One Day Trip luscious Valentine @ Koh Si Chang

One Day Trip luscious Valentine @ Koh Si Chang

 One Day Trip luscious Valentine @ Koh Si Chang

‘Have a sweet filling But it must be done! This year, it's not exactly a vacation.’ 

Many would murmur in mind that if they leave me one day, and then heading to the shrine. Love to sweeten breeze near Bangkok One Day Trip better.!

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Koh Sichang The island has a quiet atmosphere. fresh air A tourist attraction And a place for photography. Similarly, in the finale of the opera house, we love it. Si Chang island to visit in the local atmosphere, which can travel on one easily.

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Drive to Sriracha, just rent a car from the airport.

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The road from Bangkok Bangna - Trad Road heading to Chonburi. From the city of Chonburi Head to some From the entrance to Bang Saen Go straight for about 13 km to notice Robinson Sriracha. The right hand Then turn right at Robinson. Go straight to the pier, approximately two kilometers to the shrine harbor anyway.

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            Notes:  Koh Loi pier closed for two years, starting June 3 to 2016 visitors to the shrine at the seaport Jarin harbor no parking. If you drive yourself Recommend parking at Sriracha, then transfer to harbor the boat 50 baht each boat leaving every hour from 1 pm.


When we step out of the boat immediately. It is those other car coming, you know that uninterrupted. Bike rental price per vehicle is about 250-300 baht per day, or if you want to sit suites for sweets with your sweetheart. Here is a car Skylab according to various tourist spots, as well as photography and vulgarities. Call them to come to the place to have it.

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Upon arrival, we ought to pray together. The Khao Yai shrine To pass the first. It is also close to the harbor as well. No need to travel far for the blasts.

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Bell rock Another point which is of particular interest. Located near Atsadang vision. Before the measure will have little heap big one.

If you try to remove small stones will come knocking loud and clear as a bell tolled.

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The following is a highlight and a popular place for couples who often came to photography, that is

Bridge Atsadang

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Before returning it to the back of the island to watch the sunset at ‘Chong Khao Khad’ At this point, if a boat ride through the gorge. The island has peaked Mahavajiravudh Cape is beautiful and one of the shrine. There is a bridge that stretches out onto a promontory overlooking a wind chill Valentine before returning it to the Dauphin less than ever. 

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Or if you want to stay here paintbrushes. The shrine also offers a variety of styles. Several levels are available in affordable price.!

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