Summer festival with 6 sectors throughout Thailand

Summer festival with 6 sectors throughout Thailand

Start: 20 April 2017
End: 31 May 2017

Summer festival with 6 sectors throughout Thailand

  In summer, people do not want to go out. But know it! You may miss some good Thai festivals at one time. But if anyone does not want to stay home. We want to come out this season, we have 6 festivals from 6 regions in Thailand to recommend that this summer is not boring course.!

Wild Boating Festival finding "freshwater jellyfish."

  Forest Conservation Club, Tambon Nong Mae Na, Amphoe Khao Kho, Phetchabun Organize a wild boating festival to find jellyfish in fresh water. At Kaeng Bangrakan of the Khek River within Thung Salaeng Luang National Park. This festival will be held from March. Until May every year. Tourists can find freshwater jellyfish all the way at paddle in the Khek River. Because the water temperature is higher. Freshwater jellyfish will float along the water. In order to breed together in the river now there are jellyfish jellyfish floating to see tens of thousands.

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  Freshwater jellyfish Similar to jellyfish. But smaller The biggest size is 5 Baht, which is a miracle creature. Early Dinosaurs It has survived to the present difficult. By freshwater jellyfish found in water hyacinth. It is the only one in Thailand and one of the two worlds found on high mountain water. Local people can serve as educators, answer questions and take the best possible route. By organizing travel programs. Staying in the jungle and boating is ideal for those who want to explore the natural ecology. And also understand the local culture.

At Kaeng Bangrakan, Nong Mae Na, Khao Kho, Phetchabun

Event Time: 1 Mar - 31 May 2017

*Note: Please reconfirm event timing with the organizer again.

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 Fruit Festival and Koh Chang

  Koh Chang is the second largest island after Phuket. So there are so many areas on the island. Including beautiful beaches. It is popular with both Thai tourists. And people But one of the most important occupations besides supporting tourists is fishing. Especially durian, Gibbon, or commonly called. "Durian Koh Chang" with delicious taste unlike durian where The durians here are salty, mixed in a little durian meat.

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  In addition, it also has meat inspection. The durian of Koh Chang found that. There is iodine in the meat of durian actually. So to promote agricultural output. And sell agricultural products. Koh Chang district has organized this event. At the event you can shop. In agriculture One Tambon One Product (OTOP). On stage performances with many other amusements at the front of the island. The cheap fruit from the garden directly. Fruit contest Fruit processing contest And auction of durian varieties of Koh Chang.

At the field that the district of Koh Chang, Trat.

Event Time: 1 Apr - 31 May 2017

*Note: Depend on output. Usually released in late April to May.

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 Summer Festival Ubon Ratchathani

  In the summer of every year. Ubon Ratchathani Province There will be potential and interesting tourist attractions. Pops up plenty Especially in the eastern part of the province. Which is adjacent to the Mekong River. When it's summer The amount of water in the Mekong River is declining. And the island appeared. Including beautiful scenery on both sides of the river.

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  Visit the island's rapids, Kaeng Tana three thousand waving boat to visit the geological tourism. Buy Mekong Fish and Non-Toxic Vegetables

Narong Kaeng Tana Kaeng Sam Pao three thousand waving in Ubon Ratchathani.

Event Time: 1 Feb - 31 May 2017

*Note: Please reconfirm event timing with the organizer again.

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Sea Lark Cruise Festival 

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Take a longtail boat to see lotus flowers and water plants. Between February and April of each year is the best time. Red Lotus in the sea, Uncle bloom, blooming in the morning. Water birds hundreds of thousands of winter escape to build a nest to lay the baby before flying back in the rainy season. Watch buffalo herds of water buffalos during the "Little Lands Cruise"

It was declared the first wetland in Thailand. Which are important to ecology. Maintain a balance between communities. With natural conditions as well. The deep water depth of about 1.7 meters, rich in water plants. And many other wildlife.

At the jungle hunting zone Phatthalung Province

Event Time: 1 February - 30 April 2017.

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 Wat Phra That Hariphunchai 

  Tradition goes up to Doi Kham to bring the sacred water to the offerings of the relics of the Royal drum ritual bathing the relics of Haripunchai. The purpose of worshiping the relics of Hariphunchai is as follows.

1. To worship the relics. The ancient temple And it is an important archeological site of Lamphun and the common Buddhist.
2. To pay homage to the monks, the elements of Lord Buddha. To worship the pillars. Because the Lamphun. Chedi Phra That Hariphunchai is the main pillar. When the relics of Hariphunchai, he made the post of the city of Lamphun.

Wat Phra That Hariphunchai, Muang District, Lamphun.

Event Time: 1 Apr - 31 May 2017

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Work by the light of the Lantern Festival.

Make merit day Visakha Puja (Candle-lantern-floating lantern), ordination, practice meditation for charity. The light that looked so impressed. Inside the temple and around the area There will be a total of 13,000 temples, one of which will be held four times during the Makha Bucha Day, Visakha Puja Day, Asanha Puja Day. And Loy Krathong

Activity: Put tens of thousands of lighted candles around the temple, join the circus. And to give a dedication as a Buddhist worship.

Wat Tha Khanun, Tha Khanun, Thongphaphum, Kanchanaburi.

Event Time: 4 May - 29 May 2017.

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