Khrua Fueang Fa Restaurant

Khrua Fueang Fa Restaurant

Khrua Fueang Fa Restaurant 

  Khrua Fueang Fa Restaurant The roadside restaurant not to be missed when the district of Huay Krachao. Kanchanaburi, because fresh and clean, delicious with the taste of the world! The price is comfortable. Make it to the fullest! Oh! The view is considered ok. You can see the mountain Libby as well. I guarantee that if someone comes for the first time. There must be a second, three, four, five ... and so on again.



Recommended Menu: Fish fry, soup, juice concentrate, spicy fried fish, fried fish, freshwater Chuchi.

Address: Huai Khuang District Karnchanaburi

Tel: 089-045-8066

Map to Khrua Fueang Fa Restaurant

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