"Nature lovers" do not miss! 3 festivals in nature one year only.

"Nature lovers" do not miss! 3 festivals in nature one year only.

Start: 1 June 2017
End: 30 June 2017

"Nature lovers" do not miss!

 3 festivals in nature, one year only. 

  Who does not rainy season. I think I have a new idea ... Did you know that the rainy season is the most abundant of nature, the lush forests, the various flowers, and the blooming flowers. The wildest season is called. That makes us see the beauty of nature is best there. What we never saw will be seen. Anything that we have never touched so closely will experience and truly appreciate nature.


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  If so follow the beauty of nature with 3 festivals in the rainy season better. How beautiful it will be If anyone has not gone to have to find time to see and touch yourself once. Then you know that Thailand has plenty of natural abundance ...


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“Pa Hin Ngam National Park”

  Highlights highlights of the rainy season in Chaiyaphum. It is time for the forest to return to the green and bloom with the brightness of the peach blossom. With the beauty of the pink and pink tulips across the forest. Cut to the green grass and natural rocks. Cucumber flower field in Pa Hin Ngam National Park It is the largest and most beautiful flower field in Thailand.


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Activity at the event: Visit Krachiew flower field. OTOP products to view the land. Watch Bua Sawan and Lan Hin Ngam.

Venue: At Pa Hin Ngam National Park, Thephrodite National Park and Sai Thong National Park, Chaiyaphum Province.

Duration of the event: June 1 - September 30, 2017



“Pang Sida National Park”

  To promote the tourism image of Sa Kaeo. Pang Sida National Park is part of the World Heritage Site. Because of the perfect forest and beautiful nature. It has been accepted to both Thai and foreign tourists. It is also regarded as. "Butterfly City of the East Forest" from UNESCO under the name "Dong Phaya Yen - Khao Yai" anyway.


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National park entrance fee

Thai people: Adults 40 baht, Children 20 baht
Foreigners: Adult 200 Baht, Children 100 Baht

Activity at the event: Visit the beautiful butterfly parade of each district, watch more than 400 kinds of butterflies, OTOP products of the community, performances of arts, music and sports, sightseeing in Pang Sida National Park.

Venue: Pang Sida National Park, Sa Kaeo

Duration of the event: June 1 - 30, 2017



“Open Sea under the sea, Koh Tao.”

  This event was organized to create a momentum for everyone to be aware of the conservation of natural resources under the sea. But there will be hurt every day. The importance and beauty of nature in the sea in Thailand. And to announce its potential as one of the top 5 scuba diving destinations in the world and Asia's # 1 destination with a vision statement. Koh Tao will be the source of environmentally conscious divers for the rest of the world.!


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Activity at the event: One day activities, One Free Day activities, One Day Free Day activities, Koh Tao Snorkeling Student Reunion, Conservation Exhibition from community organizations, Presentation Packages. Eco-friendly diving lessons, performances and music.

Venue: At Sairee Beach, Koh Tao, Surat Thani

Duration of the event: June 18-19, 2017


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