The popular bike festival in Thailand.

The popular bike festival in Thailand.

Start: 1 August 2017
End: 27 August 2017

 The popular bike festival in Thailand.

  Over the years "Cycling" is a popular activity no matter where you go. On the side of the road is often seen cyclists spin out a lot of spin. Whether spinning into a family squad and spinning slowly for health. So many bike lanes have been built in Thailand within a few years. Today we would like to bring everyone who loves health and love to cycling to the popular bike festival in Thailand in the month of August of this year. Go out for fun cycling. Meet new challenges And new friends better than Let's Go !! 


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  Bicycle racing TOUR DE ANDAMAN 

  It is a very interesting bike race for this year anyway. It is a task that the Ministry of Tourism and Sports will draw the potential of the provinces in the Andaman tourism development. Enhance the capacity of Sport Tourism by organizing a Tour de Andaman activity with two types of cycling, touring, touring and racing.


  >> Tour de Andaman (Touring) It is a cycling activity for tourism. Through a tourist attraction The beautiful and cultural communities of Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi Province are located along the routes of the three provinces. Total distance is over 160 km, using the slogan "Spin the nature through the local culture, local culture". Cycle routes through the tourist attractions such as Phuket town gate. Samed nun point of view. The community of three channels north of Phang Nga province. Laem Sak Community, Krabi Province The event will be held on August 13-14, 2017. Participants will include general travelers who enjoy cycling tours.

>> Tour de Andaman (Racing) It is a long-distance bike race in 5 provinces of Andaman, Satun Province, Trang Province, Krabi Province. Phangnga and Phuket Total distance over 410 km # Who's ready to go! And to promote the tour of the Andaman province, using the slogan "Touching the Andaman, the South of Heaven," the starting point and the finish line are the highlights of the Andaman region. There are 6 types of open competition: Open Male No Age Male 18-29 Age Male 30-39 Male 40-49 Male 50 and over Female No age On August 18-20, 2560, starting from Satun. Divide the competition into 3 stages: Stage 1, Satun - Trang Stage 2, Trang - Krabi Stage 3, Krabi - Phang Nga - Phuket. This competition also. Honored by many French champion Peter Pulli, who competed in many championships.


  It also gives visitors the opportunity to learn and experience the lifestyle of the community. Including cycling will be an important tool in stimulating greater tourist travel and increasing economic value for the country. And believe that the activities of the Tour de Andaman will be well received by tourists. Both Thais and foreigners. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports. Expect to organize this activity on an annual basis. 

Date of event: August 13 - 14, 2017 and August 18 - 20, 2017. 



  Bhumibol Dam International 16th Annual Festival, 2017 

  The bicycling has received a great deal of attention from both Thai and foreign tourists. Including many health lovers. Since the Bhumibol Dam International Mountain has been well received. It has organized this activity every year anyway. If this year is missed, you can join this event again next year ...

Main activities

August 25, 2017

- bicycle campaign Today's health is good for the father. Release Point: Taksin the Great's Court, Muang District, Tak Province. The route around Tak Town is at 3pm.


August 26, 2017
     - Long distance mountain bike commemorate the 60 km route Tak province to the Bhumibol Dam. (Released at 8:00 am at the shrine of King Taksin the Great)
     - Family Mountain Bike 18 km (3 cycles per 6 km round trip). (Released at 1 pm)
     - Tigers (tigers and tigers) (20 persons each) 20 kms. Tournament: The paved road in Bhumibol Dam. Ride the dam for RC activities along the route and play the game. At the designated point (Released at 14.00)


August 27, 2017
     - International Mountain Bike 30 km (3 spins around 10 km each). (Released at 08.00)
     - mountain bike amateur (Male and female mountain tigers), 20 km (2 spins around 10 km each). (Released at 14.00)

> Extra activities <
     - Cycling tour around the atmosphere around Bhumibol Dam.
     - Choose, shop and repair mountain bikes from the manufacturer's shop and sell many accessories at discounted prices.
     - OTOP products from the leading district in Tak province. 
     - Food, beverages, and folk music. From Bhumibol Dam youth in the evening.

> Subscription fee <
     - International Mountain Biking 500 Baht receive souvenir coats and souvenirs with lunch coupons.
     - 500 baht long mountain range receive souvenir coats and souvenirs with lunch coupons.
     - Family of 500 Baht receive 2 shirts and souvenirs with lunch coupons.
     - Mountain tourism 500 baht get souvenir coats and souvenirs with lunch coupons.

Contact information and travel links before traveling.
Tourism Authority of Thailand, Tak office is open daily from 0830 hrs to 16.30 hrs. Tel. 0-5551-4341-3. 

Read more: 
- public relations Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) Tel. 0 2436 4822, 0 2436 4864
- Bhumibol Dam Public Relations Department Tel. 0 5588 1238
- Bhumibol Dam (For reservation) Tel. 0 5554 9509, 0 5588 1237
- President of Bhumibol Dam Bicycle Club Tel. 081 283 3775


 Date of event: August 26 - 27, 2017 at Bhumibol Dam, Sam Ngao, Tak 



  "Blast the mist ... embrace the flower" 

  Tourism Authority of Thailand Invite cyclists to travel in the "spin the mist ... embrace the flowers" on a beautiful route in the mist of Khao Kho. Phetchaboon Get Bike Coins and Commemorative Coins Have fun with RC Rally activities and win great mountain biking. Enjoy the music of Raincoat Music Fest 2017, August 4-5, 2017, at Jolly Land, for free. Registration is open from August 4 to 6, 2017. Start of morning release. Sunday, August 6 

 Terms and conditions apply. "Blast the mist ... embrace the flower"

- Participants must be at least 15 years old.
- Participants must bring any type of bicycle. (Mountain guide)
- Participants must apply through Http:// only
- Registration is open at Raincoat Music Fest 2017, 4-5 pm, at 2560, 15.00-17.30 and 6.6060 at 6.00-8.00 am at the jollyland festival in Khao Kho, Phetchabun Province.
- Participants will be required to cycle along the entire route of 16 km.
- 1,000 participant applicants for the first 800 subscribers only for free registration. Only a copy of the applicant's ID card is required.
- Those who register on the 4th and 5th of August 2017 are eligible to win one mountain bike.
- Those who spin. And on August 6, 2560, the activity is eligible to win 1 big mountain bike.
- Give away shirts and souvenirs on the 6th of March, 1960. *** (T-shirt and souvenir only)
- Capture all three bicycles on August 6, 2016 at 11.00 am.
(Reserved for those on the grounds)
- Award winning fancy cash 1,000 baht and two 500 baht semi-final award to hold the referee's decision is absolute and the winner.
- Those who follow the terms and conditions only. So be eligible for prizes. By participants, the participants acknowledge. And accept the rules and conditions of the organizers as well.



Contact us for more information.: 1672 
Follow up: และ
Only Contact details through the Page Inbox.:

 Date of event: August 6, 2017 at Jolly Land, Khao Kho District, Phetchabun Province. 



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