Wat Tham Sua (Kanchanaburi)

Wat Tham Sua (Kanchanaburi)

Wat Tham Sua



Location : District purple junction Tha Muang District, Kanchanaburi 71110


       'Wat Tham Sua' The temple is famous not less. It also considered that the measure has the largest in Kanchanaburi. The pagoda is distinctive. Can be seen from a distance. It is located on a hill Anyone visiting Kanchanaburi You can visit temples Worship Buddha relics in a pagoda glass castle. And worship the Father's blessing.

       'Wat Tham Sua'  Located on a hill Chum district in Muang district, Muang district was the first to Kanchanaburi. Originally just a small monastery Tiger is in the area below the hillside. Later, the faith of the people. Build and renovate To become a great. And a magnificently


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               When the Tiger Temple in front of a parking lot. Souvenir shop and eat in the hall adjacent to the parking area. The hall enshrined fairest favorite grandfather. Packaged in glass coffin Abbot Hall, a statue of a lion, Father, Father, Father Leo, who is a pilgrim who came Tiger. My favorite part was the rebuilding of the temple Sangkhla profitable. It also has a cave. The rooms are divided into four main hall, two rooms for my favorite statue of Buddha comes ascetic. Lord Buddha and Guanyin.


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               Up on his father's blessing, and the Buddha stupa either walk up the stairs with a total of 157 steps leading to the front of the snake, about 60 degrees, or to purchase a ticket to ride the monorail back. (Do not walk) for only 10 baht when reached on his temple. Left, adjacent to the tram to the pagoda head Glass Castle.

Went straight to the front is dominated by the first point. God's blessing Big Buddha statue outdoors. The left side of the Lord's temple. The right side of the temple porch Evil. Tourists who come to the temple to worship Lord's blessing always first. Then head up to the pagoda glass castle. To worship the relics And 360-degree views of the Mae Klong River in front of the temple. Behind the verdant paddy fields. The side adjacent to the pagoda. A Chinese pavilion of Wat Tham Khao Noi.


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       'Wat Tham Sua' Had to put sheets on the auspicious day of the 15th lunar month, 12 built by 2516. "Father's blessing," said 9 9 inches tall, 3 feet 9 inches lap five was a statue of the Buddha nature is very beautiful. In the cross-legged posture, his right hand raised in blessing posture of his chest. The index finger with the thumb touching each other. Middle palm flowers Hand the short upturned hands on thighs (lap) with the thumb touching the tip of the index finger together. The palm-shaped wheel Thammachak. The Lord has Ruankaew cover the same Buddha. Lord ornamental tiles golden illuminated outer facade covered with a layer of Lord Buddha. Since that is the Buddha, the Buddha nature is very beautiful.

Later in the year 2518 has been created to cover Buddha Footprint left with a length of 1.50 meters and begin to build a temple on the 15th day of the sixth lunar month of the year 2520, which the King himself. graciously Wisuongcamseamr (Space to build the chapel) to build the temple porch Att. The temple was built a porch with the porch eight major sticking out between the four arches on each side. Roof rack stacked with a porch extending 8 in which architecture is unlike anywhere else. The advantages created by the spread of Buddhism to the 8 on the inside of the temple. The wall is clear octahedron. The walls are decorated with stucco Buddha story.

Later in the day, 12 years 9 months 2527 has made the needle only to main post construction. "Buddha Pagoda glass castle" used in the construction of up to seven years as an orange brick octagonal tower with a height of 75 meters, with a total of 9 floors with a spiral staircase in the center can walk up to the top floor. Each floor has windows with sliding glass doors surrounding. And Buddha image along the windows. Can rise to the top in order to worship the relics. The Bishops came loaded January 2533


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Open to visitors every day.
Monday - Friday : 8:30 to 16:30 pm.
Saturday - Sunday : open from 8:00 to 16:30 pm.

 A trip to the Tiger Temple. And Wat Tham Khao Noi

Tourists in Kanchanaburi What can you worship the Tiger Cave Temple, and he has both legs and back legs. It is not far from the main path. And from the town of Kan is only 12 kilometers, both located on the junction Tha Muang district adjacent got a fence. Can be measured from the floor. Because the two are not connected.

 From Bangkok

1. Ban Pong district of Bangkok Road Sangchuto Separate pass Miracle Life of Tha enough to split. Turn left towards Muang district
2. Through Hospital Tha The Clock Tower roundabout To turn left onto Canal Street.
3. I-junction, turn right and go two kilometers (signposted) to run the same Wat Muang Chum. Wat Muang Chum enough to see the entrance to the Tiger Temple. On the left

 From the city Kan.

1. Town Kan. Army General Hospital ran past legions. Across the three traffic lights in front of the town hall, turn right.
2. After crossing the bridge After the bridge, turn left (The same way to the cave temple houses), then ran to the road for about 10 kilometers.
3. Running across the canal I saw a purple Junction Turn right side measure (This is no signpost) running along the fence measure. At the intersection, turn right Will see the entrance to the Tiger Temple left.


- Tiger Temple and Wat Tham Khao Noi. The temple is adjacent Sightseeing can be measured both on the same day.
- Tiger Temple a monorail service for those who can not, or can not walk up stairs. (A rather narrow and steep stairs) of Wat Tham Khao Noi no tram service. Walking up to a thousand Buddhist pagoda path will gradually climb is not very steep walk.
- Should dress modestly temple.
- A trip to the Tiger Temple. And Wat Tham Khao Noi There are some quite complex routing It must pass through the narrow path in the community. And the signs are clear that the top of the pagoda of Wat Ket Glass Castle Tiger. Then head along the route.

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