Travel to Little Paris, just fly to ‘Da Lat’ with Thai Vietjet Air

Travel to Little Paris, just fly to ‘Da Lat’ with Thai Vietjet Air


Travel to Little Paris, just fly to Dalat

with Thai Vietjet Air


    To get out to the wider world is something that everyone desires. Of course, the City of Paris is one of the destinations of all travelers. But you may be stuck with traveling time, cost of living, ticket airfare including limited days of annual leave. Would it be better if we had a similar alternative? Introducing the new landmark that has City of Paris’s touch with cheap cost of living, less traveling time, no need to take leave for week and similar cold weather. This city names ‘Da Lat’ or ‘Little Paris’ in Vietnam which there is a direct flight from Suvarnabhumi Airport by ‘Thai Vietjet Air’ as well.


  Getting to Know Thai Vietjet Air

    Vietjet Air is the first new-age carrier in Vietnam. It is not only transporting passengers with lowest airfares, but also fully equipped with technology offering many products and services for travelers. The airline was awarded “The Best Asian Low Cost Carrier” and named as one of the Top 500 Brands in Asia 2016. In addition, it is ranked as one of the top three airlines that is growing fastest in the world on Facebook as well. Of course when the awards are guaranteed, the flight routes must be extraordinary. It operates more than 78 domestic flights in Vietnam, and from Vietnam to neighboring countries including Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Myanmar and Cambodia more than 350 flights a day.



    Launching this new hot airline brand, is the original of ‘Thai Vietjet Air’ which has commenced their operations as the subsidiary registered in Thailand. Operating with the new Airbus A320 aircrafts and the fleet has expanded steadily to serve the flights all over Thailand from Suvarnabhumi to Chiang Mai, Phuket and Chiang Rai. In addition, there is direct flight from North to South ie. Chiang Rai-Phuket and flights from Thailand to Vietnam in total of 6 routes:

1. Bangkok - Phuket          2. Bangkok - Chiangmai         3. Phuket - Chiangrai

4. Bangkok - Haiphong         5. Bangkok - Ho Chi Minh

    And the new route which was recently launched on December18, 2017 ie. ‘6.Suvarnabhumi – Da Lat’. It starts operating 4 return flights a week for every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. It plans to increase to daily flights soon. The flight takes only 1 hour and 45 minutes from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Lien Khuong Airport at Lam Dong city, Lam Dong province, Vietnam. This time the airline has launched surprised inaugural flight by ‘Fresh Flower Bikini fashion show’ which is so popular trend in the online social network. The theme is under the concept of colorful flower highlights of Da Lat city.


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  Travel to Little Paris  close by, just fly to 'Dalat'

Many people may wonder why Thai Vietjet Air launches the new route "Bangkok – Da Lat" which is the first airline for this route. The simple reason is the charm and the landscape of the city itself.


Dalat..Different from Thailand, even though it is located in the southern part
but the weather is cold with less than 20 degrees Celsius throughout the year.
It is situated on the Lang Biang Plateau with the height of 1,500 meters above sea level.
It is surrounded by abundant Pine forests, green valley, gorgeous lake and a plenty of French style villas.
It is suited for the alias named 'Little Paris' as a city of love and poetry.


    The highlights of this Little Paris are not only beautiful scenery and cold weather with full dressing similar to Japan traveling. Winter's here has a unique charm because the flowers bloom together, the flowers blossom in colorful throughout the city. These flowers-vegetables-fruits gardens of Da Lat city, the production volumes are one third in Vietnam. So it becomes the agricultural industry spread all over the cities around and fame for popular souvenirs of Da Lat city. :)


 Visit Da Lat.. Attraction Places to go?

Lam Dong Province’s Museum   Museum displays the history of this city. The museum has 9 showrooms displaying the contents like the stages of history, the archaeological objects, the models of shelters, the tools for hunting, the traditional handicraft villages, traditional costumes, festivals and traditions. Whoever wants to know more about Da Lat city, must visit here only!

