Top Luxury Hotels in Kanchanaburi

Top Luxury Hotels in Kanchanaburi

 Top Luxury Hotels in Kanchanaburi

    'Kanchanaburi' most popular tourist destination during the rainy season, the atmosphere both day and night, charming look unlike anywhere else. If one wants to stay exclusive style five-star hotel to rest it, or if I did not try out the 10 most luxurious accommodations. We have the instructions below. Available as an option to make it :).


 X2 River Kwai Resort

Address: Moo 4. Marsh grass. Muang Kanchanaburi. Kanchanaburi.
Price: 18000-35000 ฿

    'X2 River Kwai Resort' accommodation on a beautiful bend of the river. With a calm atmosphere for those seeking privacy and outstanding in every way. The room is unlike any other luxury exotic, but all rooms facing the river. Experience this new and unique form of relaxation.




 Dheva Mantra Resort

Address: Moo 3. Thamakham the River Kwai. Kanchanaburi.
Price: 5000-10000 ฿

    'Dheva Mantra Resort' in a beautiful resort-style colonial legacy. Combining contemporary design Here you will enjoy this opportunity to eye with the image of beautiful trees, the river and the decor is elegant and charming. With facilities and much more. The pool, restaurant, wine bar, spa and massage room, gym, boxing, mountain biking and kayaking.




 The Float House River Kwai Resort

Address: Moo 5. Wangkrajae district Sai Yok. Kanchanaburi.
Price: 8000-12000 ฿

    'The Float House River Kwai' exclusive accommodation where you can relax next to a natural close. Flanked by the beauty of the river. It is the only luxury boutique resort floating in the river basin. The designer style Folk Brings a unique blend of local Environmentally friendly It is Ideal for relaxation moments. There are also many activities including elephant rides, rafting, caving, mountain biking and much more.




 Felix River Kwai Resort

Address: Moo 3 Tha Makham the River Kwai. Kanchanaburi.
Price: 3000-6000 ฿

    'Felix River Kwai Resort' 5-star resort on the river Kwai. If you want to stay flat, but luxurious. Here is the answer that best. The 200-room hotel offers privacy. Room with balcony and spectacular views. The facilities and services provided to the most discerning travelers.




 U Inchantree Kanchanaburi Hotel

Location: River Road Tha Makham district. Kanchanaburi.
Price: 5000-6000 ฿

    'U Inchantree Kanchanaburi' Boutique River Kwai Bridge. Style rural Thailand Surrounded by lush tropical gardens. Warm and relaxing Is ideal for tourists fascinated. The rooms have a private balcony Equipped with facilities Hospitality and services within both Thailand and overseas gourmet restaurant, library, fitness center. And tour




 River Kwai Resotel Resort

Address: Moo 5. Wangkrajae district Sai Yok. Kanchanaburi.
Price: 3500-6500 ฿

    'River Kwai Resotel' tropical resort vacation chalet set in descending order according to height. Thus overlooking the river clearly from the room. The resort is surrounded by nature And activities The boating, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, cycling or stalactites and stalagmites in caves Lawa. One of the most famous cave in Kanchanaburi.




 Mida Resort Kanchanaburi

Address: Moo 2 Ladya - Srisawade. Kanchanaburi.
Price: 2000-15000 ฿

    'Mida Resorts' hotel wonderful. Perfect holiday with your family. The room design perfectly With natural beauty along the river shore. Equipped with facilities and private balconies to enjoy the view outside even more.




 Hintok River Camp @ Hell Fire Pass Hotel

Address: Moo 9. Tha Sao. Sai Yok. Kanchanaburi.
Price: 6000-8500 ฿

    'Hin Tok River Camp' style accommodation, luxury safari camp. That take you away from all the chaos in the capital. Camps can be seen from the River View the fully sighted. Equipped with facilities If you want to experience the fun and warmth. Surrounded by nature This is ideal for travelers all.




 The Glory River Kwai Hotel

Address: Moo 4 Tha Makham. Muang. Kanchanaburi.
Price: 3000-5000 ฿

    'The Glory River Kwai Hotel' offers all the appeal directly to the front door of your room. Here's everything you need to relax. A warm, comfortable and decorated to look like a second home. The visit to recharge before returning to the task ahead.




 Royal River kwai Resort & Spa

Address: Moo 2. Lagoons to grain. Muang Kanchanaburi. Kanchanaburi.
Price: 1500-3000 ฿

    'Royal River Kwai Resort & Spa' in a warm and luxurious accommodation at the River Kwai. Surrounded by nature Style Tropical Hotel - Bali. Blend East and West together. Homes built after the eighth accommodate all the rest. Equipped with facilities and services.



Recommend Hotels
“Pool Villa Hotel in Kanchanaburi”

The Vista Pool Villa

Address: Moo 3. The wheel moves. Tha Muang district. Kanchanaburi.
Price: 2000-5000 ฿

    'The Vista Villas' pool villas located in Kanchanaburi. Luxury amidst the fields and mountains. Style rooms with modern facilities. With facilities and personal service. The banquet room restaurant Thailand and internationally. And close to the popular tourist destination of Kanchanaburi.



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