Go to Khon Kaen, the land of the North

Go to Khon Kaen, the land of the North

"Khon Kaen" It is a major tourist province of northeastern region, which is full of historical attractions. Natural Attractions Including the jolly of modern attractions. You can go to Khon Kaen province only.


The journey is easy. Just take a plane to Khon Kaen airport from Bangkok, it takes only 1 hour to arrive. Facilities are also available. It is not so different from Bangkok, it is a perfect tourist province. We have the main attractions of Khon Kaen. I have to go to Khon Kaen will have options. Let's wait and see!

Go to Khon Kaen, the land of the North

1 | Wat Nongwang

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Located in the city center. By the river. There are nine relics of historical significance of Khon Kaen, if you go to Khon Kaen, you have to visit. The nine-story relics are created by Dvaravati art and Indochinese art. Created on the occasion of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej's 50th Birthday Anniversary

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And the 200 years of Khon Kaen. Phra That has 9 floors. I will study the history. Important friends. You can go up to worship the relics and view the high angle of Khon Kaen from here as well.

2 | Ganga

If you go to Khon Kaen and want to find a seat to relax. Kaeng Khen Nakhon is the most popular park in Khon Kaen. We will see many families come here for picnics.

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The area around 600 rai area around the lake city full of restaurants. Atmosphere And from this lake of the city. Can see the great city. Wat Nong Wang as well.

3 | Ubonrat Dam

Go to Khon Kaen, you have to go to Ubonrat Dam. Ubonrat Dam is the largest dam in the Northeast and the first hydroelectric dam in the Northeast. Many people may wonder that going to the dam to do something other than photography.

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We would like to say that this Ubonrat Dam has a restaurant on the water raft to friends. Have a sit and watch the Phu Phan mountains. If anyone wants to see the beautiful sunset. In the Northeast, you can visit here. I also have Wang Macy. Have bought food to fish. In addition, the mouth of the dam can also be played with warm water. This is considered as Bang Saen 2 is a sea for the people that it is.

4 |  Dino Water Park

A famous water park in Khon Kaen. Stick to the concept of dinosaurs. Built on an area of over 40 rais in Khon Kaen water park, this zone is divided into 9 zones with many players with international standards.

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Wave Pool Pool is a large pool with waves like a real sea wave Space Shuttle players. Slides with a rubber ring on the track and are sent to a large tank. Before being sent into the track and 2 tanks at the Aqua Tower large pool. Slide zone for children

5 | Sugar market

Shopping in Khon Kaen to Khon Kaen when not to be missed. This is a good place to shop for more than 40 rai of land.

The Tan Zone is a zone of affordable products at the Tanadang zone. The zone is selling clothing, fashion, jewelry, food and drink zone, sugar and white zone. And a view of the yellow zone of the art of the name is said that art is art. This zone is a sales area of ​​art. Each of the hand-made models And end with the green zone. Nature Tours It is a zone for sale of trees and gardening equipment.


6 | Flower Field

If you talk about the road with a flower tunnel, many people think of a flower tunnel overseas. But we know that in Thailand, we have a beautiful tunnel flower koon located in Khon Kaen. Flower Street is actually called Kalapapruek Road. Located beside Khon Kaen University. In March, the flowering season of flowers or flowers of the royal bloom will make the road becomes bright yellow. It is a beautiful image, very imprinted.

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7 | Khonkaen Zoo

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo is a place that is regarded as a source of lifelong learning in Thailand. Because it is like a zoo, there are many kinds of animals to see.

Khon Kaen Zoo is also a friend. To learn to conserve rare wildlife. It is also a center for animal breeding and if you are. It is considered to generate income for local people. It caused the employment of people in the area to work in the zoo. Moreover The zoo also has a camping site. Including the


"Khon Kaen is this size. Have a busy day when friends Do not miss the city, the sound of the koon kun that is good for this tradition. Let's challenge it!"

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