and the shows. Read More>>

 Kanchanaburi Allied War Cemetery (Don Rak) is also known as the 'Western Cemetery.'
This is the cemetery of Prisoners of War (POWs) who died during the construction of the Death Railway which each grave marker is labeled with the name of the soldiers entombed below.  Another remarkable feature is the beauty of the cross direct to the entrance and flowers to commemorate the deceased. Read More>>

 Hin Dad Hot Spring
The hot spring in the forest with temperature of 45-55 degree Celsius is ideal for soaking to relieve fatigue which is embraced by shady trees. Don’t worry those who do not like to enjoy the hot spring can be relaxed by healthy activities like body massage and foot massage being also available in the area. Read More>>

 Floating Market, The Legend of King Naresuan Film Studio, Surasi Military Camp
Experience with the real filming location of the pinnacle of Thai film-making, retro atmosphere, and Thai traditional style houses.  The visitors also enjoy ancient villages and Thai traditional cuisine of floating-market living. Read More>>

 Giant Rain Tree 
One of the interesting tourist attractions.  The giant rain tree is more than 100 years old with 20-meter-tall with a trunk large enough to be encircled by 10 people and the large shady crown covers a total area.  Just sitting under the tree, it feel obviously too small. Read More>>

 Westwonder Water Park
The brand new largest Waterpark in Kanchanaburi, has just opened in last March in width of 20 rai. There are the water park and variety of the rides.  Anyone who wants to refresh, this place should be recommended. Read More>>

 Krua Ton Mae Klong Restaurant
Recommended Menu: Hot and Sour Curry made of Tamarind Paste with Catfish (Pla Kot) and Bamboo Shoots, Crab Dip with coconut milk and Chili Sauce, Citronella Grass spicy salad (Yum Ta-Khrai Hom).
This is a top riverside restaurant with the concept of 'hanging legs.' The customers can sit and drop down their legs in the river including with admiring the scenic view of natural atmosphere.   The restaurant serves Thai spicy cuisine and Wild Food Menus which have to be tasted. Read More>>

 Krua Chukdon Thai Restaurant
Recommended Menu: Spanish Mackerel with coconut milk, Crispy deep-fried Shrimps, Hot and spicy soup with Lobster and young coconut, Sao Chook Don spicy salad.
Krua Chukadon is a famous restaurant and has been the most recommended. The decoration is Thai style with open-air atmosphere. The roof top can be slid to be opened and closed to take fresh breeze air at night time, including with dining tasty gourmets that anyone who eats and be impressed. Read More>>

 Keeree Tara Restaurant
Recommended Menu: Tara Chili Sauce (Tara Sauce), Curry-fried Kang Fish (Chu Chee Pla Kang), Wings Bean Spicy Salad (Yum Tua Poo), Stir Fried Green Curry wrapped in egg.
This elegant dining establishment exudes a luxury and romantic ambience, with riverside scenery and the customers can also see River Kwai Bride clearly. Taste Thai cuisine and Local Food while enjoying folk music to create the atmosphere. Read More>>

 Dheva Mantra Resort & Spa
Moo 3 Thamakham, River Kwai, Kanchanaburi
Rate: 1,000 – 12,000฿

 Mida Resort
Moo 2, Ladya-Sri Sawat Road, Wang Dong, Kanchanaburi
Rate: 1,500 – 15,000฿

 U Inchantree
443 Mae Nam Kwai Road, Thamakham, River Kwai, Kanchanaburi
Rate: 2,000 – 7,000฿



 Day3 "Amphoe Sai Yok"

 Hell Fire Pass (Chong Khao Kad)
It is a part of the Death Railway which is surrounded  by complex mountains.  Some mountain passages are up to 11 meters high named Hell Fire Pass itself.   This place exhibits the mini theater and displays gathered photographs and related tools and personal items being used of railway construction during World War II (the Second World War.) Read More>>

Sai Yok Waterfalls (Namtok Sai Yok)
The waterfall flows from the cliffs into Kwai Noi River (Kwae Noi River). The picturesque waterfalls are located in the Sai Yok National Park. Inside the National Park, there is a suspension bridge to see panoramic view of the waterfalls clearly. Read More>>

