Unaccompanied Minor


Children traveling without parents can travel to and out of the country and transit in Thailand. Should you need further information, please contact the customer service department of the airline at the airport.

Additional information : (Sourcehttp://www.thaiairways.co.th. The information may change; please contact the airline you travel with before departure).

Criteria for unaccompanied minors are as follows: 


  • The guardian is required to inform the airline at least 24 hours prior to the flight departure as each airline limits the number of unaccompanied minor to travel on board in each flight as follows: Royal First Class/Royal Silk Class: the airline accepts only one 8-11 year old child. In Economy Class, the airline accepts six 5-7 year old children and thirty 8-11 year old children.
  • The guardian is required to provide the child's details, including name and surname, age, gender, date, flight number, departing airport and arriving airport. The name, address, contact number of the child's guardian who brings the child to the departing airport as well as the name and contact number of the guardian who picks up the child at the arriving airport must also be provided. All details must be completed on the 'Handling Advice for Unaccompanied Minor' form (FORM THAI 1122) as evidence.
  • The guardian who picks up the child at the arriving airport must correspond with the name specified at the Selling Office.
  • The ticket type must be "Confirmed" and must not be "ID" ticket. However, rewarded tickets from ROP (Royal Orchid Plus) are eligible.
  • The guardian who brings the child cannot leave the airport immediately. They must remain at the airport until the child's aircraft departs.
  • Infants or children under 5 years old cannot be UM (unaccompanied minors) unless accompanied by a person aged 12 years old or more.



The handling fee for unaccompanied minors is 30 USD or 1,350 Baht for one international flight (this means the travel from the departing airport to the arriving airport, regardless of the number of sectors for that flight). In case the children have the same surname, the handling fee will be charged for only one child. Regarding domestic flights, there is no handling fee for unaccompanied minors.

For international flights, the applicable adult fee will be charged according to the age of the child/unaccompanied minors. For domestic flights, 50% of the adult normal full fare will be charged.

In case children aged 12-16 years old travel alone, parent/guardian can also request for special assistance like children/UM (YP: Young Passenger).

The airline staff will provide assistance in every matter such as helping with carry-on baggage, suggesting how to fasten seatbelt, taking care of the children during meal service(s), taking them to the toilets, completing immigration forms, talking to them, giving them toys. Upon arrival, the Purser or In-Flight Manager will hand them over to the ground staff at the arriving airport. The ground staff will take care of them until their guardians pick them up.