Kao Krajome

Kao Krajome

 Kao Krajome

  "The most tourist attractions. Suitable for people in nature" This is the highest mountain in the Tanaosri Mountains. The most beautiful view of this is. Khao Marang View Point The spots can be seen in Thailand and Burma. There are international woods. Cool weather Cold temperatures throughout the year. This is also a spot to watch the sea. Sunrise and the beautiful sunset of Suan Phueng.


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At the top of the tent, there is a sign saying that this is the area. Most people in the western region of Thailand. Most villagers will call this area "Hill 1000" in addition to the beautiful view of Suan Phueng. This is also the location of the Border Patrol Police Base (SD 137). It is also a popular tent camping spot for nature lovers and adventurous travelers.


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In the hills, it. Can not be up all the time. Here is the time to set up. Do this for the safety of tourists themselves. Because sometimes There may be too many tourists. It can be dangerous. The staff has to limit the time to go - down to tourists.

 Time to go up to his tent. 04.00 to 07.00

 Time to leave the marquee from 07.00 to 09.00

 Time is from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm, the car is up and down as usual and after 19.00 will not be up - down of the car strictly!


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 Map to Kao Krajome 

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