 Kra Sae Cave
The scenic viewpoint is along the railroad tracks running along the edge of the cliff parallel to the Kwai Noi River below which is the railway from Bangkok to Sai Yok Waterfall.   This is the most dangerous location of the railway because it is on the edge of the cliff.  The visitors could pray toward a Buddha image enshrined inside the cave. Read More>>

 Malika R.E.124 The Siamese Living Heritage Town.
Escape from the hustle and bustle of the present to take you back in time to retro town. You will experience the Thai traditional ways of living including dressing up Thai traditional costumes, and wrapping around a shawl.  Additionally, you will come into contact the lifestyle during the reign of King Rama 5. You can see everything of Thailand in that period including of habitations, food, stuffs, and even language used in daily life.  It’s cool. Read More>>

 Prasat Mueang Singh (Lion City Sanctuary).
The only ancient Khmer Empire of Kanchanaburi province remained.  It is known that this temple was built during the 18th B.E., after the Khmer Empire ruined.   Prasat Mueang Singh was later abandoned to decay. Read More>>

 Krua Ar Sa (Ar Sa Restaurant).
Recommended Menu: Sour and Spicy Soup with Kang Catfish (Tom Yum Pla Kang), Stir Fried Wild Boar with Red Curry, Fried Frog Deep Fried with Garlic, Sheatfish (Butter Catfish) Deep Fried with Garlic.
This is a good tasty restaurant in Amphoe Sai Yok where wild food lovers should not miss. The restaurant provides the dishes of the strong flavoring taste with curry paste which is its own recipe. Feel Impressed with the taste, enjoy the atmosphere, and have afordable prices. Read More>>

 Krua Phak Wan Baan.
Recommended Menu: Papaya Salad with Star Gooseberry (Som Tum Phak Wan Baan), Fried Fish-paste balls with Star Gooseberry (Tod Man Pla Krai Phak Wan), Steamed in Tamarind Flavor Soup with Fried Snakehead Fish (Pla Chon) and Star Gooseberry (Phak Wan).
As the name of the restaurant, every menu certainly must have Star Gooseberry or Phak Wan Baan which is local vegetable as main ingredient.   This becomes tasty menu of Amphoe Sai Yok that the visitors have to taste. Read More>>

 Hintok River Camp Sai Yok
109 Moo 9,Thasao, Saiyoke, Tha Sao, Sai Yok, Kanchanaburi
Rate: 3,000 – 7,000฿

 Boutique Raft Resort River Kwai
103 Moo 3, Tha-sao, Sai-yok, Tha Sao, Sai Yok Kanchanaburi
Rate: 1,800 – 5,000฿

 The Float House River Kwai
55 Moo5, Wangkrajae, Tha Sao, Sai Yok, Kanchanaburi
Rate: 3,600 – 14,000฿



 Day4 "Amphoe Bo Phloi and Amphoe Huai Krachao"

 Safari Park Open Zoo Park and Camp.
It is the first open Zoo Safari Park in Kanchanaburi. The highlight is an aquatic animals learning centre. Tourists will take a mini-bus to inside the park. You can get "up close and personal" with the giraffes that encounter to greet you inside the car Read More>>

 Wat Salongrua.
It is assumed that has been built since the reign of Krung Sri Ayuddhaya. This is discovered an ancient temple where the Buddhist ordination hall is covered with Bodhi Tree. The highlight is the largest Royal Barge Suphannahong in the world which is magnificent. The tourists would really impress with it. Read More>>

 Wat Thipsukhontharam.
This temple has a standing Buddha image in the Attitude of praying for rain (success, forgiveness). The bronze Buddha statue has been created from the faith of the people to assist by recovering the barren land to abundant rainfall. It is believed that if you pray to it, you will receive the peaceful like falling rain as well. Read More>>

