food and dessert festivals in Thailand.

food and dessert festivals in Thailand.

Start: 1 September 2017
End: 30 September 2017

The festival of eating has arrived!

 With 3 food and dessert festivals in Thailand.

  Treat your loved ones with 3 desserts and desserts around Thailand. Believe that many will definitely like it! Because you can enjoy a variety of Thai food and desserts. You will also taste food from around the world. Who loves who loves traditional Thai food? Battle Who like Thai dessert like marshmallows. It is recommended to go to the traditions of making donuts. And who likes to eat Thai food and foreign food, this job ... Thai and international food fairs What are the details of each job? Follow us to see it. :-) 




 Phuket Tasty

Exciting with Thai and international cuisine. Daine does not stop with the fine food. No one has to give a thumbs up. Where have you never touched? Enjoy the ultimate Thai food in 7 traditional zones in traditional Thai atmosphere!


Activities: Traditional Thai food And the sale of food and drink.

Duration of the event: September 1 - 30, 2017 in Phuket



 Trang, good tasty

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in cooperation with the Trang Chamber of Commerce, Tourism and Sports Office of Trang, Trang pig roasters club, Trang Canteen Entrepreneurs Club, Trang will organize a festival of delicious food with grilled pork and dessert in Trang province, 2560 during September 8-10, 2560 at the royal patron of the reign of King Rama V. Title promote tourism in the province, which is one of the 12 cities must not miss. # Trang ... Battle of the delicious. The food is unique to the people of Trang. To become a selling point to attract tourists. And to publicize the grilled pork and cakes. To be known throughout the country and around the world. 




Activities: There will be more than 40 famous vendors from Trang, OTOP, demonstration of native cake, giant cake preparation, special menu of grilled pork. And that is a very colorful work. A beautiful fancy parade. Including stage performances. The menu offers 4 local dishes from the 12 Green Community activities all year round.

Duration of the event: 8 - 10 Sep, 2017 at the royal patron of the reign of King Rama 5, Trang.



 Traditions make merit

  To make merit And many activities Traditions make merit It is held on the 8th day of the 10th month of the year. It is imitated from the tradition of candlelight sweets in the palace. And it has been going on for a long time since 1930 at the time of provost Sunthorn Sutakit (Luang Pu Huai) as abbot. By now Bangpat Subdistrict Administrative Organization has joined with villagers in Tambon Bang Kham, Buddhist monks, students, teachers, monks, noodles, and sugar with a variety of beliefs and beliefs. The only one in Thailand. Until now, it is believed that "candy - a" or "candy - love - each other" is sweet candy from flour and coconut milk. Peck down Enough cooked, just pick from the hole. Then put the face down overlap as a symbol that will love each other forever. The person who does not have a pair will find a soul mug like a mug that has two lids and sweet love it soft tongue like the taste of marshmallow.


Activities: Demonstration of ancient grinding methods, folk sports competitions such as sprinting, scrambled eggs, coconut

Duration of the event: September 1 - 30, 2017 at Wat Kaenchan Charoen Samut Songkhram Province



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