Can not go wrong Not to miss. When visiting Shizuoka Japan

Can not go wrong Not to miss. When visiting Shizuoka Japan

Shizuoka Prefecture It is a province that can travel from Tokyo or Nagoya by picking up the Tokai Kinshakiget for about an hour. Famous as the location of Mount Fuji.

"Not to miss. When visiting Shizuoka Japan"

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Lake Hamanako, Shizuoka

At Hamamatsu And the city of Kochi. There is a large lake named. "Hamanaki Lake" The water in this lake is salt water mixed with fresh water. It is rich with a variety of fish. It also has a reputation as a breeding ground for many other species of plants and animals such as freshwater oysters (oysters), seaweed, oysters and turtles, etc. If you have the opportunity to visit Lake Hamanaki. Let's try this opportunity to taste these names.

In addition, the surrounding area. Lake Hamanko also has many places for leisure activities. Whether it's cycling, sports karts, amusement parks and parks. Water sports such as kayaks or yachts are also popular. At Lake Hamanko, cruise services allow us to enjoy beautiful views. And there are also resorts like San Sanji "and" Ben Tenchi as well.

Nihondaira Plateau,  Shizuoka

Nihon Dera Plateau A plateau with beautiful scenery Located on the border between Tsuruga and Shimizu in Shizuoka City. Shizuoka Prefecture, on an altitude of 307 meters above sea level, offers panoramic views of Mt Fuji along the coast of Mt. Fuji. At over 7 km in length and over 30,000 pine trees, shimizu port. And Tsukuba Bay etc.

On the plateau of Nihon Dera, service is available. Get to the nearby Mount Fuji, which includes the Kono Sangokō Shrine And an ideal destination to take young children to enjoy the family. Nihon Dera Zoo in Shizuoka City and the Tokio Marine Science Museum.

Port of Shimizu, Shizuoka

Shimizu port It is a fishing port near the center of Shizuoka Prefecture. It is known as the harbor with beautiful calm winds. We can capture the beautiful sea view. Along with the blue sky and the volcano Fuji is prominent behind the scenes. Other attractions such as cultural heritage. Mihon-matsu Tsubura and Nihon Dera Plateau It's not far from here.

Sightseeing boat around Shimizu Harbor Is a boat for sightseeing around Shimizu port This will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Of Fuji Volcano and Mihon Matsumatsu. At the same time from aboard. The Shimizu pier is full of shops selling seafood products, including tuna or tamuho. There are also many restaurants that can order food at all.

Unadon, Shizuoka

The Thai people we know as. Eel rice It is a dish that brings sea eel, or Japanese called Ukiyo-sting style barbecue. (Tesco Teriyaki while grilling), then put on the steamed rice in a bowl. Topped with a special sauce, sweet and salty. The taste of the eel meat is well roasted until tender, soaked and fragrant. If you try to eat, then you will certainly be attracted.

Eurasian eel is a highly nutritious food. It is an important food of ancient Japan. Shizuoka Prefecture is famous for its food from Ueda. Be it at Hamanaki Lake Shizuoka City So if anyone has a chance to visit Shizuoka Prefecture, they will be looking for a restaurant that serves Unguang menu or other menu is not difficult at all.

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In addition, Shizuoka is full of other charms, such as the one in Izumi and the Akita, which has beautiful scenery. Fisherman's Quay facing the Pacific Ocean Or seafood. This time, I will recommend the tourist attractions and delicious food. Of Shizuoka Prefecture, for information on this autumn's travel.  Read more >>

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