Guide Book Special Issue: Up to the North, Following the King’s footsteps: 12 months – 12 Royal projects

Guide Book Special Issue: Up to the North, Following the King’s footsteps: 12 months – 12 Royal projects


Guide Book Special Issue

Up to the North, Following the King’s footsteps


12 Months 12 Royal Projects


    ‘The Royal Projects’ originate from the Royal idea of King Bhumibol Adulyadej after he traveled to visit his people and he had seen the discomfort of the people on the hill. He considered to settle the royal project for develop the living of Thai people on the hill better with the new form of agriculture to substitute the cultivation of opium and the deforestation, support people to earn the income with rely on themselves.


    The area of each project have surrounded with the beautiful views. They are suitable for travelling the nature. Vegetable plot and fruits without toxic, you can eat them in fresh. You can also learn and absorb the living of the warm communities through the smiling and generosity of Thai people on the hill.



 Nowadays, “the Royal Project” extends a warm welcomed to all travelers with beautiful atmosphere thorough the year. The Guide Book Special Issue: “Following the King’s footsteps: 12 months – 12 Royal projects” by Airportthai can bring every guest to the cold Northern part of Thailand according to the beloved King’s footsteps.  


01 January

Royal Project Khunwang

 Address: Maewang, Chiangmai

    In the past, there were cultivating the opium here in general. At the present time, it is improved and developed to support the substitute cultivating other plants. Later on there are cultivating vegetables in the green houses, decreasing the area of cultivating about 80%. Moreover, there are homestays, fire camp for the agro tourism travelers to visit the living of the communities and nature.


Vegetables: Broccoli, Japanese Bunching Onion, Turnips, Royal project tomatoes, Sweet pepper
Fruits: Grapes without seeds, Kiwifruit
Flowers: Chrysanthemum, Calla Lily, Agapanthus, Carnations
Others: Chinese tea, Vanilla

Tourist Attraction: Jungle trail to study the nature, The Le Po Waterfall, Ngam Cliff

 Time Suggestion: December - February

 Don't Miss!

 Charming Wild Himalayan Cherry (the most complete and amounts)
 Azalea and  Cherry blossom
 New year party of Hmong with their national dress.




02 February

Royal Agriculture Station Angkhang

 Address: Fang, Chiangmai

    The first royal project is the station for doing experiments and researches the winter plants to bring the experiments to support Thai people on the mountain in the substitute cultivating instead of opium and shifting cultivation.


Vegetables: Artichoke, Brussels sprouts, Herbal plants
Fruits: Strawberry, Chinese plum, Peach, Prunus, Avocado, Kiwi, Blueberry, Persimmon
Flowers: English rose
Others: Chinese tea

 Tourist Attraction: Royal Agriculture Station Angkhang, Nor Lae Village, Mon Son viewpoint, Yun Lai viewpoint

 Time Suggestion: December – February

 Don't Miss!

 Nor Lae strawberry gardenZ
 Wild Himalayan Cherry Tunnel
 Bonsai garden
 Chinese plum and peach garden




03 March

Royal Project Mok Cham

 Address: Mae Eye, Chiangmai 

    This station is under the responsibility of Maejo University. The area is flat, surrounding with the complicated mountains. The people who live here are Akha, Shan, Thai Lue, Lahu, Lishu, Karen and Chinese Yunnan. Moreover, there are the old culture and traditions of these tribes to preserve it until nowadays.


Vegetables: Black tomatoes, Japanese pumpkin, White pumpkin, Bitter gourd, Green beans, Kidney bean, Soybeans
Fruits: Varieties types of mangoes, Passion fruit​
Others: Woven bamboo, Woven clothes.

 Tourist Attraction: Malika hot fountain, Gok river view, Tah Don temple

 Time Suggestion: December – March

 Don't Miss!

 Visiting the living of Akha communities (Swing Ceremony)
 Play and dance of Tai Lue tribe
 Wat Mai Mok Cham, it was built as Tai Yai style like Burmese style
 Cruising in the Gok River
 Orange farm view and Wat Phrathat Sop Fang’s mountain view.




