Chim Sao L’Oiseau Siffleur

Chim Sao L’Oiseau Siffleur



Chim Sao L’Oiseau Siffleur  (Vietnam)

           "Jim's feisty" or parrots like this right. Vietnamese food with homemade taste superb. For those who want a taste of old-fashioned Vietnam. The restaurant is decorated Vietnam Trail Edition ethanol with wood. High ceilings showing large wooden beams. Downstairs is a table and chairs Up wooden stairs to the shop to sit on the floor to temper it. But must take off their shoes at the bottom. Upstairs not look shapely bottom. Floor polishing rough sleepers intended. Each wooden table that just because progress on this, guests must sit on the floor. The squat, or to put it formally, Thailand comfortable cushion !!!


Chim Sao L’Oiseau Siffleur (Vietnam)


Forgot to say that the menu is not chili. If you like spicy Time in order to, say, put pepper with a highly qualified Spicy Zab River. Team postcard All dishes must be charged with chili !!!



Chim Sao L’Oiseau Siffleur (Vietnam)


  • Try Dau rang trung man (fried tofu, eggs, salt), Thit ba chi rang (fried pork 3rd floor), Rau Lang Xao Toi (fried oyster atop it), Rau Muong Xao (fried morning glory red).
  • Try to drink a local beer local taverns
  • Butter Jet / Menu average 30,000 VND - 90,000 VND.
  • Locations 65th Street, Ngo Hue, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.



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