Palace1   The palace on the hill of King Bao Dai which is surrounded by Pine forests and flower gardens. It is ideal for photography as a souvenir. Later it became the private palace of the President which was dug underground tunnel to use as an emergency exit under the palace.


XQ Dalat Historical House   This is a historic village famous for gorgeous embroidery artistry. The showroom inside displays the superb artworks which convey the Vietnamese beauty very well. The travelers can buy beauty artworks as the souvenirs for your intimate friend (if you can afford for the prices).



Valley of Love   If you truly want to experience the charm of Da Lat city, Do not miss here! The Valley of Love, the beginning of a romance and a magnificent view of this city which is the travelers’ popular Destination. It is rated as the country beauty attraction. There are various points within for the spectacular scenery including Pine forest, Lavender field, Hydrangea flowers and calm lake. These atmosphere combines with cold weather will make you feel so great.

Datanla Waterfall   Beautiful waterfall and nice atmosphere, this is just too ordinary due to the highlight is how to go up and down instead! The travelers can choose 2 options ie. scenic walking down or ride the Roller Coaster down. If anyone enjoys the challenge, it is recommended to choose Option 2. But it's not as scary as thinking due to we can control for stopping or speeding up as you wish.


Recommend Place

Doha Café   This is the most chic Café in Da Lat city. Let's say that, do not miss for anyone wants to take photos. Due to this coffee shop is surrounded by glass and green light, delicious coffee and beverage menu with the affordable prices. There are 3 stories which can clearly watch lake and city view. There is free WiFi and enjoy shopping at BigC which locates nearby.



Recommend Hotel

Du Parc Hotel Dal

Tran Phu Street, Dalat City Center
Start 1,300฿ per night

Saigon Dalat Hotel

Thang2 Street, Dalat City Center
Start 1,600฿ per night

Dalat Palace Heritage
Hotel & Golf Club

Tran Phu Street, Dalat City Center
Start 4,000฿ per night


 Big Brother Ho Chi Minh..Europe of Asia

After finished traveling to young brother city like Da Lat, let’s visit big brother like Ho Chi Minh City or ‘Saigon’ in local language. This place was once be a French colony so it absorbs the European cultures in every corners. But it blend harmoniously with the gentle seamlessly along with the Asian style.

    The most prominent feature of this city is Colonial style architecture. The French feeling touch buildings and European style atmosphere is so beauty which designated as “Pearl of the Far East”. This reminisces the old building areas with Chino-Portuguese style and Colonial style in our 'Phuket'. The place where bright color buildings but still preserve the traditional style clearly. If you want to visit the architectural style of both cities, Vietjet has a direct flight from Phuket to Ho Chi Minh City for fully enjoy the atmospheres.

    Another charm of the Saigon city is unique 'Hipster'. By adding degree of chic and cool with the coffee shops and highlights such as The Café Apartment which is the Hipster Tourist Attraction. The design of the old building became the center of chic cafes and over 30 shops. And if you talk about coffee shops, Chiang Mai is represented from Thailand to compete with. The land of café and coffee shops with every distance of 500 meters. About Chic and Hipster not to mention, Chiang Mai has every cool things including decor, design and atmosphere. Chiang Mai has all kind of these feelings. Vietjet has a direct flight from Chiang Mai to Ho Chi Minh City for Hipsters appreciation as well.



    Therefore it is said that..Thailand and Vietnam are very similar whether architecture or even lifestyle. Each country has different charms. But the same thing is a journey to meet each other easily and comfortably. Vietjet can see this point so we volunteer as a relation linker to offer for all consumer trips’ service very worthwhile and memorable as possible.


Recommend Hotel in Hochimin

CCentral Hotel De Tham

216 De Tham Street, Hochimin City
Start 1,474฿ per night

Triip Boutique Ben Thanh

7/9 Nguyen Trai, Hochimin City 
Start 1,085฿ per night

Prague Hotel

Pham Ngu Lao Ward, Hochimin City
Start 1,357฿ per night

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