04 April

Royal Project Development Center Teen Tok

 Address: Mae Aon, Chiangmai

    Source of Quality Arabica Coffee Production, it is the best product in the royal project. It is surrounded with nature, forest and waterfall. It is the first settlement of hydropower in the royal project and there is eco-village, homestay style, even you travel in summer, it is still cold here.


Fruits: Dragon fruit​
Flowers: Wild orchids, Agar wood
Others: Coffee beans, Tea, Herbal, Furniture

 Tourist Attraction: Mae Kam Pong Village, Doi Mon Lan Viewpoint, Mae Kam Pong Waterfall, San Kam Paeng hot fountain

 Time Suggestion: November – April

 Don't Miss!

 The first homestay of top ten in Thailand Ban Mae Kam Pong
 Biking along the mountains
 Sauna in hot water at San Kam Paeng hot fountain
 The Giant, the coffee shop on the big tree.




05 May

The Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon

 Address: Jomthong, Chiangmai

    It was improved from the deforested area of Karen, Hmong tribe, shifting cultivation, plating corn and opium. It becomes the new agriculture plan, following King Bhumibol. It is the place to research flowers vegetables and free shipment. It makes the incomes to the tribes and also preserving the forest, the original of water.


Vegetables: Fresh from the standard farm
Flowers: Winter flower
Others: Coffee beans, Fishing farm in the high area.

 Tourist Attraction: Doi Inthanon National Park, Kiew Mae Pan, Phra Maha Dhatu Napamathanidol, Aang Ga natural study tracks

 Time Suggestion: Travel through the whole year

 Don't Miss!

 The highest viewpoint of Thailand, Doi Inthanon
 Cold weather through the whole year, you can go any seasons
 Winter flowers




06 June

Royal Project Development Center Prabath Huaytom

 Address: Li, Lampoon 

    The Karen People are living here. They have vegetarian food and preserve the tradition, local knowledge strictly. Here is suitable for agricultural and traditional travel.


Vegetables: Butternut Pumpkin, Kho Hong Pumpkin, Spicy and sweet Mexican Chili, Black eggplant, Doi Kam Chinese kale
Fruits: Mangoes, Corambora, Mariam plum, Passion Fruit, Avocado, Chinese plum, peach
Flowers: Pygmy Rose
Others: Lemon grass, Silver, Hand woven cloth

 Tourist Attraction: Wat Phra Bat Huai Tom, Wat-phra-phutthabat-pha-nam, Mae Ping National Park

 Time Suggestion: Travel through the whole year

 Don't Miss!

 You will see Karens’ way of life
 Ancient finger weaving including
 Accessories from coconut shell
 The sea of mist in the morning at Phra That Pha Hnam.




07 July

Mae La Noi Royal Project Development Center

 Address: Mai La Noi, Mae Hong Son 

    This center is a coffee plantation and rice terrace. It is one of agro tourist attraction of Royal project which consist of hill tribe of Karens and Lua that cover all of 14 villages. 


Vegetables:  Baby Chinese cabbage.
Fruits: Plum
Others: Coffee, Wool weaving and silverware.

 Tourist Attraction: Huay Hom Village, Natee Rachan Waterfall, Rice Terrace

 Time Suggestion: Travel through the whole year

 Don't Miss!

 Rainy season rice terrace.
 Sip Arabica coffee at Huay Hom village.




08 August

Huay Sieaw Royal Project Development Center

 Address: Hang Dong, Chiang Mai 

    Although it is small center but it full of many demonstration vegetable plot such as hot zone fruits that cover 14 villages of native and Hmong tribe, surrounding with simple way of life and interesting tradition like Hmong New Year tradition which they arrange in every year. 


Vegetables: White bitter cucumber, Jade bitter cucumber.
Fruits: Papaya, Mango, Marian Plum, Jujube, Jackfruit and Lychee

 Tourist Attraction: Tad Krok waterfall ,Tad Noi waterfall, Hot zone fruits plot. 

