Priority Lane & Services


The Fast Track lane privilege for immigration travel in and out of the country, both inbound and outbound.  

> Departures - Passport Control 2 and 3
> Arrivals - The central zone of Immigration Zone (Immigration Zone 2), near the Visa On Arrival.



List of individual permitted to use this track

  • Premium Lane Card Holder (Business Class, First Class Airline Tickets.)
  • Passengers hold Diplomatic Passports.
  • Officials hold Government Passports.
  • Air Crew
  • ABTC/ APEC  (APEC Business Travel Card = Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation –APEC).  This card likes a Visa, and is valid for three years.   There are 18 participating economic zones  Australia/Brunei/ Darussalam/Chile/ China/ Hong Kong/ Indonesia/ Japan/ Republic of Korea/ Malaysia/ Mexico/ New Zealand/ Peru/ the Philippines/ Papua New Guinea/ Singapore/ Thailand/ Chinese Taipei/ Vietnam.
  • BOI with BOI Letter
  • Thailand Priviledge
  • Buddhist Monks
  • Senior Citizens over 70  
  • Handicap / Disabled 
  • Pregnant    
  • Infant