Guide Book Issue20 - 10 Best Things to do in Koh Samet

Guide Book Issue20 - 10 Best Things to do in Koh Samet



10 Best Things to do in Koh Samet

10 Activities don't missed in Koh Samed
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    Popular named as Koh Samed.. Nobody is absolutely not acquainted with. Due to it is beauty island, convenient travel and so popular among both Thai and foreign travelers. Very few people will know what to do in ‘This Island’. This Guidebook will take you to another challenging world with 10 activities not to be missed at Koh Samed. If missed, it seems like you haven’t reached there. Why would you travel there! Don’t wait.. let’s pack your bags and go.



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Take a ferry boat and selfie photo
with the Statue of Pee Seua Samut

    With its location as an island… Of course, the boat is required for travelling. The nearest route is from 'Rayong province', it takes only 40 minutes to arrive ‘Na Dan Pier’. 

Where to park?
Traveler can park your car at Ban Phe which is located nearby the pier. The parking fee is 50-100 baht per day. You can park either morning till evening or overnight, they also provide the car parking deposit ticket which do not have to leave your car key with them.

Piers to Koh Samed   Price: 100 – 200 Baht.

 Municipality Ban Phe Pier  Go To: Vongdeuan Resort

 Nuantip Pier   Go To : Sai Kaew Beach, Ao Noi Na

 Phe Pier  Go To : Sai Kaew Beach, Ao Wong Duean, Ao Wai, Ao Cho, Ao Pakarang

 Chok Kritsada Pier  Go To : Lima Coco Resort

 Seree Ban Phe Pier   Go To : Samed Resorts Group

 Sri Ban Phe Pier  Go To : Ao Prao, Sai Kaew Beach, Ao Wong Duean, Ao Wai, Ao Kiu  

Anyone who impatient to go faster than this, it is recommended to ride the Speed Boat instead. You can dock any beaches as you wish with the price at 250-300 baht/person/trip. The boat departure time is at 11.00 and 13.00.  

Tips: All visitors are required to pay the entry fee upon arrival for Koh Samed with the price per person at 40 baht for Thai and 200 baht for foreigner (half price for children).

Highlight Don’t Miss

When you arrive at Koh Samed ‘Na Dan Pier’ which is the main pier to connect to other attractions around the island. Nearby this area, there are buildings in white and blue tone, full of service shops including “Statue of Pee Seua Samut” which becomes the tourist spot to take pictures or couple selfie photo as a souvenir. Anyone who comes to Samed and does not take this picture back, it seems like has not reached there yet.




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Visit the Statue of Mermaid and Sudsakorn,
the Symbol of Koh Samet

    The next landmark which is not to be missed is ‘the Symbol of Koh Samed’. It is so popular and can get the attention from the travelers comparable to any beaches or bays. Here is the “True Love Sculpture” such as “New Mermaid Statue on the rock at Sai Kaew Beach”. This statue has replaced a former couple statue which was inspired by the epic tale of Phra Aphai Mani and created a bronze statue of the Mermaid showing love toward Sudsakorn. The meaning implies that you can find your true love on this island.




Driving around the island

    Koh Samet.. is located in Rayong province. Whether any seasons, the beauty does not fade away. This is a holiday destination and top-rated attraction in Thailand. Driving around the island to different places is so impressed experience.

The easiest way is by requesting the resort where we stay to pick you up. Or if you enjoy adventure by your own then Koh Samed provides several kinds of transportation, just only use your Identification Card. :)

 Minibus: Available for service at the pier, Price per person is 30-35 baht / for charter 250-300 baht.

 Motorcycle: The rental price is 100-150 baht per hour / 300-500 baht per day. It is recommended for some experienced driver due to the road is quite steep.

 Golf cart: This is suited for person who enjoys chill driving around the island not too extreme, the price is at 1,500 baht.

 Bike: This is suited for athletes or road experts, the price is about 200 baht per day.




Barefoot on sand and laying out Sunbathing
5 popular Bays


 Ao Phai
It is located nearby Sai Kaew Beach. Even though this bay has several rocks and the sand is not as smooth as any other. But the sea water here is so crystal clear for swimming, perfect for relaxing by the beach. And bustle during the night time with beach restaurants, beach bars and Fire Baton Twirling show for travelers. Read More>>>

Ideal Activities: Sunbathing, Watch Fire Baton Twirling show. 


 Ao Phrao
West coast beach is more calm than others and so privacy. Due to there are only 3 resorts around this area. In addition it is also the most beautiful sunset spot at Koh Samed. Read More>>>

Ideal Activities: Kayaking, Sailing, Watch sunset.


