Erawan national park

Erawan national park

Erawan national park

“Nature Walk to Heaven on 7th floor at Erawan Waterfall”


  Erawan national park Located at Srisawat district, Kanchanaburi, in the Kwai Yai. Covering an area of ​​about 600 square kilometers. On Highway 3199, which is the same route to the Srinakarin Dam. In the Erawan National Park, the mountains are mostly limestone mountains. In the east and west of the area will rise high, especially near the Erawan waterfall will look like a steep cliff and beautiful.

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And because Erawan National Park is an area in the shadow zone. There is not much rain. Make a visit every season, although it is rainy season. # All season # Do not believe, try it!


At Erawan National Park, there is a famous golden place called Erawan Waterfall, which is a highlight! There are seven layers of waterfalls that can be visited. Each floor is beautifully different. But one thing is the same. Every floor is filled with lush vegetation. The Thousand Vines extends over the big trees around the waterfall.



"Erawan Waterfall is a 7 storey with different names."

1st floor is called: Lai khean rang

2nd floor is called: Wang Macha

Layer 3 named: Pha Nao

Layer 4 Title: Butterfly chest

Class 5 Title: Tired

Class 6 Title: Dong Pruksa

And last name: Phu Pha Erawan


Rates for Erawan National Park

Thai: Adult 100 Baht, Child 50 Baht
Foreigner: Adult 300 Baht Child 200 Baht


Map of Erawan National Park


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