5 Tourist in Vietnam If I miss

5 Tourist in Vietnam If I miss

To vietnam Planning a trip to Vietnam and then keep the landmark to ensure that the trip is worth the trip. ^^

Vietnam It is a longtime Thai neighbor. In addition, there are many attractions in the country. The kind that if you miss, then it is very unfortunate because there are natural attractions that remain beautiful. There are also many world heritage sites. Also convenient to travel because it is close to our home today, we have amazing attractions in Vietnam 

01 | Ha Long Bay

อ่าวฮาลอง (Ha Long Bay)

Ha Long Bay is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam, with emerald green water. Plus the huge rocks that pop out of the sea like dragons. Make this scenery as beautiful as it is in the fantasy world. Halong Bay is located 130 km east of Hanoi. Full of small islands with over 2,000 covered forests, these islands are full of caves, rivers and streams. Some islands have been eroded from the water and sea breezes for thousands of years. It became a strange shape island. As seen from the picture.

02 | Hoi An Old Town

เมืองเก่าฮอยอัน (Hoi An Old Town)

The city of Hoi An is located in the south of Vietnam and is adjacent to the South China Sea. Hoi An is a beautiful old. The same is true of 2,000 years ago when it was part of the Champa kingdom.

With old architecture, traditional culture. And knitwear Hoi An city has become the most popular Vietnamese tourist destination. The city is small. Visitors can walk the entire city without getting too tired. The small winds of this ancient city. It is surrounded by old buildings such as wooden houses and antique style shops. Where to sell Clothing, footwear, leather, handbags and hard-made

03 | Ho Chi Minh City

เมืองโฮจิมินห์ (Ho Chi Minh City)

Ho Chi Minh City is located along the Mekong River in southern Vietnam. This city is best known as Saigon and was used as the capital city of southern Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam and also the country's number one, as well as the capital city of Hanoi ever. If compared, it is comparable to Pattaya or Chiang Mai of our home with both cultural attractions. History and modern travel Both shopping and night life.

04 | Hue City

เมืองเว้ (Hue)

Located at the Bank of Perfume River in central Vietnam. Hue was the capital of the Nguyen Kingdom today, although Hue is not a capital city. But architecture, buildings and cultural traces still reflect the greatness of the city's past, making Hue a popular Vietnamese tourist destination for those who come to Vietnam. The city cathedral is the most famous place. It was also the residence of Emperor Nguyen. The temple has an inner temple castle, which is ideal for visiting the great historical sites of Vietnam.

05 |My Son Castle

ปราสาทหมีเซิน (My Son)

The castle is located south of Vietnam's sea area, close to the village of Duy Phu, which is very important archaeological. This village is known as My Son (not my son / son), which is the most important archaeological site in East Asia. The Bear Castle was a major Hindu ritual place. Because it is the place where the king of Champa kingdom built many temples. To use as a sacrifice of the god Siva from the 4th century to the 14th century.

 What is it? For a great place to visit in Vietnam. There are both natural and historical attractions. Called Vietnam, they have been fully explored tour of the course. The distance is short. Including cost of living is not expensive anymore.

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