 Khrua Fueangfa Restaurant.
Recommended Menu: Crispy Deep Fried Ruby Fish (Crispy Deep Fried Tab Tim Fish), Creamy Tom Yum (Creamy Hot and Sour Soup), Deep Fried Iridescent Mystus Fish (Siamese Catfish) with Red Curry Paste, Papaya Salad with Salted Eggs and Horseshoe Crab.
This is the very good tasty restaurant!   The price is reasonable and every menu is delicious, particularly Fish dishes and Wild Food. Should you taste it, you will definitely impress. Read More>>

 Nin Restaurant.
Recommended Menu: Stir Fried Termite Mushroom in Oyster Sauce,  Stir Fried Chicken with Caraway,  Spicy Catfish (Pla Kot Khang) Curry (Gaeng Pah Pla Kot Khang),  Curry-fried Sheat-fish (Chu Chee Sheat-fish).
This is a classical good tasty restaurant in Amphoe Bo Phloi. The local homemade dishes but the deliciousness getting fully of 10 points has been prepared with being full-flavoured.  The highlight is the menu of Termite Mushrooms being large size, firm, crispy sweet taste, and chewing fully in the mouth. Read More>>

 Grand Prix Golf Club
138 Moo 13, Bo Ploi, Kanchanaburi
Rate: 3,500 – 6,500฿

 X2 River Kwai Resort
138 Moo 4, Nong Ya, Muang, Kanchanaburi
Rate: 3,700 – 25,000฿

 Royal River Resort & Spa
88 Kanchanaburi-Saiyok Road, Moo 2, Kangsean, Mueang, Kanchanaburi
Rate: 1,300 – 1,500฿


 Day5 "Amphoe Si Sawat"

 Erawan Waterfall
The waterfall is recognized as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Thailand.  The main attraction is the beautiful waterfall with its crystal bright emerald green water, particularly the second tier or Wang Matcha which is the one of the seven tiers waterfalls being most beautiful.  Of course, this beauty becomes the filming location for many commercials and television plays. Read More>>
Tips: The adventurous visitors who would like to challenge the entire seven tiers waterfalls have to spare the extra time and prepare the strength, due to it takes roughly three hours to explore the total tiers of the fall.

 Huay Khamin Waterfall  (Sri Nakarin Dam National Park)
It is also known as one of most beautiful waterfalls in Thailand.  Specifically at the fourth tier, the tourists mostly prefer to take a rest in this area because they are able to see the mountain range and the scenic view of Srinakarin Dam obviously. Read More>>
 Sri Nakarin Dam – is surrounded by mountains, attractive scenery, with peaceful atmosphere and comfortably cool.  Resorts lined with the rides are suitable for swimming to make cooler.  

 Tham Than Lot (Tham Than Lot Cave)
A large cave is higher than 60 meters. On the ceiling, there is a large hollow that the sunlight can pass through.  The cave walls were pictured painting of King of Naga.   The Karen believes that this cave is the habitant of King of Naga. Read More>>

 The stainless steel Buddhist Chapel at Wat Parklumkarkang (Pak Lam Kha-Khaeng Temple).
It is the unseen destination that the tourists have to visit.  This is only the stainless steel Buddhist Chapel and stainless steel Buddha Image in the world which was built exquisitely from the power of the people's faith.  The temple is located in the Middle Island of Sri Nakarin Dam.  Therefore, the tourists can travel to admire a picturesque view by long-tail boat only. Read More>>

 Ruentara (EGAT), Sri Nakarin Dam
Recommended Menu: Deep Fried with Fish Sauce Giant Gourami, Steamed Pork with Lemon Spicy Sweet Sauce (Moo Ma Nao), Sour and Spicy Soup with Seafood (Tom Yam Seafood).
A riverside restaurant is in Sri Nakarin Dam with intimate atmosphere, particularly in the afternoon and evening.  Moreover, the price of meals is reasonable. Read More>>

 Pee Tor Restaurant.
Recommended Menu: Stir Fried Wild Boar with Red Curry, Fried Fish with Herbs, Stir Fried Phak Wan Pa in Oyster Sauce.
A local Thai restaurant serves the dishes with good taste to well suit for Thai customers.  The restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients to prepare delicious dishes to taste.  There are also spicy Wild Foods with reasonable prices. The customers will finish the meal with Thai Traditional Coffee which is unique recipe of the restaurant.  Read More>>

