Don’t miss!! Thailand running races in the end of 2017

Don’t miss!! Thailand running races in the end of 2017

Start: 1 December 2017
End: 24 December 2017

 Don’t miss!! Thailand running races in the end of 2017 


In this period, the race is considered very popular. Everybody can run just from the bed. The shoe laces are out. Each race was very popular. Today, it has gathered a fascinating run in late 2017 for friends to run together. Before going to the run, the trip was important as well. Do not forget to plan your trip and have a car. In order to travel to the runway more convenient to rent a car. Click


   Nong Khai ASEAN Marathon


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Event Date : December 17, 2017

Venue : Vivien Lifestyle Mall

    Nongkhai ASEAN Marathon Marathon of Nong Khai This purpose is intended to preserve the original purpose. Develop and enhance the annual marathon of Nong Khai. To be in line with international standards. And famous spread throughout the region. Especially in Asia.

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    The run will be from 5 km, 10 km, 21.1 km and 42.195 kilograms, all routes can see the Laos side all the way. In the 10th, 21st, 42.195 will pass through the landmark. "Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge" It is a bridge that can cross the country between Thailand and Laos. The Mekong River between the two countries. This event will be held on December 17, 2017 at Viwna Lifestyle Mall. For those who want to touch the atmosphere of the Mekong River to come to this place. more detail


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Hotel in Nong Khai 

Vana Wellness Resort Nongkhai

Start: 1,100 THB/Night

Amanta Hotel Kongkhai

Start: 1,200 THB/Night

Khong Eyes Villa Resort and Spa

Start: 2,800 THB/Night



   Chiang Mai Marathon


Source : Chiangmai Marathon


Event Date : December 24, 2017

Venue : Tapae gate

    Chiang Mai Marathon It is one of the activities brought about by the thought and action of a small group of Chiang Mai people, who are alumni of Mercy School. We have a passion for running a marathon and have the experience and knowledge to run a marathon for more than 30 years and have a good relationship with the marathon. Both at home and abroad This initiative was initiated by a private budget. Sufficiency Economy


Source : Chiangmai Marathon

    By Chiangmai Marathon It was the 12th time last year that more than 11,000 applicants from different countries The event will range from 3 km (Smile Run) to 42.195 km (Full Marathon) through the landmark. In Chiang Mai Royal Park Rajapruek. Thapae Gate and many more.


Source : Chiangmai Marathon


Hotels in Chiangmai

Sirilanna Chiang Mai Hotel

Start: 3,300 THB/Night

Makka Hotel

Start: 2,200 THB/Night

Baan Klang Wiang Hotel

Start: 2,500 THB/Night



Thanks for the information. From Tourism Authority of Thailand  

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