One Day Trip - On Tour Cartoon Network Amazone @Pattaya

One Day Trip - On Tour Cartoon Network Amazone @Pattaya


 One Day Trip - On Tour Cartoon Network Amazone @Pattaya

    The most popular attraction during this summer in Pattaya is 'Water Park Cartoon Network', one of the most fantastic water park in Pattaya.  This issue in One Day Trip Section will recommend you to enjoy holiday with full of F-U-N-s in Water Park zone, chill out at Pattaya’s Walking Street and many more tourist attractions : )



    Departure at 'Suvarnabhumi Airport' heading to Pattaya takes two hours, visit the hotel's check-in. Changing it before But hey ... Before arrival Nearby is the site of the 'Nong Nooch Tropical Garden' tour highlights many of the tour. Walk a little. See you in?


 For tourists just down from. 'Suvarnabhumi Airport' preferred car hire from the airport here.
Both fast and reached safely (Car rental - Click here)



    'Nong Nooch Garden' recreational largest in the East within a garden house, garden, flower varieties, orchid gardens, cactus and many under the theme 'landscaping to come,' so that this will change. Season I In addition to gardening, Thailand also offers a cultural show for tourists. Native dance Martial Arts Local Sports It currently boasts a premier tourist destination. Who did not come to Pattaya considered to come here.


 TIPSYou should come early Because the weather is not hot :)



    Enjoy a stroll Check-in shelter at the 'U Pattaya' is across the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden itself ran just five minutes only. This beachfront hotel here Rest here guarantee that you will get a 100% just stepped out of the room. Feel the freshness of the sea. The design concept in harmony with the environment. 'Fishing Village' by local materials and bamboo blend together seamlessly. Is more elegant and stylish


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Recommend Restaurant

'Papillon Restaurant' French bistro-style restaurant inside the hotel has Phil U Pattaya beach atmosphere.
A panoramic view of the sea Along with premium taste food from experienced chefs.

Recommend menu: Duck Liver Pate, Uruf Poche Meurette, Local Seafood Bouillabaisse, Duck Leg Confit

Open:  11.30 – 22.00 น.



    Check store Change dug well Ready for a water park together now? Soon highlights of this trip 'Cartoon Network Amazone' (water park Cartoon Network) water park fun. Encouraged people of all ages. With an area of ​​over 35 hectares of different designs to 10 zones, each player rousing nobody knows. Visitors love the water fun and love cartoon characters. Do not miss this fun challenge to me. Away from the hotel just 2 km only.



Amusement Park Ride

Alien attack, Banana Spin, Cartoonival, Good Loop, Humungaslide

Intergalactic Racer, Jake Jump, Mega Wave, Rainfall Rainicorn, The Omntrix


Adults: Thailand's foreign ฿ 1290 ฿ 1590
Children (3-12) / seniors (over 65): Thailand's foreign ฿ 890 ฿ 1190


TIPS After playing dress up to go back to the hotel or not. It is a little
Or go to the water park, but it has shower facilities.


    Swim until exhaustion Find nice restaurants to eat a bit of it. Near the water park is renowned restaurants. Tourists eat well Especially foreigners The store that is 'Rimpa-Lapin' Restaurants Thailand Lanna style. The restaurant is built on wooden stilts. The zone is proportional to the area beachfront home zone or in the garden with the European Seafood Restaurant Thailand who were attracted to eat.

Recommended menu: Fish sauce, Fried soft shell crab with garlic, pepper, Fresh crab salad, Crab curry.

Open: Mon - Fri 16.00 to 24.00 hrs. / Sat - Sun 14.00 - 24.00 hrs.


    If anyone still time Do not forget to visit 'Pattaya Floating Market' with experience the lifestyle of the authentic Thailand. Thailand is a model of simplicity that bond with water coming from the past to the present. The folk wisdom charming 4 regions of Thailand to commemorate the sale of edible rattan furniture. Jewelry, bags, cushions, candles, woven silk, batik, silverware, wooden boat models.

Open: 10.00 – 24.00


TIPS Who want to experience the atmosphere of the city. You have paddle boats are available here.
200 ฿ seat 3-4 people for about 30 minutes (time and price subject to change).


 Recommend Trip

'Sanctuary of Truth' castle carved wood, the largest in Thailand. The rumor is gorgeous Dream Drestination.
Of all tourists who want to experience the architectural elite. Patterned exquisitely carved inside and out.
Reflecting the concepts of religion and eastern philosophy. There is also another show to another mind. The dolphin show,
Thailand Thailand Cultural dance, fencing, boxing, Elephant Castle. Take a boat trip out to visit the castle in the distance.

Open: daily 08.00 - 17.00 hrs.

Ticket: adults ฿ 450 / child (110-140 cm.) 225 ฿




    End the trip today at Walking Street Pattaya. Also known as 'Walking Street Pattaya' street entertainment. A lot of foreign tourists. I affectionately known 'International meeting street' during the day, this road is normal, but the car ran well. 18.00 onwards will be turned into a street light and sound totally different. Go Go nightclub full of beer bars, discos, restaurants, shops and a variety show. This is another one of the colors of the city are indispensable to it.

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