One Day Trip Art candle @Banhomtien Ratchaburi

One Day Trip Art candle @Banhomtien Ratchaburi

 One Day Trip  Art candle @Banhomtien Ratchaburi 

  Where is the source of most of Suan Phung, Ratchaburi, anyway. Then we recommend the most popular places to do better! Today we will appease Art. Arts addiction to smell the candle. 'Banhomtien' district Suan Phung. Ratchaburi Attractions inspiring. Near Bangkok One Day Trip.

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          By car : From Bangkok. It takes about two hours to Phung. The drive through Nakhon Pathom, Ratchaburi, drove to the 3087 line when it comes to Suan Phung district police station on the right. To another you will see the Banhomtien label on the right hand.

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Tips : For a more enjoyable trip Should a fellow traveler and vehicle standards.

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  BANHOMTIEN Destination popular charter of Insurance. One of my favorite art Or looking for inspiration We recommend home scented candles Filled with works of art, candles, scented, colorful variety of forms.

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   Interior Banhomtien It is furnished with rare antiques such as old toys, vintage lamps, etc. Called Line Baptist not to be missed by all! Like the classics Art lovers in the mood Here is the best answer.

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   It also has to do with the candle itself. Learn techniques to make fancy candles. The knowledge The candle craft their own home. Also meditate on the other.

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Enjoy the entrance Until cafe beautiful view overlooking the mountains Tenasserim. Which is a natural border between Thailand and Myanmar. It is important to highlight the photo as a souvenir of here anyway.  

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Cool than that! Banhomtien Also part of the festival candles, the music festival of the winter of Suan Phung, such as Romantic Art Festival, Candle in the Winter, held annually at The Scenery Vintage Farm candlelight and warm. Help create a romantic atmosphere to the event as well. And is mentioned thousands.

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‘To avoid abuse, art to fill the lungs. Scented candles at home. Suan Phung. Ratchaburi.

Open : Mon – Fri : 8.30 น. – 19.00 น. / Sat - Sun : 8.30 น. – 20.30 น.

Admission fees : 50 Baht Vouchers can visit to purchase candles for one piece.


If you're passionate Lost in the candlelight. Insurance is a beautiful resort prices ranging from the hundreds to the thousands. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, you can relax in comfort. :)

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