One Day Trip: Cold Travel with Abroad Feeling @ Suan Phung Ratchaburi

One Day Trip: Cold Travel with Abroad Feeling @ Suan Phung Ratchaburi


 One Day Trip "Cold Travel with Abroad Feeling @ Suan Phung Ratchaburi"


    Ratchaburi is the center of many popular attractions. With scenery and chill weather (especially in winter season) combine with many attractions and resorts with unique style. This time let’s go for chill weather at ‘Suan Phung District’ Ratchaburi Province.



    If talk about Suan Phung, there is no place popular than ‘La Toscana’. The Tuscany style resort that make you feel like being in authentic Italian countryside. There are farm, vineyard, winery and romantic European style accommodation. Making you feel the aura of Tuscany region and forget that you're in Thailand.


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For travelers who have just arrived from the flight at 'Suvarnabhumi Airport', can rent the car from the airport and drive directly to ‘Suan Phung District’. It will take about 3 hours (interest in car rental CLICK) 



    Next, if you do not drop by it seems that you haven’t reached Suan Phung. ‘The Scenery Vintage Farm’, village style farmhouse decorated in English Country style. They focus on nature touch, several activities, souvenirs shop and many lovely photography corners. The highlight is sheep farm which warmly welcome all travelers.   

Open: 08.30-18.00 daily (Saturday-Sunday close at 18.30)



    If you drop by for lunch nearby The Scenery Vintage Farm, you will find the popular Thai restaurant of Suan Phung ie. ‘Krua Mon Khai’. They serve delicious traditional Thai style.  


Recommended Menu: fried spicy boar, wild curry house chicken, hot & sour soup with sweet vegetable, fried mushroom Japanese style, soft boiled eggs spicy salad.  Open: 08.00-20.00



  ‘Talad Nam Veneto’ Floating market which is imitated from romantic atmosphere of Venice. It is surrounded by large lake and the decoration is highlighted in white and blue similar to Santorini island style. Inside there are shops, fountain and many water activities to fulfill every travelers’ lifestyle.



    One of the attractions that many people visit for creative art works of various aroma candles such as ‘Baan Tian Hom’. It is decorated inside with several candles combined with lanterns and souvenirs shop which converge by the nature. 


  Open: 08.30-19.00 (Saturday-Sunday close at 20.30)



    ‘Moai Coffee’ The coffee shop that becomes the attraction place. Not only enjoy nice aroma coffee, but also relaxation by scenery view and enjoy the decoration like no one else. Due to the shop decorates with ‘Moai Statue’ as the attraction point. If you want to know how interest it is, you should visit by yourself.



 Recommend Restaurant

‘Im Plern’ This is one of nice atmosphere and romantic restaurants at Suan Phung. It is decorated casually, big terrace and you can enjoy watching big swimming pool in front that make you feeling chill.

Recommended Menu: fried oyster mushrooms, stuffed chicken wing, spicy mixed vegetable soup, Tom Yum Pla Kang




    End today trip with a restaurant in the resort La Toscana ie. ‘Cucina Restaurant’. This romantic restaurant imitates Tuscany city’s atmosphere. The highlight is at the 2nd floor which is widely panoramic view and it is a zone that lover couple feels so romantic.  


Recommended Menu: baked pork ribs with honey, Tom Yum Kung Soda with coconut, deep fried chicken wing, Kood spicy salad
Open: 11.00-21.30




If you want to enjoy romantic atmosphere like going abroad for this coming winter, you do not need go far away. Just drive to ‘Suan Phung District’ which is so close. It is guarantee for so much fun and worth it. J


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