 Ao Lung Dum
Sandy beach, bridge jutting out into the sea to take beautiful photos, tranquility, so crystal clear for swimming and squid fishing activity at night time. Read More>>>

Ideal Activities: Swimming, Squid fishing. 


 Ao Cho
Or the other name is Ao Lungwang. This is so romantic bay, no night life but only peaceful. There are so many photography corners and a wooden bridge as the pier. Read More>>>

Ideal Activities: Sunbathing, Sip chill cocktails


 Sai Kaew Beach
The most beautiful and bustle beach in Koh Samed. It is said that there are 2 emotions in the same beach. During the day time, the travelers will be impressed by white sandy beach in contrast with crystal clear sea water, water activities, sunbathing, beach bars and smooth beach. At night time, there will be pubs, bars and restaurants open for service all along the path and the highlight of Fire Baton Twirling show. Read More>>>

Ideal Activities: Beach Activities, Sip chill cocktails.




Popular restaurants, Money is not an issue

    At Koh Samed you can simply find the popular restaurants. Every menu brings fresh seafood from the sea to the finest ingredients so that you can taste at reasonable prices.

Green Place Restaurant
Location: Ao Wong Duean 
Open: 17.00 – 24.00
This is a popular seaside restaurant with chill atmosphere adjacent to Wong Duean Beach. You can enjoy freshly prepared meals with delicious island style and the sea view is very pleasing. 
Recommended Menu:  Tom Yum Seafood, Tod Mun Goong

Tom Pizza Resort & Bar
Location: Ao Wong Duean 
Open: 08.00 – 22.30
This is the first Pizza House in Koh Samed and then they established a resort to stay afterward. This place are equipped with room, food and beverage in the shady atmosphere. Of course, the pizza here can be comparable with anywhere else. It is the Italian style, so tasty and several great menus to try. 
Recommended Menu:  Pizza, Som Tam Poo Maa, Steak


Sea Horse Restaurant
Location: Ao Wong Duean
Open: 17.00 – 22.30 
The seafood restaurant scores 10 full points for their flavor and atmosphere. Indulge emotional release to dine overlooking the beach, with your feet dipping underwater as the concept of this restaurant! Besides the popular seafood menus, grilled charcoal steak is tasty so that you can smell grilled smoke from the front of restaurant. Splendid cocktail recipe that anyone should try and amazing Fire Baton Twirling show
Recommended Menu: T-Bone Steak, Pork Rib Steak, Barbecue, Fresh Seafood. Read More>>>

Tong Ta Pha View
Location: Ao Lung Wang
Open: 08.00 – 22.00
This restaurant is so romantic, tranquility and privacy. It is suited for sitting in the mood to enjoy view with special person. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere and taste the delicious food from the first bite.
Recommended Menu: Thai and International food, Single dish



Location: Behind Sai Kaew Beach Resort 
Open: To be checked
Introducing spicy Northeastern style restaurant that engages like all ages with this simple atmosphere. All menus are so tasty with Northeastern style, without any problem even though it is in this island. 
Recommended Menu: Laab Moo Tod, Grilled Beef, Pork Rib, Kang Om, Colorful Sticky Rice (each day colors are not the same) Read More>>>

Nar Saan Pochana
Location: Sai Kaew Beach 
Open: 07.00 – 21.00
The delicious at seaside which guarantees the concept of ‘not delicious slap face’. The food tastes good for Thai and foreigners. With the chill atmosphere, not so crowded including Live Band and Fire Baton Twirling show around 7.00pm. 
Recommended Menu: Sour Curry with Vegetable Omelet, Pla Kapong Son Nam, Boiled Fan Shell Tendon, Deep fried Crab with garlic, Pad Cha Nar Saan. Read More>>>

Jeap Restaurant
Location: Sai Kaew Beach 
Open: 07.30 – 23.00
Or the other name is Lung Jep which is one of the oldest seafood restaurant in Koh Samed. The reputation and deliciousness is recognized for such a long time with reasonable price and nice atmosphere. There are 2 seating zones ie. under the eave and seaside. During the evening there will be lights adorning the beach and Fire Baton Twirling show
Recommended Menu: Lung Jep Fried Rice, Pork Rib Fermented Beer, Seafood Barbeque. อ่านต่อ>>>




Check-in at seaside Resort
which prefers no Check-out

    One of the highlight that impressed and attracts travelers to Koh Samed is praised from chic guest house up to luxurious 5-star resort. This time you will Check-in and absolutely never Check-out.

