Touch the little insect to emit light with 5 places to see fireflies in Thailand.

Touch the little insect to emit light with 5 places to see fireflies in Thailand.

Who ever saw fireflies? I believe there are few people who have ever seen and touched fireflies. With a rapidly growing city. Nature has been destroyed. Fireflies, which are quite sensitive to environmental changes, are greatly reduced. Nowadays there are only a few. Today we will introduce fireflies in Thailand 5 places.

Firefly watching place Where to go?

- Firefly Amphawa Samut Songkhram Province

ภาพจาก :

Amphawa is a popular source of fireflies. It will live on the lamphu trees lined both sides of Amphawa and Mae Klong rivers. Winter is the most popular to see the fireflies at Amphawa. Because there are many fireflies in particular. The weather is not too hot as well. Fireflies will have to cruise along the canals and rivers. The cruise will be available at Amphawa Floating Market. The cost is approximately 50 - 100 baht, but the bargain. Or if it is a group, it can be chartered to see. And because of the need to travel by boat. It is recommended to put on the lifeboats provided by the ship to prevent accidents.

- Mangrove Resource Development and Promotion Center 1, Trat

ภาพจาก :

The ecosystem of the mangrove forest is complete. Because it is well preserved. And without external interference. This is the source of the most fireflies in Thailand. Visitors can see fireflies in the mangrove forest. At night, there will be fireflies of tens of thousands of light rays, making the area brighter. But since it is a conservation area. Limited number of tourists. Those interested in visiting fireflies. Contact the Mangrove Forest Resources Development and Promotion Center 1 in advance.

- Firefight Phetchaboon

ภาพจาก :

The ecosystem of the Khao Kho Sea has been restored to a perfect condition. This is the source of fireflies. And it is one of the most dense fireflies in Thailand. And will be particularly dense in the summer. It is recommended to watch the sunset after about 6 pm onwards, should wear sneakers. Or comfortable shoes And bring a flashlight with it. When used, it will only need to be illuminated. Do not shine on fireflies. Because it will cause death of fireflies.

- Prachuap Khiri Khan Rubber City

Who would have thought to see the fireflies in the rubber plantation! But in the rubber plantation in Prachuap. There are fireflies. And a lot. This rubber plantation is one of the sources of fireflies interesting. In addition, the firefly here is very large. It creates a big and bright light. Especially on the night of 18:00 to 22:00, the moon will be most beautiful. To visit, please contact. Ao Noi sub-district administrative organization Tel. 0 3255 4056 and Tourism Authority of Thailand. Prachuap Khiri Khan Office Tel: 0 3251 3871

- Mangrove Forest Resource Station 2, Tha Chang, Chanthaburi

ภาพจาก : การท่องเที่ยวแห่งประเทศไทย

Another interesting firefly attraction. Because there are a lot of fireflies and dense. It is especially beautiful in winter and summer. Visitors can walk the firefly along the pathway to mangrove forest. And can stop watching freely. Fireflies here are more diverse than anywhere else. Recommended for the night of the month. Between 19:00 and 22:00, please contact us at Mangrove Forest Resource Development Station 2 Tel. 0-3942-4186

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Suggestions to see fireflies.

  • Should not be loud because it will make the firefly shocked. Should be quiet
  • Should not catch fireflies to play.
  • Do not use the flash to take pictures or fire because it will cause death.
  • Do not get too close to the firefly. Because it may interfere with the ecology.
  • Do not recommend watching the fireflies in the night Pen Because the moon is very bright, it can light up the firefly.
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