Airport Luggage Delivery at Suvarnabhumi Airport


 Luggage Delivery & Storage Service in Bangkok, Thailand

 by "AIRPORTELs Suvarnabhumi Airport" 

Luggage delivery


AIRPORTELs will be your luggage secretary, carrying your luggage between Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), Don Mueang Airport (DMK), and hotels in Bangkok. There will be a 100,000 baht compensation for damages on all luggage and a 100% guarantee that all luggage will reach its destination. Customers can check the status of their luggage via email or Facebook, LINE, or WeChat. In addition, AIRPORTELs also has a deposit service at both Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airports. Our current capacity is 2,500 luggage that is under a 24-hour security.


Luggage delivery


Today, you can manage your time more efficiently by using our AIRPORTELs Luggage Delivery service after your plane touches the runway. You may walk freely to any local attraction, shopping mall, or restaurant without carrying any heavy, bulky luggage. Our service also allows travelers to carry just a laptop for important meetings. Even on the last day of the trip, travelers can deposit the bag at hotel and travel around with hands free. Luggage will be waiting at the destination. All that is required is your basic information and correct address, all of your luggage would be waiting at your desired airport.



   Smart time management. You can manage your business and tourism plans efficiently

   Easy to use through ‘booking online’ or preferred portals

   100% guarantee that the luggage will arrive safely at the destination

   All luggage is insured up to 100,000 THB

   Status checks or inquiries around the clock through Facebook, Line, or WeChat with regular updates notified by e-mail

   Luggage delivery between Suvarnabhumi Airport and hotels, condominiums, or guesthouses in Bangkok and Phuket area

   Only 350 Baht for each bag with no limitations on weight, size, and distance! 




 Suvarnabhumi Airport service counter: Our counter is located on B Floor the left of the Airport Rail Link.

 Don Mueang Airport service counter: Our service is located at the assembly point at Gate 1 on the 3rd Floor, Terminal 1. (We currently do not have a booth or service counter).


AIRPORTELs Luggage delivery

AIRPORTELs Luggage delivery


  For more detail of AIRPORTELs Luggage service, please contact us at 

   Suvarnabhumi Counter at Basement floor near to Airport Rail Link 

   MBK Center Counter 6th floor B zone 

   Terminal 21 Counter 1st floor near to Car park

Phone: +66 6321-666-99

Website: Luggage Delivery Bangkok




Kakao Talk : AIRPORTELs

Facebook :


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 Bellugg Luggage Delivery 

    Bellugg Luggage Delivery is a luggage delivering service at Suvarnabhumi Airport. There are various services provided by Bellugg such as delivering from airport-to-hotel, hotel-to-airport, airport-to-home, home-to-airport or left-luggage office. This service is proven to decrease passengers’ anxiety along the trip.



    Bellugg is one of the first luggage delivery service in Thailand which can truly answer passenger’s requirements. With experience handling with traveler from over 30 countries and have delivered more than 5,000 bags. Moreover, “Bellugg” is guarantee by more than 300 hotels around Thailand. The slogan of “Bellugg” is ‘Safe, On-time, Trackable’. This concept also wins travelers heart. Furthermore, there are insurance for all luggage including damage, lost and found, theft or burning. As a result, “Bellugg” will compensate within a week for any damage.


The rate depends on size of luggage as followed.

Small Size (S) (lower than 22 inch.) = 300 Baht
Medium Size (M) (between 22-28 inch.) = 450 Baht
Large Size (L) (high than 28 inch.) = 600 Baht


An easy way to use our services, passengers can just leave all their belongings at the left-luggage office after landing. There are two round of delivery as followed.

  1. Before 12.00 PM, all luggage will be transferred to passengers’ destination no later than 4.00 PM

  2. After 12.00 PM, all luggage will be transferred to passengers’ destination no later than 7.00 PM



How to get to Bellugg

B1 Fl., Suvarnabhumi Airport (The walk way to Novotel hotel and airport link)
Opening hours: 07.30 AM – 11.30 PM

Call Center: +6687-336-6666
Line: Bellugg
WeChat: Bellugg
KakaoTalk: Bellugg


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