Paradee Resort 

Location: Moo 4 Tumbol Phe, Amphur Muang, Rayong, Ao Kiew, Koh Samet
Price: 12,000 Baht per night


Ao Prao Resort

Location: Moo 4 Tumbol Phe, Amphur Muang, Rayong, Ao Kiew, Koh Samet
Price: 4,500 Baht per night


Sai Kaew Beach Resort  

Location: Moo 4 Tumbon Phe Muang, Sai Kaew Beach, Koh Samet
Price: 4,000 Baht per night




Lima Duva Resort
Location: Moo 4, Sai Kaew Beach, T.Pae, A.Muang Rayong, Samed City Center, Koh Samet
Price: 3,500 Baht per night


Samed Grandview Resort
Location: Moo 4, Sub District, Muang District, Sai Kaew Beach, Koh Samet
Price: 2,500 Baht per night


Bar and Bed Resort
Location: Moo 4 Noi Na Beach, Ao Klang, Koh Samet
Price: 2,000 Baht per night




Mooban Talay Resort 
Location: Moo 4 Phe Muang, Ao Noi na, Koh Samet
Price: 3,500 Baht per night


Baan Supparod 
Location: Ao Supparod, Saikaew beach, Samed City Center, Koh Samet
Price: 2,500 Baht per night


​Baan Ploy Sea
Location: Moo 4, Phe, Ao Klang, Koh Samet
Price: 2,500 Baht per night


​Avatara Resort  
Location: Moo 4, Jep's Beach ,Koh Samed, T. Phe, Muang ,Rayong, Sai Kaew Beach, Koh Samet
Price: 2,000 Baht per night




Immerse Romantic Sunset Atmosphere
with your sweetheart

    There are 2 scenic highlight spots that need to be check in and come to admire the beauty by yourself at this Koh Samed.


  • Ao Lung Dum and Ao Wai View Point

It is located at the end of Koh Samed. This area is open space, you can clearly see the horizon of the sea. Especially in the evening, this will be splashed with orange light. You will face the sunset going down horizon which becomes a catchy panoramic picture. Read More>>>

  • Koh Samed End View Point

This view point at the South of Koh Samed can overlook both views from West to North area. You can enjoy watching the sunrise in the morning or the sunset in the evening with clearly visible 360 degrees. There is the stack of small stones nearby which is believed that whoever stack these stones in island, will have to be back again. Read More>>>

At the end of the island, there is snorkeling spot with shallow water. There is a shop for snorkel rental + lifeboat, unlimited time with the price 100 baht.
* The perfect time to watch the Sunset is in the evening before 18.00. Due to the sun is not so hot, you can enjoy watching and take beauty pictures as well.




Watch Fire Baton Twirling show,
feeling touch of island style Night Life

    If you want to explore this paradise island, do not miss exceptional Night Life island style. There are pubs, bars and beach bars which are unique and charm. There is Fire Baton Twirling showing every nights. Each shows will start from different time, you should go before the show start about half an hour so that you can watch them closely.

5 Bars...Come Samed, surely done with us!

 Bar & Bed

Location: Ao Noi Na
Openning Time: 10.00 – 22.00

The exclusive beach bar and a pool that will resonate with people like Pool Party. Hanging out with a gang of friends without having to waste time traveling back to the hotel. Due to this bar is located within the Bar & Bed Resort itself. Each zone is well proportioned such as chill sitting, pool table and chill mesh crib bedding (which is inspired from Maldives). At night will be transformed into an Open Air bar along with soft music and fusion seafood menus. Creating a vibrant mood in peak with fun Music Beat and watch Fire Baton Twirling show for free of charge.  Read More>>>

 Silver Sand Bar

Location: Ao Phai.
Openning Time: To be checked

This is one of the most famous semi-pub and bar on Koh Samed. They serve Thai food, seafood and international food with tasty and reasonable price. The atmosphere inside is chill, fun, amuse or party lovers’ happiness. Due to this is a landmark which suites most for Drink & Dance. There is a very romantic inner zone with dim light which is worth to open the dancing floor. Or the beach front zone outside that hastily occupied the front row for watching the Fire Baton Twirling show along with superb homemade bucket drink.  Read More>>>



 Finale Bar

Location: Sai Kaew Beach.
Openning Time: 18.00 – 01.00

The popular open air bar of Sai Kaew Beach with the atmosphere for those who like to indulge by the seaside bar. Having meal, sip chill cocktail along with some music and eyes catching with your lover by the sea. At night the beach front will be transformed into Japanese tables, cloth on the sand and orange bean bag chairs which so comfortable that you would not want to go anywhere else. Every night at 9 pm, there will be Fire Baton Twirling show at the beach front. Don’t worry about the food, reasonable price and absolutely worth it.  Read More>>>

