Top Hotels for Family & Kids in Bangkok

 Top Hotels for Family & Kids in Bangkok

    Tourists visiting Bangkok for the whole family. If your looking for a good accommodation or hotel accommodation for a holiday, We recommend 10 hotel rooms for the whole family. Our whole family clearly stay comfortable atmosphere with the best in Bangkok. Want to know where it has come at the same time.



The Sukosol

Location: Ayutthaya Road, Phayathai, Bangkok. Bangkok.
Price: 10000-25000 ฿

    'The Sukosol' hotel much charm and beauty of Thailand artistic depictions of every molecule. This colonial style. With all facilities Suitable for the whole family Especially families with young children. The hotel has a lovely gift to give to your kids. The Children's menu DVD players and movies to please Rosamond thread.




Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok

Location: Sukhumvit Road, Wattana, Bangkok. Bangkok.
Price: 8000-25000 ฿

    'Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok' hotel on the best location in the city center of Bangkok. This spacious creationism Decorated with unique style Suitable for the whole family Equipped with modern facilities. The restaurant served a delicious meal and taste of all ages.




The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam

Location: Pratunam Bangkok Thailand. Bangkok.
Price: 5000-12000 ฿

    'The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam' five star luxury hotels to suit every family. With its central location and close to business centers. The tourists stay a lot. The rooms are equipped with modern facilities. With views of the Bangkok skyline panorama.




Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Serviced Apartment

Location: Soi Sukhumvit 11, Sukhumvit Road, Wattana, Bangkok. Bangkok.
Price: 5000-12000 ฿

    Another alternative for life in the modern city 'Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Serviced Apartment' welcomes tourists as well as families who want the convenience and privacy simultaneously. Room amenities include a balcony and spectacular views. Who want to experience the tranquility and luxury. That does not leave you disappointed certainly.




Grande Centre Point Hotel Ratchadamri

Location: Soi Siam-Ratchadamri Road Mahadlekluang one package. Bangkok.
Price: 4000-45000 ฿

    'Grande Centre Point Ratchadamri' luxury accommodation in the heart of Bangkok. Interior tubs beautifully furnished. See perfect blend Surroundings Whether you come as a couple or even a family group conference. Here, with happiness You smile back en suite certainly.




Siam @ Siam Design Hotel & Spa Bangkok

Location: Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok. Bangkok.
Price: 8500-12000 ฿

    Enhance your relaxation and family with the arrival of 'Siam @ Siam Design Hotel & Spa Bangkok' Look, here it is fully equipped with a unique décor and art. I am into the gallery somewhere. The important thing is comfort. Suitable for the whole family Including making travel easy The city center




Grand Diamond Suites Hotel

Location: Pratunam, Petchburi Road, Bangkok. Bangkok.
Price: 9000-50000 ฿

    'Grand Diamond Suites Hotel' hotel warmly decorated with modern furnishings and luxurious. The interior rooms are quiet like a second home, it does not matter. That provides privacy for you and your family for sure.




Northgate Ratchayothin

Location: Ratchadaphisek Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok. Bangkok.
Price: 3000-13000 ฿

    'Northgate Ratchayothin' accommodation at a shady location with amenities and a comfortable end. Rooms are decorated with contemporary art. Services include: The swimming pool, fitness center, restaurants, called attention to every detail to ensure maximum satisfaction of the guests.




Loy La Long Hotel

Location: Wat Prathoomkongkha Song Wad Road, Thailand. Bangkok
Price: 5000-13000 ฿

    'Loy La Long' stay small, but not small extras as you think. Even here, there are only seven rooms, it offers customers a long queue. That is because it will be here by the river then. The decor is casual Like home Feels like a family home evening discussion. Tasting with spectacular views from the balcony.




Ibis Bangkok Riverside

Address: 17 Soi Charoen Nakhon Road, Khlong Chao Phraya River. Thailand. Bangkok
Price: 2000-6000 ฿

    'Ibis Bangkok Riverside' hotel Riverside famous and one of the most well-known. A great place for families to stay together. There are many services and amenities for kids. The trip was a breeze. It is close to the shopping area of Bangkok here.




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