Top Budget Hotels in Ratchaburi

Top Budget Hotels in Ratchaburi

 Top Budget Hotels in Ratchaburi

    Who's that need to cost the earth! In Ratchaburi 'surrounded by numerous hotels to accommodate visitors from around the world. The hotel's rooms are extremely comfortable and reasonably priced, we will take them to visit me today. Look, it's just a lie. Know I express check !!


1. Navela Hotel & Banquets

Address: Moo 5. Don Tako. Muang. Ratchaburi.
Price: 1200-4000 ฿

    '์Navela Hotel & Banquets' hotel is conveniently close to the city center in Ratchaburi other attractions. The rooms are spacious With facilities and personal service. Support for all the rest It is a very special experience for me to this day.




2. Theerama Cottage Natural Resort

Address: Moo 2. Suan Phung district, Suan Phung district. Ratchaburi.
Price: 1500-3500 ฿

    'Theerama Cottage Natural Resort' accommodation chic and unique. Nature and the mountains The villa has a unique design. Draws you into the world of childhood fairy tales. There is also a house of brick and timber home house. With facilities and gardens.




3. The Banyan Leaf Resort

Location: among the eight. Suan Phung. Ratchaburi.
Price: 2500-3000 ฿

    'The Banyan Leaf Resort' cool and stylish resort itself is huge. Ideal for both family Decoration on cement A modern, vibrant, surrounded by mountain streams, waterfalls and natural. Water flows through the whole year There is also a restaurant and a check of sheep farms into service again.




4. ATreeTime Suanphung

Address: Moo 7. Suan Phung district, Suan Phung district. Ratchaburi.
Price: 2000-5000 ฿

    'ATree Times REsort @Suanphung' accommodation amidst lush greenery of the conversion of seasonal vegetables, rice and chicken farms is very simple. The rooms are decorated with cement or called Loft Style airy, spacious, ideal for family vacations. Including trips honeymoon sweet.




5. Molloft Resort

Address: Moo. 9 Pa Wai district, Suan Phung district. Ratchaburi.
Price: 1800-2500 ฿

    'Molloft Resort' style loft accommodation sized enterprises. Another option for the resort in Ratchaburi. Located in an ideal location to travel to a third room Eco Loft, Cool Loft, Sweet Loft, which is the third model varies depending on the needs of the guests.




6. Loft Berry Resort

Location:. Suan Phung. Ratchaburi.
Price: 1600-4000 ฿

    'Loft Berries Resort' accommodation center Phung. Surrounded by mountains and meadows. Ideal for relaxing It also has a touch of fresh air. And stay warm I can not wait to take a vacation. I do not want to go




7. Maikaew Damnoen Resort

Address: Moo 9 Floating Market. District the operation. Ratchaburi
Price: 1500-5000 ฿

    'Maikaew Damnoen Resort' resting place near the scenic canal operation. It offers contemporary Harmony with nature and gardens For those who want to relax in a private atmosphere as the slogan 'Enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility're a breath of fresh air to fill the lungs. Invigorating holiday for the whole family.




8. Phumalida Resort

Address: Moo 7 Suan Ban's forehead. Suan Phung. Ratchaburi.
Price: 1000-5500 ฿

    'Phumalinda Resort' accommodation at the most famous and easily accessible. Equipped with a variety of services and amenities. For those who want to relax, all equipped with Free WiFi service is also a restaurant, coffee shop and garden. Professional staff ready to meet all the needs of you and your family.




9. Charisma Resort

Address: Moo 1. Suan Phung district, Suan Phung district. Ratchaburi.
Price: 900-3000 ฿

    'Charisma Resort' small resort hidden in the heart of Suan Phung. Latent fascinating charm With European style vintage. Combined with the cute and colorful. With facilities and services. The atmosphere of flowers.




10. Space 59 Hotel

Address:. City page. Muang. Ratchaburi.
Price: 700-3000 ฿

    'Space 59 Hotel' chic hotel in the city center. Decor and design is unique, the rooms are equipped with amenities and personal service. A balcony overlooking the city clearly.




Recommend Hotels

Rak Na Suan Pueng Resort

Address:. Suan Phung district, Suan Phung district. Ratchaburi.
Price: 2000-3000 ฿

    'Rak Na Suan Phung Resort' lovely accommodation that lurk in the heart of Suan Phung. Colorful cement house Style sweet and chic Angled shot appease visitors. Surrounded by mountains, nature and tranquility. It is best to sleep under the stars, a romantic atmosphere.



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