One Day Trip in Japan - Sakura Festival @Nagoya

One Day Trip in Japan - Sakura Festival @Nagoya

One Day Trip in Japan
"Sakura Festival" @Nagoya

    What to do in Japan? Watch cherry blossoms? Where is the most beautiful Sakura? Of course, the name of Nagoya City must be Top3, certainly because here in the spring will have the most beautiful Sakura Festival. Today we volunteered to see Sakura. And other places In the city of Nagoya itself



    Trip to japan Can be used both Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang. In this trip we are at 'Suvarnabhumi Airport' takes about 6 hours to reach Nagoya Airport or to Chubu Centrair International Airport with Japan Airline, including Thai Airways too :)



Okay, After Landing. Travel to the city. We can go in many ways.
Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass), Me-Guru Bus, City Bus and Nagoya Subway.


    ที่Our accommodation on this trip is 'Suimeikan'. The hotel has been open for more than 80 years with the charm of the authentic Japanese atmosphere. Located in the George Onsen district, which is one of the best onsen in Japan ever. Onsen is said to help skin. Both outdoor and indoor. The room is a ryokan with built-in. Fully equipped with food and drink.


Rate: Start 7,000฿
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 Route from Chubu Centrair International Airport to Suimeikan Hotel

Just three Meitetsu Limited Express JR Pass lines arrive at Meitetsu Nagoya Station. Continue on Nagoya Station, JR Pass, Yellow Line, Hida Takayama and then Gero Station.

 All Fares: 5,850 Y (1,800฿++)


    Then,Dress up the most beautiful Because the next landmark is. 'Chubu Fruit Garden' or Togokusan Fruit Park with Cheddar Sakura lined up to 1,000 trees, bringing the branch to the ground like a greeting. The full bloom will look like a cherry blossom curtain. Gorgeous Ideal for small photos. Who wants to change profile picture?


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Tips: Chidra Sakura is the most beautiful Sakura and every April every year. Here there will be a festival of cheddar flowers and fruits. Don't miss

 Route from Suimeikan Hotel to Togokusan Fruit Park

JR Pass Hida Line Take a ride at the Mino-ota Station. Take a scenic ride. Visit Tajimi Station. Change to Chuo Line and continue to Kozoji Station.

 All Fares: 3,360 Y (1,000฿++)


    Away from Togokusan Fruit Park not far. Meet the famous landmark of Nagoya is 'Nagoya Castle'. The symbol of this city. There is a golden tiger fish carving 'Kinabaji', the only gold-clad chifi in Japan. Inside, there is a museum showing history, gardens and cherry blossom spots.


 Route from Togokusan Fruit Park to Nagoya Castle

JR Pass Kozoji Station Take the Chuo Line to the Ozone Station and take the Meijo Line to Shiyakusho Station.

 All Fares: 480 Y (140฿++)


   Go round! Out of Nagoya Castle Travel by train to Gojo River, Grade A rivers flowing through many cities, and runs through the city center and over 1,400 cherry trees, which stand majestically and bloom on both sides, over 5 km long. wilted The river's surface is covered with flower petals. It is a very impressive image, not too crowded, not too tired, and the weather is cool!


 Route from Nagoya Castle to Gojo River

Take bus at Nashirobyoin Bus Stop to Sakae Bus Stop and change to another bus at Sakae Aichi Bus Stop and go to Mamachichikannonmae Bus Stop.

 All Fares: 760 Y (230฿++)


    Are you hungry yet .. come to Nagoya to not even try on his famous menu! 'Unaju' Menu not to miss when visiting Nagoya. The restaurant we would recommend is Hitsumabushi. Nagoya's first store. Located in Matsuzakaya Nagoya South, 10th floor. The specialty of eel rice at this restaurant is Bring fish meat to the grill. Heat until soft. No fishy and no disturbed Serve with a good sauce, green onion, green onion, pickle and broth for pouring on rice. Who wants to eat it? Because the queue is very sensitive to lunch for lunch may be dinner.



 Tips: เThe Japanese traditional Unaju eating technique has 4 steps.

Step0: Divide the rice into 4 parts.
Step1: Take Part 1 Eel Rice
Step2: Sprinkle with onion, seaweed, seaweed in part 2 Mix together
Step3: Pour broth into part 3 A little rice But delicious!
Step4: The last part to eat.

 Route from Gojo River to Hitsumabushi

Take the Meitetsu Line of Shin-Kiyosu Line to Kanayama Station. Change to Meijo Line and Sogo Rihabiri Center Station.

 All Fares: 830 ํY (250฿++)


    Closing Day 1 will not be finicky if you do not shop a bit. When the wallet demands it Let's not spoil it! Nagoya has a number of popular shopping areas, including Sakae, the most fashionable commercial district in Nagoya. Include many dissolved goods.


 Parco - Good looking cosmetics for your Japanese and international good at Hi-End.
 Mitsukoshi - Big grin over 11 layers of real shopping Contained with famous brand names and cosmetics.
 La Chic - Trendy brand that will not miss clothes, shoes, bags, belts, Mitsukoshi, with bridges on floors 3, 6 and underground.
 Matsuzakaya - Mall that distributes branches nationwide. Include clothes and cosmetics.



 Route from Hitsumabushi to Sakae: Sogo Rihabiri Center Station Meijo Line to Sakae Station

 All Fares: 270 Y (84฿++)

    Do not shop until you forget to go back to the onsen at the hotel. Travel back to the hotel is not difficult at all. Wait for the bus at Hirokoji Honcho Bus Stop to come to Nagayaeki Bus Stop. Continue on JR Pass Nagoya Station, Hida Line at Gero Station. Continue for only 130 meters.

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    Off today's trip Tired tired But it's worth it. See what Nagoya City has to offer. Travel more 1 day, the next trip will be. Don't forget to follow :)


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