Coro Field

Coro Field

 Coro Field

   Coro Field New Lifestyle Japan only in Thailand. It will take you into the original Japanese garden, the grass and the surrounding scenery. Like a farm in Japan, anyway anyway. I have to say that there are so many activities. Because it is located on 104 acres of land, there are many activities to eat and eat. That's it!



coro field



Coro Field is divided into 5 zones.

1. CORO CAFE' Clear glass cafe that makes you feel airy. Invite to relax. Bistro Cafe serves Japanese Fusion Food. All menus are based on farm ingredients. Whether it is salads. Japanese Melon, Tomato, Japanese Purple Pumpkin, Japanese Pea Including rare plants. We have fallen into a Japanese farm.

2. CORO MARKET This is like the market for all the produce and products of Coro Field. Hokkaido, Melon, Japanese lettuce, watermelon, watermelon and other fresh fruits and vegetables. The shop is taken from farmers to be another channel to sell products. I have a lot of good friends.

3. CORO HOUSE It is the virtual control of the most technologically advanced computer systems from Israel. Before we go in, we have to wear a cape to change the shoes. Wash your hands with alcohol. To prevent the plants from infecting us. # How to secure

4. CORO GARDEN The time of agricultural lovers and fun comes. This zone is a zone for tourists to try to grow their own vegetables. And how to teach the harvest. And taste fresh fruits and vegetables from the tree!

5. CORO ME This is another zone not to be missed. It is a zone that gives us a DIY, a garden, a small bonsai, or a bottle garden. There is also a parenting certificate with the name of the tree. Very cute




Open: Monday to Friday from 09.00 am. - 06.00 pm. and Saturday to Sunday from 09.00 am. - 09.00 pm.

Tel: 0-92569-4791  Website :


Map to Coro Field

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