Still Shining Silhouette of the Torch

Still Shining Silhouette of the Torch

Originally in the original food court Even though not in the same room. But it is called walking distance to buy it. Never ending delicious food. Until the legs are tired and arms are tired. Put food in a bag and put it in the center of the market. It is the market. To maintain the reputation of delicious never fall. Since we were children. Until we are no longer children!

I really like walking with my friends. Night Photographer Group To see just light colors. Sneak out the window. Mixed with warm orange street lights There is a smell of noodle soup fragrant. At the corner of a small alley With the smoke, the salesman opens the soup pot, and the cool wind blows with the sound of a haul. Sometimes there is a TV commercials that come out as it goes through the house where the community has a small walkway. Connect together We think this is Bangkok's charm. The rest of the way there is a place to walk. And can walk without a car through out.

During the day ... the market of naklua will be transformed gradually to wake up to touch every dimension from the taste, smell, color, touch, a colorful community from dawn to dusk. And of course, we will not miss the food experience. ... the deliciousness of this community is abundant. And once there is no way really enough.

Is not that how I go to singles to a group of friends eat ... I still do not mind ... have to go back and forth.

What happened! The wonderful taste of the food at this market. Not selected as a totalitarian. But where the bravery of Krabi was born, inherited recipes and tips to cook their own home. There is a big gourmet pride in each dish ... Do not tell me any store. It does not have the capacity to have a huge seat. Light neon light tiles, but a cart on the wheelchair. The table is like waiting for a bowl. The shop that uses one corner of the house itself is the kitchen. As you turn on the TV and spread the bed on the back. Kitchen attached to the end of the bed Or even the corner of the alley with hanging signs ... This is the shop. Investment is skill and heart.

I like it so much ... like seeing the train station. And know when to reach the platform. We will travel with the same procession. We are familiar


Delicious food in this area One may have been a communal structure since the early days around the community, where the palace was located within a radius not far apart. A byproduct for the people of that district. Both the customers and the community are skilled and knowledgeable about culinary recipes. Make a royal or ancient dessert Then bring knowledge into a career. It's so good to be a part of it. It is an intangible treasure. But chew it!

For me ... Nangwan Market Never deserted delicious

When we take the adults, we must not miss the sausage. But as we have tongues. Experience the taste of eating more variety. To return to the taste of sausage, fish sauce. It's more awake every time you go back. To understand the sweet and sour taste of sweet and sour orange aroma. The snake-like fragrant kaffir lime Refreshing in the spa into the mouth. The taste of clam wrapped in Thong Lang leaves with pork sausage that once felt it stiffened. I feel that the taste. Exhilarating mixing of raw materials over any chef skills. Every time i go back The ingredients in every ingredient. One word very well I eat as if it was Michelin star food.

Rattana Rice with green curry, green onion And sweet coconut milk at home. This restaurant is where the adults go to eat quietly. No one said I did better. I do not know how to taste it. Or always delicious Or can not! Candy Factory At the corner near Nakhon Sawan Road. Still can not see I was brought in for more than 100 meters with the charcoal in the stove. This dessert shop mixes the bean flour itself. Put the turmeric into a beautiful sheet is a frame. But if you like to put eggs. It will come like a folded cloth. But it is wrapped in a stir-fried, well-flavored inside. But if you like the frame. I will watch the UFO pastry that is more likely to be a sculpture. This diner, who eat and do not lick the lips. Come get the prize! Because of the sweet and sour taste that is simmered every day. It's really emotional.


Noodle I made my own meatballs at home eating dry and watered separately. It is very pleasant But the cool, light, no fuss is the opposite corner of the most beautiful Thai cinema in Thailand and my heart. Is the cinema Chalerm Thani Is a candy shop To rain a fine radish. Then steamed out like a cotton ball in a pretty tray. Before being crispy Black Soy Sauce as we order ...


Well, that people are prohibited. I have to admit that my daddy is better than me ... I'm easy to walk by the hand pointing into the street next to the cinema. The old house before the Second World War is still in the left hand, aromatic coconut milk, charcoal stove (again) to make the lips open a smile. The scent of burning, floating to the smell of candy!


Aunt Hong is heaven and earth combined for me. Auntie's smile was sent from the inside of the house. Light in the dark Smoke walls accumulated since World War 2 should be followed by the Museum of Thailand and Bangkok. Because time and ash only to make it. There are artists who create art from the mind. The aunt who made Thai desserts every day. Since I opened my eyes ... It is baked in an old pot. The charcoal to the bottom and above. To be cooked, burned onions are good. The coconut milk is put into a stick to set fire to this charcoal. To top it, dip it. Sweet, soft and thick with coconut milk. And delicious with the meat that comes out in a rectangular shape. Dance with coconut milk on the top ... Aunt Swan made in the kitchen. Walk in and walk smoothly backwards parallel to the floor. For me this is beauty and godliness. That can make the body and love to make Thai dessert. Has become one of my own identity ... I know you do not intend. I like to feel this way ...


Aphai shop in front of Soi. Come from the same kitchen If you split the body to do it yourself, then sell it, and then the salesman at the front of the alley is a handful of aunt that help to do early in the morning. Then set up a line to sell aunt ... When my aunt turned back to the kitchen.

The market is not a market to create a delicious combination of delicious. But as a hometown and as a community of skilled people. For me, the delicious food of this market, every one is really an artist, because he made himself. Do not hire someone else to do it. Then the owner of the money ... This is the preciousness of mankind. I brought a foreign chef to visit Thailand. And it made him feel like the first gurus and heavenly food. (This is not quite right!)

Nang Loeng market is not just delicious food from the skill. This community is also prosperous with its cultural richness. And artists since the last century. The district has grown to flourishing flourishing shopping center. And the festivities of yesterday with the cinema by the show ... the moment changed. And the development of the city has expanded to other areas .... People fall from People move in and out of the wrong place.


But the camel still holds a lit torch of culture still shining on. Even if it is not electric fingerprints, press the button to light up. She is also rich in what no one else can take. Is a community of artists An artist from a pedigree And the love of what is in the children's time, we enjoy so much that each community has a cultural tradition to celebrate. To believe is not the same. Thanjavur has a very prominent name from that day until today. It is a community of artists, including father, teacher, teacher, teacher, drama, music, hiphop, and many other families who still inherit the knowledge and wisdom of music and dance. My …


Red Lanterns Spider web gives me several directions to climb. It made me get to know more deeply the deliciousness of the market. Because the community lives on the people of the community. We do not have to read from the book. Once upon a time, what did we have? Or go to the breathless museum community to simulate life. Banlang Art House and Dance House Spinning dust and taking a slow walk to the breath of the community. By taking the activities that the lion has returned. Connect to uninterrupted circuits. The red-haired boy reached for me to know Pi Paat music from the teacher pin. The band also plays music with the musicians in the community. It is a band that plays with each other eyes look with aunt Kalaya. The saddle for us to look on the wooden balcony of the Thai house after a compact.


I do not think there is any experience that makes me feel so lucky. Having seen the treads of the body through the dance for ten years, but also with deep eyes, it is as if this dance was the first time that the body was drawn in the air among strangers. And musical instruments without wires. Or no amplifier But the sound that makes the ears clean. ... I do not think any of the musicians will be able to imitate the notes. In addition to this leg again.

I'm sorry ... I'm crying I do not know what to feel like this kind of mental ... I feel to myself. I'm lucky to find someone special. And talk to yourself that if you find something to love, there will be only one ...

Just really ... Life is precious ...

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