Invited to visit Khon Kaen City Dok Mai Dok Khon

Invited to visit Khon Kaen City Dok Mai Dok Khon

Want to go 'Khon Kaen', do not have to wait for a long break to have only 3 days to get up and go to a single trip. City of Flowers In addition to being a center of prosperity in the Northeast. There are also interesting attractions. shopping centers And many temples are waiting for you to search.

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01 | Phra Mahathat Kaen Nakorn Phra Mahathat, the city of Wat Nong Waang. It is the most important place of Khon Kaen. The relics are beautiful and magnificent with a height of 80 meters in 9 floors on the first floor, the Buddha relics Buddha enshrined on the 9th Peak buddhist while other floors have the Isan lifestyle. And the story of Buddhism to those interested in studying the 9th floor is the enshrined of another relic. And a beautiful viewpoint. The view of Khon Kaen around.

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02 | The relics of Kham Kaen. Phra That Kham Kaen is a holy pagoda invariably Khon Kaen people since ancient times. Enshrined at the temple It is about 30 kilometers from the city of Khon Kaen. The shape of the pagoda is a tiered altar 19 meters high. The eastern side of the pagoda is "Sim" or the church in Lan Chang architecture. A beautiful gable stencil. Khon Kaen people and tourists to pay homage to bless the prosperity.

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03 | Sugar market Tung Tan is a new shopping mall on the Friendship Road. There is a shopping center filled with handmade goods, ideas, clothing, leather and many restaurants. The stage is a showcase for the exhibition. And have a great activity throughout the year. Whether it is an artist concert. Music contest Or even an art workshop. Who loves shopping, recruiting of delicious Guaranteed to love the sugar market. And long walks until the market closes for sure.

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04 | Khon Kaen Walking Street This pedestrian street has a lot to buy. Both handicrafts Adolescent style handbags, postcards, sweatshirts and general merchandise, such as clothing, fashion shoes at affordable prices. There is also an open band playing band hat student students. And the bbq group with cool dance style is colorful in the event. The food zone is about 100 meters long, filled with delicious food and sweets countless sweet. For the avid shopper Should be 3-4 hours pleasant walk.

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05 | Khon Kaen Zoo Within Khon Kaen Zoo there are many fun activities to participate in activities. From dawn to dusk, from the "Madagascar" comfortable zone, enjoy the trolley tour of African wildlife such as birds, bears, bears, bell peppers, albacore, with highlights such as "Thung San Dee" area open to the deer. Hundreds strolled freely. Visitors will take photos and feed the deer closely. Mountain water park is a rest area for children. Hot water play with whirlpool and 15 meter slider

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06 | Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum At this museum Both small and large-scale tourists can enjoy the million-year world of learning. Since the advent of the world. Fossil dinosaur And watch the dinosaur bones actually excavated. The zone that children have to special favorite. "Dinosaur Park", which features dinosaurs, showcases in a jungle with exciting sound effects. If you have the opportunity to visit. It should take about 2-3 hours to walk the museum for full learning.

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07 | Top Restaurants The city of Dok Hoon sounds very nice restaurants. Especially the Isan food and chic cafe. Do not miss the taste of the taste of the shop, the breakfast of Khon Kaen people. The menu has to taste like egg pan. Café de 'Forest (Café de Forest), a cafe with a shady atmosphere, is open daily from 04.00 - 19.00. Serve with Italian-style coffee. Open daily 9.30am - 7.00pm and taste authentic Isan. At the fish restaurant, burn all delicious dishes, especially herbs burnt on herbs that must be ordered every day open from 16.00 to 23.00.

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