69 Bar & Restaurant (Vietnam)

69 Bar & Restaurant (Vietnam)



69 Bar & Restaurant   (Vietnam)

         The restaurants and bar on the second floor houses the 300-year-old dark-nonsense light yellow colored brick walls, wooden staircase and decorative atmosphere yesterday. Vietnamese-style 18th century vibe mixed Chinese small. The ground floor has a wooden bar stretches almost Conran. Warm atmosphere, secretly romantic. Famed Vietnamese food The drink tastes great Cocktail glass at just 100 baht to chill in the bar or outside on the terrace, watching the atmosphere is quite chic open from 9 am - 5 pm.



69 Bar & Restaurant (Vietnam)



  • Try Cha ca fish, Beef strips with lemon, Hanoi Roll, Fresh Shrimp Spring Roll.
  • Try Summer Fresh, Pussyfoot, Jim beam.
  • Butter Jet / Menu preserved 20,000 - 140,000 VND.
  • Locations 69th Street MaMay, HoanKiem, Hanoi (the Old Quarter).


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