Hin Dad Hot Spring

Hin Dad Hot Spring

 Hin Dad Hot Spring 

  Hin Dad Hot Spring Hot springs The famous attractions of Kanchanaburi. It is a popular tourist attraction for me anyway. Because the hot springs are beneficial minerals and help treat diseases in the body to relieve and improve. This tourist attraction has become a landmark of Thai people and foreigners. Especially Russians who are used to the service quite ever.


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Hin Dad Hot Spring It is located at Ban Kui, Tambon Hin Dat, Amphoe Thong Pha Phum. Those who find this place are Japanese soldiers who are prisoners of war to build a death train. Since World War II, Hindu hot springs have an underwater eye. There is water all year round. Build a cement pond into a soak. There are 3 ponds together and the heat is different. Since the hot spring. Hot spring And a small pond for children, the water is not very hot. There are also separate monk ponds.

How to get hot springs?

> Relieve bone pain. Muscular aches and pains
> Allows blood to circulate easily. Vascular expansion makes the body metabolism better.
> Helps in the exchange of oxygen and glucose between the capillaries and tissues in the body.
> Help to expand the pores. Help drive obstruction under the skin. Make the skin look bright
> Helps to relax the body and mind to feel refreshed. It is one of the stress relievers.


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Fees for entrance to Hin dad Hot Springs

Thai people: 10 baht adults, 5 baht children

Foreigners: 40 baht adults, 20 baht children

Open: 06.00 am. – 22.00 pm.

Map to the Hin Dad Hot Spring


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