Visit Yaowarat, the temple of the Chinese New Year

Visit Yaowarat, the temple of the Chinese New Year

Yaowarat Road is China's oldest Chinatown. And one of the major attractions of Bangkok. Featured in delicious food. Available in all alleys. Diversity of culture And the center of faith. There are temples and shrines to worship. Many blessings.

"Visit Yaowarat, the temple of the Chinese New Year."

- Wat Traimit Wittayaram Worawihan

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The most famous Thai temple in this area was called Wat Sam Chedi, which is enshrined by the Maha Suwan Sculpture, or "The Golden Buddha", which was recorded in The Guinness Book of World Records in 1991. The largest Buddha statue in the world. The temple also has Maha Mondop Chalermprakiet Beautiful architectural value after paying homage to delicious pork ribs at Emerald Restaurant.

Shrine of the Plum Village

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The oldest shrine in Thailand Created since Ayutthaya period. Located in Yaowarat Soi 6 or Independence Lane. It is all Chinese architecture. From the entrance to the memorial arch. The shrine was built in the shape of a mountain in China. Chinese tiled roof At the entrance door, there are two large Chinese lanterns, believed to be tiger eyes, guarding and protecting the shrine and the market community. Lime Plum This area has many good restaurants. Try the Hong Kong noodles at the old market, sticky noodles. I love you. And a cup of water. Sweet soup Do not miss

Guan Yin Shrine (Thaidanee Foundation)

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Located opposite the arch. Tha Fah Foundation was established in the reign of King Rama V. It was originally a Chinese hospital for settlers in Thailand. Later, the goddess Guan Im Pang was given the blessing of sandalwood from China and was enshrined as a sacred homage for patients and visitors. Before going to the next temple. Recommend to fill the sweet smell at the first restaurant of Yaowarat.


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The shrine and the god of horses, built in 1892, are enshrined by the goddess Kudu. God of Honesty Popular people ask for blessings on the job. I believe that it will be a good man and a good man. Horse god It is believed that it is a gray horse of the deity. People love to bless. People with small children I would like to bless my own children to obey.

Poetic Foundation

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It is known that. Shrine of Hong Kong The Plubplachai Road. Built in the reign of King Rama VI, beautiful Chinese architecture. People love to pay homage to Luang Pu Hong Kong. It is believed to be a great Chinese Thera. Can be blessed with strong health. Or to be successful in the job. The gods may be hungry around five separate ramblings. Chicken Noodle Soup Delicious

The shrine tells the story of ashes.

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The next step from the divine court. I will meet you as a pagoda ash. The shrine of the Chaozhou Chinese immigrants in this area, as the ash Goddess is like the great gods who care for the welfare of the people in the area to live peacefully made trade. It is also respected by Chinese historians. It is very worship.

Wat Kamala

The old Chinese temple is very devout. Well known Wat Lung Ni Located on Charoenkrung Road. Between Soi Charoenkrung 19 and 21, interior architecture is beautiful. Popular people pay homage to the Buddha. And the blessings of the gods, Tai Chi tribute to fix the fortune of the year to build this temple has many restaurants. The restaurant is delicious. It may not be comfortable. I have no noodles, no tables, I want to comfortably cross the street to find noodles, shrimp dumplings, boiled rice porridge Hainanese Hentai Chicken Rice  Read more>>

Wat Suthat

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Also known as the old temple of Wat Ayutthaya. The canal is surrounded by the Chao Phraya River. The temple is beautiful and very shady. President in the temple. It is a statue of Buddha. It is made of wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood. Inside the Buddha and under the base. There are a lot of money amulets printed in a lot.

Wai worship from the morning until the day. If you want to find a restaurant that is delicious. Take a walk back to Chinatown. Go to the other side to find. Goose Goose Store With a delicious tender goose. And meatballs stores, Texas The title is delicious. Get your belly before returning with full satisfaction and satisfaction.

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