Tanuki Koji Shopping Arcade (Japan)

Tanuki Koji Shopping Arcade (Japan)

 Tanuki Koji Shopping Arcade (Japan)

    Happy shoppers at the time of the Tanuki Koji Shopping Arcade at the 3-minute walk from Odori Subway Station is a list of the top. Travelers must visit It is the center of many shops. To take time to enjoy the entertainment. Along a stretch of several blocks 1-7, plus the price was tangible. The property is so high that horrible pockets.


    Shops here are both decorated with style. Attractive teen Total sales to the brand-name equipment. Kimono Shop Shoe shop Pharmacy with cosmetics shop. Gift shop, souvenir and restaurant between 3-4 blocks to the east is the way to Don Qixote Department Store, which has more than 100 branches across Japan. Full of goodies to buy things at very attractive prices, including Duty Free Shop desirable destinations. And stressed that people walk Tanuki Koji mostly foreign visitors than Japan did. So it is not surprising if the Chinese tourists shopping at the same time lift is similar to shopping at home.



Tips: Most stores in Japan are closed on Sundays. Opening times are usually at 09.00-18.00. Department stores usually open from 10:00 to 20:00. The supermarket may close later than the around 3 pm.


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