Summer Street Restaurant (Bangkok)

Summer Street Restaurant (Bangkok)

   Summer Street Restaurant (Bangkok)

             In addition to the burgeoning craft beer in our home during these two years. The food bank has a current Food Truck tandem simultaneously, many will be focused on him as a western style. The burgers, hot dogs, ice cream or flower shop we went for sushi, but this is probably the first that comes with grilled seafood. This is called 'Summer Street'.



               This is not the moment to make customers attracted by the price and quality. Hovers back old customers Customers for a new (to us), it would be to the taste. The need to wait around for awhile. We went early Saturday approximately one hour queues fitted with a coffee is just a cup of coffee to go.

The shop is located in Soi Aree Soi Aree 2 to about 200 meters on the left-hand lane two to walk a little more, it's a store that sells car designs as bar food. Decorated with lights and cool graphics. A table in the tent pavilion for about 10 tables.


Travel Map Restaurant Summer Street.


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