 Time Suggestion: June – December

 Don't Miss!

 Walk and pick lychee in May
 Hmong’s way of life including
 Hmong New Year tradition
 Enjoy with Tad Krok waterfall , Seeing rare fish
 Enjoy with Tad Noi waterfall, feeling fresh with wild orchid and natural way.




09 September

Pang Da Royal Agricultural Station

 Address: Mae Rim, Chiang Mai 

   This is a research station of plant propagation in various kinds including winter zone fruits, winter zone flowers, hot zone fruits, green bean and wild plants. The tourists will see beautiful atmosphere especially in clearing up day as we can see so far view to Doi Inthanon. 


Vegetables: Avocado, Japanese cucumber, Asparagus, Jade bitter cucumber, White bitter cucumber, Green bean, Sweet corn, Chinese chives.
Fruits: Seedless grape, Orange, Fig, Carambola
Others: Coffee.

 Tourist Attraction: Viewpoint at Samerng, Winter zone vegetables and fruit demonstration plot.

 Time Suggestion: September – March

 Don't Miss!

 The viewpoint at Samerng district and you can see Doi Inthanon peak.
 The tourists can see winter zone vegetables and fruit demonstration plot
 Can taste Bamboo Caterpillar.




10 October

Mae Sariang Royal Project Development Center

 Address: Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son

    This place was separated from Mae La Noi Royal Project Development Center. It consists of Karens and Lua hill tribe. This center emphasize winter zone plantation including handicraft. Moreover, the tourists can take tent to stay here easily.


Vegetables: Cabbage, Pumpkin.
Fruits: Chinese pear, Passion fruit, Winter zone fruits
Others: Handicraft of hill tribe, Weaving and venturi forge.

 Tourist Attraction: Karens’ way of life, Ban Laxa museum, Rice terrace, Hill tribe vegetables plot

 Time Suggestion: September – December

 Don't Miss!

 You can touch Karens’way of life including
 hill tribe’s handicraft.
 This center has magnificent rice terrace.
 You can enjoy with the way to see natural in Ban Hag Maitai.  




11 November

Pang Oong Royal Project Development Center

 Address: Mae Jam, Chiang Mai 

    This center promote new type plantation instead of opium. With frosty weather and complicate hill area condition make this place suitable for avocado plantation which can regard as most plantation in this zone. The tourists will absorb with various kinds of plants following natural way and can take a picture at 2 sides of way that you walk. 


Vegetables: Potato, Chinese cabbage, Carrot, Tomato, Cabbage, Azuki bean  
Fruits: Avocado, Strawberry, Seedless grape
Flowers: Azalea Rose
Others:  Arabica coffee

Tourist Attraction: Hmong’s way of life, can see the way to study natural, Doi Hmue Kado, seeing Mae Ouco Mexican sunflower filed, Pan Kia Waterfall. 

 Time Suggestion: November – January

 Don't Miss!

 Avocado that was planted in this center is very delicious with great smell taste.
 Arabica coffee is also famous here.
 Mexican sunflower field and potato plot and blooming azalea.
 See beauty of sea of mist.




12 December

Pha Tang Project Development Center

 Address: Wiang Kaen, Chiang Rai 

    This center is calm and cold all the year. We believe that most people may know ‘Doi Pha Tang’. In the past, this place is just a village of Chinese people (Haw and Kmong). After that it was adjusted to be Pha Tang Project Development Center that plant fresh vegetables and various kinds of plants. There is good preservation of soil, water here and have agriculture following Sufficiency Economy under the Royal Initiative of His Majesty the King


Vegetables: Fresh vegetables, Pea, Violet cabbage, Broccoli, Sweet pea.

 Tourist Attraction: Doi Pha Tang viewpoint, Pha Bong viewpoint, Plants plots of this center

 Time Suggestion: November – February

 Don't Miss!

 Broccoli plots
 Mist viewpoint at Doi Pha Tang
 Handicraft and agriculture following Sufficiency Economy


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