Kao Chun Waterfall

Kao Chun Waterfall

 Kao Chun Waterfall

"Kao Chun Waterfall or Kao Jon waterfall"  The waterfall is medium. Flow down from the valley. In fact, the waterfall is very large and has a 14-storey 25 km long, but visitors can walk up to the beauty of the nine-storey waterfall to the 9th floor only because the nine-storey waterfall is located in the closed area. The forest is deep. Steep mountains and ravines This may cause harm to tourists. But just to the 9th floor, it makes me happy all day anyway.


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Kao Chun Waterfall Located at Ban Huay Kam 7, Pha Phueng, Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi, the stone waterfall is a granite. Some of the waterfalls will find a large stone courtyard. The granite is beautiful. Have water all year round But the class that is most eye-catching tourist is the 6th floor because of the waterfall flows down from the cliffs are quite beautiful. 


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 Map to Kao Chun Waterfall

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