Tourist information


Tourist Information Centre or the Tourist Information Center. 

          Suvarnabhumi Airport A tourist information center provides a variety of formats. By focusing on providing comprehensive services to the needs of tourists, including.


Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Or the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

          Travel agencies are centers of information and publicity tour for tourists. Suvarnabhumi Airport within 2 points

  • Step 2 Arrival Hall Gate 3 Tel. 02-134-0040.
  • Step 2 Arrival Hall Gate 10 Tel. 02-134-0041.

TAT Call Center: 1672



Solution Center scam Tourist or Tourist Service Center.

             Solution Centers fraud and assist travelers. Complaint Center help for stray passengers injured remedy retreats. Covers fraudulent It offers 24 hour assistance call the third floor of one door. 021-344-077.  


Tourist Police or the Tourist Police

             Tourist services In case of loss of important documents such as passports and other travel documents that are used. Passengers can report on a 24-hour Tourist Police floor two doors, three Tel. 02-132-1155 or emergency calls. 1155