Myeong-dong (Korea)

Myeong-dong (Korea)



  Myeong-dong (Korea)

Down from the tower immediately It's time to hit the shopping district was hit in Thailand's bustling Myeongdong This is the most significant sign it as well. With Label Since the bustling noon Peaks chasing a crowded street in the late afternoon - evening. Until midnight Lights in Myeongdong, it gradually goes down, it will be opened up to create a stunning new the next day.

Myeong-dong (Korea)
Myeong-dong (Korea)

The lucky seven are in Myeongdong, we culled to the Czech Republic include cosmetics brand in Korea, whether Etude - Skinfood - Holika Holika - too cool for school are all cosmetic package lovely to you. cleanse makeover from head to toe The key is to be lost. Cheaper than those sold in our half. If you shop in a store. It will be the giveaway and discount stores smaller than what is to come with ice cream cone feet long, almost. With a choice of vanilla or chocolate mix that was sold throughout the season. If you must eat at a nice little cool. If you eat during the summer melt as sloppy as the third followed by candy, potato spiral. The teen bought each other. Mix the powder with a delicious cheese at 4 Street show on Sunday. To a group of teenagers dancing to loud buzz that five appease fans of K-Pop CDs of the artists. You will find the cheapest prices for the store in Myeongdong subway station just one six-hour Cooking show up Korea's Myeong-dong NANTA Theatre and the final. SAB cast in various merchant shop Try searching for your specs as well. We believe that there must be liking what you do.

Myeong-dong (Korea)Myeong-dong (Korea)
Myeong-dong (Korea)

Myeongdong road and turn right at an intersection, you'll see a big church at Myeong-dong Cathedral stands on the street. Dealers see the Renaissance-era architecture. Garnish with bell tower height of 45 meters, the church consists of brown brick look with the top cut green pitched roofs. The outside looks crammed with tourists. But on the inside, but found tranquility. Among the classics If one wants to hear a prayer in Christianity. It can come on Sunday at nine o'clock.

Myeong-dong (Korea)


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Opposite the market Myeongdong. The department also has a selection of shops, including Lotte Department Store, Shinsegae, Lotte Young Plaza mall after this I was particularly fond. Because of its trendy yet chic design is really quite unique.

30, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

How to go there

Subway ride to Myeong-dong Station exit 7-8.


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