War Cemetery Don Rak

War Cemetery Don Rak

War Cemetery Don Rak

  War Cemetery Don Rak Military Cemetery Covenant Or that the people of Kanchanaburi call that. "English Cemetery" or "Cemetery Crab" is a tomb built in 1945, located on a total area of ​​17 rai, which is dedicated to the people of the prisoners of war in World War II. Especially foreigners who died during the construction of the Death Railway. (Train from Kanchanaburi to Burma). The tomb has 6,982 graves, most of which are foreigners like England, the Netherlands, the USA and Australia.  


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Within the military cemetery Don Love Will be decorated to have a clear airy. A lawn floor It is decorated with flowers. It is well maintained and maintained. The grave area will be inscribed with the name of the country of death. Including words to the deceased as well.


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And every April 25th of every year will be Anzac Day. The Australian Government will attend the ceremony to commemorate those who passed away. From the events of World War 2, the ceremony will be said to mourn the wreath and stand calm to mourn. If anyone is interested in visiting. Available from 08:00 to 17:00, free of charge.


More for information. 034-511-500

Map to War Cemetery Don Rak

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