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"Adventurous trip in rainy season at the 6 National Parks in Thailand"


  " Why should we make a forest trip in rainy season? " You may think that it is impossible to have fun forest trip during rainy season. Rainy season is the season which nature waits for. During rainy season nature is always abundant. Trees are green, grass are fresh and flowers bloom. Imagine that we can see the most magnificence of nature in rainy season.


 The Must-Have Items for jungle trip during rainy season 

 Insects repellant: A must-have item because the moist forest is the insect and mosquitos habitat.

 Hat: Must have! wear a hat to  protect your head from tree branches or twigs.

 Raincoat: Another must-have item! To protect your camera from raindrops.

 Small backpack: To carry necessary things. A rucksack may be too big for your trekking.

 Shoes: The floor and tread of shoes should be properly designed for the best slip resistant.

 You: Mind and body is strong then you are ready for adventure! Let’s go!


  When the rain drops on the land, the trees turns green and so magnificent that we are eager to see. For those who still don’t know where to go, we recommend you the 6 National Parks in Thailand as a choice. Let’s see where these places are…

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 Erawan National Park


Erawan National Park


Map: Erawan National Park

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"Erawan National Park…Heaven for travelers!"

Enjoy nature trip and breath in clean and pure air. It’s known for Erawan Falls which cascade down for 7 tiers. Each tier you can visit and see the beautiful of water stream and trees. It is challenge for those who love forest trekking because the tracks to each tier are not smooth as silk! Moreover, there’s nature trail to observe evergreen forest, deciduous forest and sightseeing point. Its length is longer than 1,060 meters and it takes time about 30 minutes from the beginning to the end of nature trail. It takes time and energy but it’s worth to visit here. Read More...


Why Erawan National Park ? 

The Erawan National Park area is in the rain shadow zone. That’s why during rainy season it rains not too heavy, therefore you can travel here comfortably even in rainy season.

Special tips! For transportation: You can come to Kanchanaburi province by public bus from many bus stations in Bangkok for example the Southern Bus Terminal, Mochit and the Bangkok Bus Terminal at the Borommaratchachonnani Road. It’s not necessary to wait in line to book the bus ticket.

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 Thap Lan National Park


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Map : Thap Lan National Park

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"The Fan Palm Forest Thap Lan National Park…Switzerland of the Northeast of Thailand!" 

It is the 2nd biggest national park in Thailand. There are many natural attractions : the big fan palm forest which still exists in Thailand; Pha Kep Tawan National Park Scenic Point, where you can see sunset over the horizon sky and feel bliss or a big waterfall like the Haew Narok ( Chasm of Hell) waterfall ( just its name can make you feel like being in a roller coaster) which is impressive and 20 meters high. The grandeur of the waterfall full of water is limited in rainy season only! Read More...


Why Thap Lan National Park ?  
To breath in fresh air! The Thap Lan National Park is the natural site which is considered as one of the top seven places with the cleanest air in the world. That’s why it is well-known as “Switzerland of the Northeastern of Thailand”

Special tip! For transportation: The Thap Lan National Park covers border of two provinces which means to travel along the national park is long distance. We recommend you to drive your private car or rent a car with traction control system click here!

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 Um-Phang Wildlife Sanctuary




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Map : Um-Phang

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"Um-Phang Wildlife Sanctuary to see the grandeur of one of the top beautiful waterfall of the world" 

To think about adventurous forest trekking, the Um-Phang Wildlife Sanctuary will be one in the lists which comes to adventurers’ mind. Every inches memerise visitors with its breathtaking natural beauty and jungle atmosphere inspires many to try to visit here once in a lifetime. Thi Lo Su waterfall is one of the top six most beautiful waterfall of the world. During rainy season you will see the grandeur of beauty of the waterfall more attractive than in other seasons. You will see the powerful stream of water flowing over the cliff like a large curtain rolling down with a crash turning into a cloud of mist which looks beautiful as if the Garden of Eden. Read More...


Why Um-Phang Wildlife Sanctuary ? 

A challenge here during rainy season is the transportation. Car is not allowed to protect nature and reforestation. In rainy season visitors have to walk or take a rubber boat to travel in the sanctuary. The adventurers should never missed because you can see the wild pristine beauty of nature only in rainy season.

Special tip! For transportation: To come to the Um-Phang Wildlife Sanctuary in rainy season, visitors are not allowed to drive cars in the sanctuary. We recommend you to rent a car with driver service for more convenient to come here and without worry about car or danger.