 Lake Heaven Resort Park
Moo5, Sri Sawad, Kanchanaburi
Rate: 3,500 – 18,000฿

 Ananta River Hill Resort
Moo5 Thakradanm, Sri Sawad, Kanchanaburi
Rate: 4,000 – 17,000฿

 Raya Buri Resort
148 Tha Kradan Soi 12, Sri Sawad, Kanchanaburi
Rate: 1,300 – 4,500฿



 Day6 "Amphoe Thong Pha Phum"

 Thong Pha Phum National Park (Khao Chang Phuak/ Chang Pheuk Mountain)
The area covers the rugged mountain range featuring fertile forest, wildlife animals, rare species of flowers and trees, and wonderful waterfalls. These would bring about a spectacular and attraction for adventurous travelers as well. Read More>>
 Khao Chang Phuak (Chang Pheuk Mountain) : It is a great attraction of the park that anyone would like to conquer.  The limit of visitors that can go hiking to this mountain per day is not more than 60 people and have to book for 7 days in advance.  It usually takes 6 hours by foot.  Visitors need to climb up about 8 kilometers and prepare camping for a night.   And in a year, the tourists can visit for a few months in order to preserve the balance of nature. 

Somsak Mining-Forest Glade Home, Auntie Glen Home.
The destination is ideal for nature and peaceful lovers. This is known as Auntie Glen Home, a few small cottages in a lush jungle valley which are cozy and comfortable weather.  The highlight is tasting cake, own Auntie Glen’s recipe.  Taste the deliciousness for one piece has never been enough. Read More>>

 Lam Khlong Ngu National Park
This is another attraction for those fascinates with the adventure.  You can discover the tallest limestone column in the world measuring 62.5 metres in height.  There are exquisite stalactite curtains.  But the entire nature trails must be under the supervision of the guided officers. Read More>>

A small sub-district (Tambon) is in far boundary of Thailand western border.  Formerly, it is the location of mining sites.  At present, it becomes a peaceful village surrounded by nature, shops, restaurants, coffee houses, and lovely accommodations.  It is also the starting point of trekking into Khao Chang Phuak. Read More>>
Tips: The tourists should not miss to taste Sea Crabs once visiting here.  The villagers from Myanmar will crab the Sea Crabs from the Andaman Sea in fresh with very cheap prices.  

 Khrua Ton Nam Restaurant.
Recommended Menu: Curry-fried Kang Fish (Chu Chee Pla Kang), Spicy-fried Frogs, Stir Fried Chicken and Cashew Nuts.
It is a well-known restaurant in Thong Pha Phum District with delicious dishes served, good atmosphere, and reasonable price.  In addition, there are popular dishes that are definitely to be impressed for dining. Read More>>

 Krua Pad Rew Restaurant.
Recommended Menu: Fried Fish-paste balls (Tod Man Pla Krai), Omelet, Sour and Spicy Soup with Mekong giant catfish (Tom Yum Pla Buk), Shrimp with Herbs and Egg Plant Spicy Salad.
This is another famous restaurant located along the riverside next to the bridge.  The atmosphere is great.  The food is also very good taste.  Do not miss to taste when returning from Pilok. Read More>>

 Phuiyara Resort
33/9 Moo2, Haew Kha Yeng, Thong Pha Phum, Kanchanaburi
Rate: 1,000++฿

 Bamboo Hut
Moo4 Thong Pha Phum, Kanchanaburi
Rate:  1,000 – 3,000฿

 Cinque Terre Resort
266/99 Thongphaphum District, Kanchanaburi
Rate: 900 – 3,500฿



 Day7 "Amphoe Sangkhlaburi"

 Mon bridge ( Sapan Mon Bridge).
The Mon bridge or “Saphan Mon” is Thailand’s longest wooden bridge with the length of 850 meters.  It was built across Songalia River in order to connect for people living in Sangkhlaburi and Mon Villagers so that people from either side of the River in this area can comfortably transport to the other side. This bridge area is the point where the three rivers, Songkalia, Beeklee, and Rantee River, gather together to become an attractive scenery of the lake that would be great not less anywhere else. Read More>>

