Do you Know? Suvarnabhumi Airport Free Wifi "world's fastest"

Do you Know? Suvarnabhumi Airport Free Wifi "world's fastest"

 Do you Know? Suvarnabhumi Airport Free Wifi "world's fastest"
    To sit up for hours. Even met Speedway with WiFi sluggishly into it. Even the most boring website rottenwifi The service, check-speed Internet Surveyed the speed of the WiFi service at the airport than 130 from 53 countries.

    The results come out ‘Suvarnabhumi Airport’ the Ranked one of the world's fastest WiFi Internet access. With speeds of 41.45 Mbps. This is another pride of Thailand. That even a little. He was able to win both Thailand and foreign tourists under control. :)

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Top10 airport Internet WiFi.
1. Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand Speed 41.45 Mbps.
2. City Airport Chattanooga, Tennessee, US Pacific speed 30.98 Mbps.
3. Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland, speed of 19.45 Mbps.
4. Vilnius International Airport Vilnius, Lithuania, speed 18.04 Mbps.
5. Helsinki Airport Helsinki, Finland, speed 17.46 Mbps.
6. International Airport for grape growers serenity speed Indonesian 16.01 Mbps.
7. International Airport, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, speed of 15.55 Mbps.
8. Strong Norfolk Airport STOCKHOLM, Sweden-speed Arlanda 15.48 Mbps.
9. International Airport, George Bush Houston, Texas, US speed 15.28 Mbps.
10. Airport Frankfurt, Germany speeds 14.47 Mbps.

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