Benchakitti Park (Bangkok)

Benchakitti Park (Bangkok)


  Benchakitti Park (Bangkok)

         Park City Green space downtown For those who love to exercise The cyclists Biking path that actually works. It is best to spin the road. It also has a zone of knowledge about the plants of the region with Thailand.


Location : Ratchadaphisek Road, Klong Toey.
Open : daily 05:00 to 20:00 hrs.
* BTS Asoke Station * MRT Station, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.


Benchakitti Park


            The Cabinet passed a resolution on December 24, 2534 agreed in principle to move to the Tobacco Monopoly Authority and the development of the area as a park. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the agency's core and affiliated with the Department of City Planning. Bangkok and the relevant authorities to prepare a detailed master plan to develop the area into a park factory. Since the year 2535


Benchakitti Park


A year of Her Majesty The Queen Birthday Anniversary 5th obeyed the government agreed to participate in the program presented by the honor. Dedicated to park in such agenda. In this Queen The Queen He graciously Royal park that name. "Benjakiti Park" and His Majesty the King presided over the opening of the park on December 9, 2547 in Bangkok later given Benjakitti Park from the Treasury Department. Ministry of Finance In responsibilities on June 1, 2551.


Benchakitti Park

Points of interest in the garden

            Benchakitti Park In addition to receiving graciously. Conferring the title of Queen's Park. Thank you He also has a replica of his decision and gave them the garden planting flowers that bloom during the months with various areas of the park is so beautiful with the flowers that bloom throughout the year, rotating. And with designs that focus on a water park, the first of two areas in Bangkok 3 of 86 hectares of gardens in front, so it was a large swamp forest conservation under the water in order to link the area to the rear. Which is defined as a forest park that simulates the appearance of natural forest in various regions of the country. Also within the park also includes a spacious patio Benjakitti supreme court yard outdoor display gardens, playgrounds, health, treadmill, bike path gazebo and parking.



Benchakitti Park


   Getting the map "Benchakitti Park"


Getting the map Benchakitti Park


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