Top Riverside Hotels in Kanchanaburi

Top Riverside Hotels in Kanchanaburi

 Top Riverside Hotels in Kanchanaburi

    For visitors who enjoy the beautiful view along the river. Riverside Hotel in Kanchanaburi tourists to enjoy the cozy waterfront lot. With many amenities, we recommend 10 Popular Riverside Hotels that people come to check in!


1. X2 River Kwai Resort

Address: Moo 4. Marsh grass. Muang Kanchanaburi. Kanchanaburi.
Price: 18000-35000 ฿

    'X2 River Kwai Resort' accommodation on a beautiful bend of the river. With a calm atmosphere for those seeking privacy and outstanding in every way. The room is unlike any other luxury exotic, but all rooms facing the river. Experience this new and unique form of relaxation.




2. The Float House River Kwai Resort

Address: Moo 5. Wangkrajae district Sai Yok. Kanchanaburi
Price: 8000-12000 ฿

    'The Float House River Kwai' exclusive accommodation where you can relax next to a natural close. Flanked by the beauty of the river. It is the only luxury boutique resort floating in the river basin. The designer style Folk Brings a unique blend of local Environmentally friendly It is Ideal for relaxation moments. There are also many activities including elephant rides, rafting, caving, mountain biking and much more.




3. River Kwai Resotel Resort

Address: Moo 5. Wangkrajae district Sai Yok. Kanchanaburi
Price: 3500-6500 ฿

    'River Kwai Resotel' tropical resort vacation chalet set in descending order according to height. Thus overlooking the river clearly from the room. The resort is surrounded by nature And activities The boating, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, cycling or stalactites and stalagmites in caves Lawa. One of the most famous cave in Kanchanaburi.




4. Hintok River Camp @ Hell Fire Pass Hotel

Address: Moo 9. Tha Sao. Sai Yok. Kanchanaburi.
Price: 6000-8500 ฿

    'Hin Tok River Camp' style accommodation, luxury safari camp. That take you away from all the chaos in the capital. Camps can be seen from the River View the fully sighted. Equipped with facilities If you want to experience the fun and warmth. Surrounded by nature This is ideal for travelers all.




5. The Nature Club Resort

Location: The Road Songkhla. Sangklaburi. Kanchanaburi.
Price: 1800-5000 ฿

    'The Nature Club Resort' located in the midst of the river and mountains. With style villa Nature Club. Blend seamlessly with the area With a natural style and privacy. Creationism holiday special someone they love.




6. River Kwai Jungle Rafts Resort

Location: North Pole. Sai Yok. Kanchanaburi.
Price: 5000-15000 ฿

    'River Kwai Jungle Rafts' ultimate peaceful accommodation. Another alternative for travelers or families who are looking for a resort overlooking the river. He also has experience with rafts. The stylish Minimalist And a private balcony with a hammock Another highlight is that this hurricane lamp in the room. Instead of using electricity To conserve the environment and natural images




7. The Glory River Kwai Hotel

Address: Moo 4 Tha Makham. Muang. Kanchanaburi.
Price: 3000-5000 ฿

    'The Glory River Kwai Hotel' offers all the appeal directly to the front door of your room. Here's everything you need to relax. A warm, comfortable and decorated to look like a second home. The visit to recharge before returning to the task ahead.




8. River Kwai Botanic Delight Resort

Address: Moo 13. Home. Muang Kanchanaburi. Kanchanaburi.
Price: 2000-8000 ฿

    'River Kwai Botanic Delight Resorts' tranquil nature in Kanchanaburi. The rooms are decorated with ancient Thailand. Wood furnishings and modern amenities. It also offers numerous swimming pools, massage, karaoke. And gardens for a relaxing stroll. Known as a place for the whole family. As well as couples and groups of friends as well.




9. Kasem Island Resort

Location: River Kwai Road, Chai Chumphon province. Kanchanaburi.
Price: 1600-2000 ฿

    'Kasem Island Resort' hotel that feels like a second home. Room service is impressive. Here tourists make unremitting. The rooms are equipped with amenities and services, including waterfront views at times was jubilant.




10. Lake Heaven Resort

Location: among the five. Srisawade. Kanchanaburi.
Price: 1000 - 7500

    'Lake Heaven Resort' the place to wait for the visit of tourists who love to enjoy the sunshine outdoor adventurers. And have fun with the Water Park lake. And pure air On the first raft style Maldives of Thailand.



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