 Pom Pee View Point
The scenic point in Khao Laem National Park becomes very well-known for its beautiful scenery, the romance of the foggy atmosphere, and the point of view for seeing the impressive sunset. This is ideal for relaxation, canoeing, and swimming.  The surroundings would see the reservoir in Vajiralongkorn Dam. You may recognize as sleeping in Pang Ung, Mae Hong Son. Read More>>

 Underwater Old Temple, Wat Wang Wiwekaram
It is another one called “Unseen Thailand” (Unseen attraction) which is the most favorite destination of tourists.  It is also known as “Sunken Temple.” The temple is called as this name because the former temple has been under the water after building a dam to create a large reservoir of water.  Therefore, visitors can only take a boat to appreciate the beautiful sceneries. Inside the Buddhist temple, it was the Unique Mon Style on the wall designed exquisitely. Read More>>
Tips: The best time to visit is from March to April which is the period that the water level reaches the lowest point for visitors to walk inside the building to see how it is.  However, if the tourists visit in other period, they can take a boat to see the way of living of the Mon people along the riverside.

 Vajiralongkorn Dam
Vajiralongkorn Dam was built to generate hydro- electricity for the main purpose, located on Kwai Noi River covering Thong Pha Phum district and Sangkhlaburi District. The area of the dam is surrounded by the resorts, and rafting is also very popular. Read More>>

 Pae Mitsamphun Restaurant (Mit Samphan Raft)
Recommended Menu: Sour and Spicy Soup with Catfish (Tom Yum Pla Kot), Spicy Curry Fish Balls (Gaeng Pah Pla Krai), Grilled fish chili sauce (Nam phrik pla yang), Stir Fried with Small vegetable fern.
Do not miss this restaurant once arriving at Amphoe Sangkhlaburi! You will attract with the good taste even returning home. In addition, the food is tasty and being prepared with the fresh ingredients, particularly hot and spicy taste of Tom Yum soup and highly seasoned of Tom Yum’s ingredients. Read More>>

 Kanomjeen sen sod Pa Yin (Fresh Thai rice noodle).
Recommended Menu : Thai–rice–flour noodles in fish curry sauce with banana stalk.
This is the local traditional food restaurant of the Mon people where the tourists do not miss to stop by whenever they arrive at the Mon bridge. The restaurant has been opened since early morning serving traditional ethnic breakfast.  Additionally, the tourists have to taste Thai–rice–flour noodles in fish curry sauce of the Mon recipes which is hardly to dine. Read More>>

 The Nature Club Resort
207 Sangkhla Road, Nong Lu, Sangkhla Buri, Kanchanaburi
Rate: 1,600 – 1,800฿

 Ponnatee Resort
Moo1 Srisuwankiri Rd., Sangkhla Buri, Kanchanaburi
Rate: 800 - 4,000฿

 Oh Dee Hostel
147/1 Moo3 T.Nongloo A.Sangkhlaburi Kanchanaburi, 
Rate: 800 – 1,500฿



 Don't return home if you have not bought these types of food yet!!

The recommended menus would be ‘Kang Fish’ (Pla Kang), whether it is Sour and Spicy Soup with Kang Catfish (Tom Yum Pla Kang), or Curry-fried Kang Fish (Chu Chee Pla Kang), including Star Gooseberry (Phak Wan) and Termite Mushrooms having taste freshly in particular the rainy season. The most well-known gifts could be Tha Ruea Vermicelli, Coconut Jelly, Soft Thai rice flour pancake roll (Soft coconut crepe / Thong Muan Sod), which are very tasty and differ from the others. These are very tasty that you may not recognize to have it all before returning to Bangkok.


The whole seven routes are attractive and fascinating on their own style differently.
What styles you prefer, let’s pack your bags to visit in a hurry.
You may further fulfill beyond your satisfaction from travel.
And the happiness will be retrieved that is not be available anywhere. :)