 Sunset Bar

Location: Ao Kiu
Openning Time: 17.00 – 22.30

It is known as the most chill bar on the island because it is the only bar in Ao Kiu zone. It is the most beautiful sunset spot, romantic and so privacy. There are outside and inside zones to choose as you wish. Whoever needs the ultimate romance, it is recommended to go along the wooden bridge, swing legs, eyes catching with your lover. Or whoever comes by your own, want to sip cool cocktails then just moves inside to relieve your loneliness.  Read More>>>

 Ploy Talay Restaurant

Location: Sai Kaew Beach
Openning Time: 10.00 – 01.00

Whoever come to Samed and do not have meal here, make a big mistake! Cozy semi-bar and pub serves delicious seafood along with live band. It is more fun at night time, party lovers must join. Fire Baton Twirling show is marvelous so that you have to make a reservation days in advance. If not great show then how come it is so crowded. (show time is about 20.30) Read More>>>




Absorb early morning Vitamin by the beach
prolong till late at night, cannot avoid the sea.


 Offer food to monks by the beach
If you do not feel too much hang over, early morning walk to offer food to monks by the beach in order to welcome new day with joyful. Not only to get merit, but also enjoy spectacular views of Koh Samed in the morning time as well.

This is an Eco-friendly activity to explore the island via water. Suggest that anyone needs tranquility, just go to the east side. To see the beauty, no one interrupted. The perfect timing is during late afternoon. The price is about 150 baht per hour.

 Windsurfing and Sailing
Let’s try for challenging in the water! The services are offered almost all resorts in the island. The most popular beach for these activities is at Sai Kaew Beach.

 Massage on the beach
With the sandy beach and crystal clear sea water. Contact for massage shelter or stretch on the beach is one of the delightful experience.

 Squid fishing at night
Squid fishing in the sea at night from 6 pm till midnight and cooks freshly on the boat. Don’t mention about freshness, try it then you will be absolutely enjoy eating. The price person is about 500 baht only.




Explore Sea World,
too beauty to beg for your life!

    Diving.. The popular activity for travelers by getting the boat offshore and explore underwater world and embrace the beauty of nature that you will never forget.

 Ao Pakarang
The shallow coral reef nearby the resort, no need to connect by boat. The bay has only 100 meters beach long. Moreover the sea is for swimming down to see the beauty of the underwater world. Anyone who wants to go, have to pass through the entrance of Nimmanoradee Resort only. Read More>>>

 Ao Kiu
This bay is next to Ao Pakarang. It is separated to Kiu Na Nai and Kiu Na Nok covering east and west side. Kiu Na Nai is a place for pier and beauty Sunset spot. And Kiu Na Nok is a place for indulge the beauty of the white sandy beach, clear sea and spectacular snorkeling. Read More>>>



 Koh Tai Kang Kao
This is a small island with shallow coral reef. It is the habitat of beautiful fishes and beauty Sunset spot. Although it is not wide sandy beach like others but the coral reefs here are the most abundant. Enjoy exploring the underwater world around the island, guarantee for not disappointed. Read More>>>


 Koh Kudi
It owns beauty beach, clear sea and shallow coral reef which is comparable to the Southern sea. There is no sandy beach on this island but abundant of nature. Anyone who wants to stay overnight, can book in advance with the National Park or just bring your tent right away. Read More>>>


  • Entry fee for the National Park is 20 baht per person
  • Camping fee is 30 baht per night per personใ
  • Single house is 1,500 baht per night, there is only 4 houses
  • Electricity on the island available time is 17.00 – 22.00
  • Bathing fee is 40-60 baht per person
  • Restaurant on the island close at 16.00 or you want to camp by buying seafood and cook for your own.

 Koh Talu
This island is in the area of Khao Laem Ya-Mu Koh Samed National Park. It has clean white sandy beach, clear sea and can do swimming. In addition, there are deep and shallow coral reefs for you to explore underwater world around the island. Whoever feeling tired, just go to the beach and rent the beach canvas (20 baht per canvas). Just enjoy sunbathing and sea breeze is delightful as well. Most people does as One Day Trip day trip but the impression will last for a long time. Read More>>>


    Heaven on earth like Koh Samet is full of resorts, restaurants, bars and several activities. All of these converge to the Destination that anyone must pin down. But what equally important is “Global Eco friendly travelling” which many people often overlook. So to maintain this beauty, we should help to preserve the environment and do not destroy nature. In order to preserve this small magnificent island, remain and continue growing with us forever. :)

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