Just ONE DAY to explore Thailand's Popular Destinations

Start Date : 17 May 2016 End Date : 16 June 2016


Just ONE DAY to explore Thailand's Popular Destinations...

      Just to hear the word “travel” makes many people prick up their ears. If it’s guaranteed the place you should never missed, you will be hurry to set long holiday for the trip. But if no long holiday left? Don’t worry. If you think you cannot travel in one day, change your mind. “One day trip you can”…we will tell you top hit tourist plact in Thailand.Let’s see where they are! ... 



01| One Day Trip : Tha Phae Gate Walking Street@Chiangmai 


Tha Phae Gate Walking Street@Chiangmai  ‘Tha Phae Gate’ one of landmarks in Chiangmai, where tourists should never missed. Here is always bustly, full of shops, restuarants, accommodations and cool markets. 


 Tha Phae Gate Walking Street 



02| One Day Trip : Boon Rawd Farm and Wat Rong Khun@Chiangrai


Boon Rawd Farm and Wat Rong Khun@Chiangrai ‘Chiangrai’ the northernmost tip of Thailand. The province which has long history and it is also the first place in Thailand where the River Khong flows pass. The unique culture which is interested by tourists both Thai and foriegners.



 Boon Rawd Farm @Chiangrai






03| One Day Trip : Tour around city side, Tha Maharaj sightseeing


Tour around city side, Tha Maharaj sightseeing  Bangkok…modern city and shopping centers. Another place attracting foreign tourists is ‘Phra Nakhorn Area’, where balances modern style and charming classic ancient style. There are various types of palatable food here.



 One Day Trip Tha Maharaj  





04| One Day Trip : China Town(Yaowarat), the dragon street


China Town(Yaowarat), the dragon street  ‘Yaowarat Street’ or ‘China Town in Thailand’ , the street which is named as ‘dragon street’. Here is Chinese and Chinese lineage community. The uniqueness of this street is the diffent style during day time and night time. Night time China town is a meeting point for city people. Let’s eat tasty food and satisfy night life at the Dragon street.


 China Town(Yaowarat)  






05| One Day Trip : 24 Hours @Ekamai


24 Hours @Ekamai Eakamai…or Soi Sukhumvit 63, the street located in downtown of Bangkok where the cost of living is very high. There are many restaurants, café, bars and beer gardens.It is convenient to come because it is located next to BTS.You can come here any time: morning, afternoon, evening, at night or until dawn. Enjoy 24 hours a day.



 24 Hours @Ekamai



06| One Day Trip : Nice weather@Suan Pueng, Ratchaburi provinc


Nice weather@Suan Pueng, Ratchaburi provinc Suan Pueng district, Ratchaburi province,where there are many popular tourist places under magnificent scenery and nice weather(especially in winter) including unique tourists place and outstanding resorts. You will feel as if you’re walking in winter country.


 Nice weather@Suan Pueng, Ratchaburi  






07| One Day Trip : Bring your camera with easy backpack and have fun @Ayutthaya


Bring your camera with easy backpack and have fun @Ayutthaya Ayuthaya…the beautiful and ancient city,where people from all over the world come to see the elegance which is time independent. You can take beautiful photo everywhere. This trip is special for people who crazy in taking photo to tour around Ayuthaya and keep memory with photo.



 Bring your camera  @Ayuthaya




08| One Day Trip : Enjoy food and beautiful scenery@Khao Yai


Enjoy food and beautiful scenery@Khao Yai  ‘Khao Yai’ the first choice in list of tourist places in mind. There are many hotels, tourist places and resturants. Each restaurant has its own style and attractive. What an excellent feeling it is! To enjoy eating palatable food in a beautiful restaurant under warm atmosphere. Let’s pack your back and come directly here!


 Enjoy food @Khao Yai  





09| One Day Trip : Trip in Chino-Portugese style@Phuket


Trip in Chino-Portugese style@Phuket   ‘Chino-Portugese ancient building’ is located dominantly in business quarter.It is one of landmarks of Phuket. It is inspired from balance of mix between western and eastern style. It turned to be symbol of Phuket where everyone should never missed.



 Trip in Chino-Portugese style@Phuket



10| One Day Trip : Cool diving@Krabi


Cool diving@Krabi  ‘Krabi’ is an oriental sapphire, heaven land of the sea of Thailand. One of the most top hit provinces in southern of Thailand. Each place attracts both local and foreigner to come whole year. The first idea occurred in mind when talking about Krabi is ‘diving. 



 Cool diving@Krabi  




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