One Day Trip @Suvarnabhumi Airport “Ladkrabang Zone”

One Day Trip @Suvarnabhumi Airport “Ladkrabang Zone”

 One Day Trip @Suvarnabhumi Airport “Ladkrabang Zone”

    Starting out at this point. "Suvarnabhumi Airport" Best Airport of Thailand. Called prestige in the eyes of foreigners. Even outside of downtown the tourist area is interesting, not. Can travel within one day, if had a reservation to get any sleep over it!

Before starting: Rent a car from the airport, it is an alternative that has been popular with tourists,
both foreign and Thailand here. 
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    Just five kilometers from Suvarnabhumi Airport to visit the temple that morning, bright minds. "Wat Lat Krabang, Bangkok" in Soi 7 Lat Krabang, Bangkok. Take the time to travel just eight minutes. This measurement is called the 'Third Temple' because it is located on the western side of the canal. It surrounds the lives of villagers and urban growth. Most people worship pastor white. Buddha Buddha painted white mold. The sacred shrine at Temple after temple. As the trip was very convenient. Wat Lat Krabang, Bangkok because it is near Airport Link.

    Just 300 meters walk to the store just to shop Lat Krabang, Bangkok ‘Koonsin roasted duck’ Just walk into any odor smell, taste honey roast duck. The sound of noisy customers waiting. Here is a two-room tenement with both air and outside. During the day, people will be very tight But fast food is here Soft, crispy duck Pour the sauce concentrated formula The breakfast was delicious rumor really good value.

Recommend Menu: Roasted duck, Stewed pork leg on rice,
Boned, sliced Hainan-style chicken with marinated rice, steamed stuff bun, Dumpling

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    Driving into Soi Lat Krabang, Bangkok 1/7, about 6 km from Koonsin roasted duck. Introducing the popular market of the region. "Floating City" is open since 2554 is a source of recreation and suburban shopping centers. Not far from the airport lot. Rattanakosin retro style Within Brands The House of edible souvenirs divided into zones to walk. It also has to show visitors around all day Saturday and Sunday. It is a new landmark of the tourist zone Lat Krabang, Bangkok Everyone interested is open from 09:00 - 24:00.

    ‘Mega Bangna’ Great Mall Bangna - Trad. 8 is a 'shopping horizontal level in Asia' ever wrote a more than nine zones and stores more than 800 shops and stores huge Big C Extra, Robinson, Home Pro. , Mega Cineplex, IKEA is known to be quite comprehensive so much. Walk shopping For dessert, eat a heavy meal before going to prevail. Just 14 minutes' drive from here.

    The moment everyone has been waiting with a delicious dinner at a restaurant with a great atmosphere ‘Koh Lanta Restaurant Suvarnabhumi’ This restaurant is located on King Kaew Road. From the Department MegaBangna only 20 kilo a little over an area of ​​40 hectares, making it feel like to come to her kingdom. Balinese style tropical garden restaurant serving seafood and spicy southern Thailand. Good service and a comfortable atmosphere. It is a 4-star restaurant, eat with the fingers Baroque Favorites foreign tourists very much. This view is also good. You can see planes passing by. The slogan of a 'Crab aircraft' open 16.00 to 24.00.

Recommend Menu: Hor Mok Koh Lanta, crisp-fried fish with fish Sauce,  Yellow Curry with steamed crap


    After dinner, Couples who want to create a romantic atmosphere to eat dessert. I highly recommend this restaurant “Bacco Italian Bar & Pizza” near from Koh Lanta Restaurant 5 minutes. Modern interior décor. The classic combination of black and white to creamy tones and natural colors of the wood. There are both air-conditioned comfort zone and zone the Open Air Pool eat sweets atmosphere privately. If you do not enjoy Here serves Italian dessert that is decidedly not. Inspired by chefs from Italy. Eat well, from 11:00 to 23:00 hrs.

Recommend Menu: Tiramisu, Cheese Cake,
Apple Crumble with Vanila Icecream, Rocket Salad, Pasta with Lobster, Pizza

    Sit back, rest stop off the trip at the hotel. ‘Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport’ Drive just 15 minutes to it. In addition to the heart of the airport. This is also a great spot to visit Bangkok from the room. A 4-star standard. And is the only airport hotel regularly. With 10 hotels in the first trailer for the best airport in Asia and the world. To stay here is like a heavenly place close at hand :)

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