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 Khun Sathan National Park



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Map : Khun Sathan National Park

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"The Khun Sathan National Park with the enchanting sea of mist in rainy season!" 

Who say there is the sea of mist only in winter? The fact is that sea of mist in rainy season is more marvelous than in other seasons. Especially the sea of mist, in rainy season at the Khun Sathan National Park, Nanoi district, Nan province, is captivating. You will see the dramatic mountain scenery and floating mist over the space between the hills. It is even more bewitching at night…We recommend you to bring your camera with tripod. During nightfall the lights from village down the hill looks sparkling as if the stars are shining on earth at the same time as the twinkle stars on the dark sky…the striking beauty you cannot resist to capture #UnseeninThailand Read More...


Why the Khun Sathan National Park ? 

Apart from cool temperature whole year, rainy season is the period of time when the sea of mist is the most magnificent. For those who want to see the sea of mist do not have to wait until winter season. Just come to the Khun Sathan National Park, you can see the breathtaking scenery of the cloud of mist. If you’re lucky, you can also see the rainbow closely!

Special tip! For transportation: Fly from Don Muang Airport to Nan Airpot. *Recommend morning flight because it takes 2 hours from the airport to the Khun Sathan National Park.

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 Kui Buri National Park




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Map : Kui Buri National Park

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"Kui Buri National Park..Safari of Thailand in the South" 

‘The Kui Buri National Park’ is the forest which is the habitat of wildlife such as elephants, wild ox, tiger, leopard, wild birds and rare species. That’s why here is always alluring place especially for those who love ecotourism. The interesting activities here are for example forest trekking along Kui Buri canal, Boat sightseeing, enjoy swimming in waterfall at the heart of forest, observe life of wild elephants and rare species, learn the way of life of farmers of pineapple garden for example how to prevent the garden from the elephants. Apart from seeing the pristine beauty of nature which is well preserved by cooperation of the villagers, you can also learn the way of life of human beings and wildlife to live together peacefully and harmoniously. Read More...


Why the Kui Buri National Park ? 

During June – July every year it rains less frequently here. You can enjoy your trip without fun disturbance! This period the trees is always green and fresh, comfortably cool temperature and perfectly abundant forest.

Special tip! For transportation: For those who want to experience simple way of transportation, try to get the train from the train station southern line to Prachuap Khiri Khan province. On the way you can enjoy seeing the beautiful scenery of nature on both sides of railway.

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 Pang Sida National Park





Map : Pang Sida National Park

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"The Pang Sida National Park..the beauty of forest of the East" 

It is a well-known ecotourist place of Sra Kaew province in the East of Thailand. It is the habitat of rare wild birds like peasants and hornbills and also more than 300 types of colorful butterflies. Moreover, there are many attractions recreated by nature for example the Pang Sida waterfall, the Pha Takian waterfall, the Kwae Maka waterfall, scenic point in the wide valley where you can see the most beautiful scene of sunset and other scenic point to see the pristine beauty of wild orchids. Read More...


Why the Pang Sida National Park ? 

The highlight here is that there are various kinds of butterflies. The proper time to observe the beauty of butterflies is in the morning. In the morning the butterflies stay still on the leaves to expose to sunlight and warm up before flying for food. You can observe them closely, enjoy colorful creatures and capture the beautiful photos to share the moment with your friends. How lucky you are! The beauty of nature like this presents itself only once in a year in rainy season #You should never missed!

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 Hotels near National Park in Thailand 

Kwai Tara Riverside Villas

 Start: 2,900 Baht/Night

Hotels Near Erawan

Villa Khao Phaengma

 Start: 1,763 Baht/Night

Hotels Near Thap Lan

Umphangburi Resort

 Start: 722 Baht/Night

Hotels Near Um-Phang

Nan Seasons Boutique 

 Start: 1,184 Baht/Night

Hotels Near Khun Sathan

Vartika Resovilla Kuiburi

 Start: 1,926 Baht/Night

Hotels Near Kuiburi

Hop Inn Sa Kaeo

 Start: 500 Baht/Night

Hotels Near Pang Sida


  Post Script: There are still ecotourist places in Thailand more than mention above. Abundant forests, alluring waterfalls and wildlife creatures are waiting to express their pristine beauty to your eyes. For those who are looking for travelling aboard, try to travel to the ecotourist places in Thailand first. Then you will know that in Thailand there are many beautiful places more than you have ever thought.




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