Fukidashi Park (Japan)

Fukidashi Park (Japan)

 Fukidashi Park (Japan)

    It is said that the water of Hokkaido, the most famous one is born of Mount Yotei with good taste, clean and always has been hailed as the 100 best waters in Japan in 1985. It is therefore not surprising that when it comes. Fukidashi Park in the city of Kyogoku Abuta district, which is open to secondary drinking water for free. It has been much appreciated by the Japanese people. Some even took a bottle of water and a gallon to transport water to drink at home. The udon shop Nonosan which you are located close to each other, it is also used to store water to cook with.




    The path into the park to find a potato farm forges. The potato is the main product of the famous Hokkaido. Also used to produce potato chips brand Potato Farm souvenir popular top. The tandem of Hokkaido, even up to the dessert Shiroi Koibito If during spring blossoming bud will look very beautiful. Because there is a wide range of backgrounds beautiful.



    Garden with trees and covered with moss, this has been decorated based on nature. There is a long rails and pipes release water at several points. To reserve a period of several people simultaneously. The water poured out of the 8,000 tonnes per day of drinking water cold and refreshing. Try to walk along a wooden bridge spanning a stream of clear water. Listen to the sound of splashing water, leaving a small waterfall. Adds a fresh feel to not less.




Tips: In this garden arbor hung with bells. If we drop the donations already hit the bells to ring. Believed to make more money grow. There are also those small Buddha. Many of the carved stone Shapes vary Located along the southern grasslands


 From JR Kucchan Station to ride for about 20 minutes.
45 Kawanishi, Kyogoku-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 044-0131, JapanTel. 0136 42 2292

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